Workout Apps for Students Who Want Results

Let’s face it. Students don’t always have the time or the means to attend gyms regularly. Yet, staying well, fit, and healthy is what everyone should strive for in life. It’s especially true for young people. The habits we build early in life and the way we take care of our bodies will affect us for the rest of our days. Hence, staying fit and healthy in your early twenties will help you feel better even in your fifties. Besides, our bodies and even minds are way more responsive and flexible in our youth, so we better use this opportunity.

Yet, here comes the issue of time and money. Overall, one may just take about an hour-long fast-paced walk every day to stay fit. It’s free and relatively easy physically. Yet, not many students have the luxury of free time. Most young people strive for fast results, efficiency, and yet budget-friendly options.

Fortunately, the Internet is here to help. These days, we can find hundreds of workout apps online. Now, the only issue is finding the apps that fit your needs and budget. So, let’s see some of the top workout apps for students. These are the apps to give you strong results from the beginning.

Down Dog Yoga App

Perhaps, you have wanted to try yoga for a while now, but something has always been on your way. Lack of yoga pants, Covid, high gym prices, or self-conscious thoughts has stopped you before. Well, Down Dog can fix that for you. This app will teach you everything about yoga! It comes with extensive settings that allow you to choose every little detail about your next lesson. Thus, you can pick your practice level, the number of vocal instructions during a practice, the voice of the narrator, type of yoga, time, and more.

The app is a perfect way to practice yoga. It can fit whatever needs you to have and bring fast results. After all, you choose how gentle or tough your practice is. Now, we are not gonna lie, Down Dog is somewhat expensive compared to many other paid workout apps. Yet, you get to have a trial month for free. So, you can decide for yourself whether this app is worth the money (which it does).


There is hardly a chance you haven’t heard of the 8fit app if you are interested in at-home workouts. Of course, now this application is the definition of home work out practices. In fact, even your local gym probably knows and despises this app for stealing their clients. Indeed, once learning about 8fit, you won’t need any dietitian or fitness instructor. It does everything for you. And it’s partially free!

So, with this app, students get access to numerous workout programs designed for specific needs, body types, and goals. Once you explain what you want, the app builds a workout plan designed for several weeks and the number of hours you want to practice. It will also offer diet advice, meditation sessions, and an overall intro to a healthy and happy lifestyle.

The app also offers a Pro plan for those willing to pay for customized workout plans and exclusive content. However, even a free version is perfectly fine to receive good results in a few weeks.

My Fitness Pal

This app doesn’t exactly give you the workout instructions, but it does for you pretty much everything else. For instance, it will keep you going no matter what. It’s designed to motivate and encourage people to stay on track to a healthy life. It also works as a calories tracker, helping you monitor what you eat, how much nutrients you receive, and what you may lack or overconsume in your diet.

We all know that workouts are not only about exercise but about food, too. So this app helps you to receive better and faster progress. Moreover, you can even calculate how many calories you burn after each workout by using its calculator.

Overall, we highly recommend using this application along with whatever workout apps you choose. In fact, you can even synchronize My Fitness Pal with the most popular workout apps out there, so it can track your progress by copying it directly from other apps. We truly live in a high technological era.

Yoga with Adriene

Now, this is not exactly an app but a YouTube channel. However, it still counts, right? You can just go on YouTube, find Adrienne, and discover a whole collection of her yoga videos of the last six years. All for free! Isn’t that amazing? Overall, you can learn all poses, moves, and vinyasa transitions there. Moreover, Adriene also teaches you about the philosophy of yoga.

For instance, she teaches to set the right priorities in life, to let go of everything that doesn’t serve you, and to love yourself. Students do need to hear those lessons. Sometimes they are so burdened with their studies that they have no time for themselves. It’s not right. When the pressure gets too real, you should learn to take a step back and seek some assistance, like getting Speedy Paper help online instead of writing nights and days yourself. Getting professional academic help will not only positively affect your grades but will let you rest, recharge, and do those workouts with extra motivation and energy.

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