Once this was just for fun, now, beer pong tournaments are widespread across the country. The beer pong game is one of the most appreciated drinking games. No matter how old you get, a round of golf beer pong lets you feel the days of your college. Beer pong is classic however, there is a small twist in it with the golfing version. Turn your backyard into a beer pong game’s space. It’s an easy but exciting game. The weekend will be awesome. 

Why the game fits well in your backyard?

Beer pong golf turfs are easy to install and don’t matter how big or small your backyard is. The wooden board is solid and it has 10 slots of solo cups. The entire set comes with six golf balls along with a chipping mat. Well obviously, you need to buy a golf club to start your professional-styled swings. Whenever you put the ball in the cups, your competitor has to drink. This makes the game quite interesting and also a better version of the traditional beer pong games. 

Of course, it is not necessary to play the game as a drinking game if you’re not into hard drinks. Golf beer pong game is also known as putterball game and it is just as fun going against your competitor to see how many happy landings you can make. Plus, kids are pretty welcome to join the game. So, why you should play putterball?

The answer is simple, putterball is a game that is completely family-oriented entertainment. 

Golfers’ choice for backyard games

No matter where you are living or how your property size is, beer pong golf easily fits anywhere in the backyard. Some even play in their corridors! Putterball game is good for sweltering summer days and it is considered as true golf courses. This variant of golf is certainly the most loved game for most golfers and can be played with your mates even if the climate outside is not suitable. 

The approach of the game is very similar to lager pong; however, it doesn’t have the rule of tossing a ball into your opponent’s cup. Here, you need to putt the ball into the opponent’s opening. Based on your efficiency, this can prove to be a bit trickier or simpler. Putterball is a decent method for sprucing up beer pong games and making it interesting for backyard games. 

Aristocrat backyard game

There are different types of backyard games, but when it comes to putterball, it simply adds aristocracy. Your backyard gets a new definition as the progressive golf match is no less than real-time golfing tours. It can be played by anyone and doesn’t need special thoughts to place the board. It is truly remarkable as it consolidates lager pong and golf to ensure longer periods of fun.

Golf putting game is an absolute necessity for every occasion planned with your family and friends, especially when you are not planning any weekend tour. 


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