Why does the NFL dominate the sports industry?

A quick guide to what makes the NFL so successful

Ever wondered why no other sporting league seems to be able to compete with the NFL (National Football League)? Let’s find out.

There isn’t a person in America that won’t have heard of the beautiful sport Football. In this country, it’s nearly impossible to avoid at the best of times. But in the week running up to the Superbowl, it’s all anyone is talking about.

The NFL is by far one of the successful sporting franchises of all time. But what makes it so successful? What makes it such an essential part of our nation’s sporting identity and why it dominates the sporting industry so heavily.

More people watch it

Let’s start with the obvious, the NLF dominates the sporting industry because it is able to draw bigger audiences than any of its competitors.

The Superbowl (which had its lowest viewing figures in 15 years in 2020) had an audience of 94.6 million people in America alone. With many more staying up late to watch in across the rest of the world.

In contrast, the NBA finals this year only had 7.3 million viewers. To rub salt into the wound more, the average NFL game is viewed by 15.4 million viewers. Double the amount of people who watched the NBA final, the most viewed basketball game of the season.

Most of the sports betting in America is also done on the NFL as it has the biggest audience. With sites like Fanduel offering a huge range of odds on the sport throughout the season and postseason.

When each NFL game is getting a higher average viewership than the population of Pennsylvania, it’s easy to understand why this sport dominates the sporting industry.

It’s anyone’s game

We believe the NFL captures the hearts of sports lovers so completely because it truly reflects the American Dream.

Unlike many other sporting leagues around the world, there truly is a chance that any team can win the Superbowl. if they work hard (and have a bit of luck on their side).

Not many other sports can claim this.

Another piece of equality within the NFL that makes it so endearing is that the television royalties are split equally between all the teams in the league. Giving each team an equal chance to profit from their hard work.

It’s easy to watch

When you first watch a Football game, it can be hard to keep up with all the rules. However, as most people will attest, even when you don’t understand what is going on Football is entertaining.

The NFL is a high impact, high adrenaline sport with games that only last for 3 hours on average. Fans don’t have to commit to much of their time every week to enjoy the sport. Unlike other sports that can last all day, if not longer (did you know there is a format of Cricket that is played over 5 days – yes, that is over 40 hours of the sport).

There is a lot of money invested in the sport

When we say that the NFL is a big money sport, we’re not joking. The lowest valued team in the league (the Minnesota Vikings) is worth $782 million dollars.

And that is just the team’s brand. This number doesn’t include sponsorship deals or the money that each individual player is worth or making.

All the teams in the NFL have a lot of money invested in them, in turn, this money is invested in getting the best players and stadiums. And of course, putting on the most entertaining matches. 

Everywhere is represented 

With the league’s 32 teams spread out across the country, the sport has pretty much everywhere in the country represented. With millions of people in each state tuning in to watch the weekly matches.

California, the largest state by population, has three teams based in its state. Texas also has two teams.

It is hard to name another sport that is so well represented in America. They have two more teams than the NBA.

No matter where you live, you will have a local NFL team for you to throw your support behind.

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