Why Does My Hip Hurt After Running & How To Cure It – An Easy Guide

Why does my hip hurt after running is probably the most common question of which the runners are seeking an answer?

If you are a runner, then it must have happened with you that you felt pain on your hips after completing a run. You must have become tired of searching how do I relieve hip pain from running.

This pain is not soreness that comes after exercise. So if you feel pain in the hip after completing your running exercise, then you must take care of it.

Because, there are high chances that you have injured your tendons, muscles, bones, or the other structures present at your hip.

But if you feel pain in your hip after a run. What should you do? Should you visit a doctor? Or there is anything else that can cure the pain without a doctor?

Well, this is why I am writing this article, so you can know the root cause of the hip pain that you feel after a run, and can cure it.

Why Does My Hip Hurt After Running

Hip pain after a run can be a result of various reasons. And some of them can be a very serious issue too!

So if you are asking why are my hips sore after running, read the points below to know the common causes behind sore hips from running one by one.

Common Causes Of Hip Pain After Running

  • Muscle Strain

This is called pulled muscles too. This is a common issue with the muscles of a runner. It happens when some small tears appear in the muscles. It can happen if you train too much, or run longer or faster than you usually do.

Muscle strain results in outside hip pain after running. As an example, if the gluteus medius muscle gets affected, you will feel pain in the back and/or the outside of the hip.

This muscle absorbs the shock when you hit the ground with your feet at the time of running. It is located under the gluteus maximus or the large buttock muscle.

If you do not treat the injury of this muscle, you will start feeling pain in the daily activities of yours too, like at the time of climbing the stairs, or even if you sit anywhere for a long time.

  • Tendonitis

When the tendons of your hip get inflamed, it is called Tendonitis. This too can give you hip pain after running. Tendons are the structures that keep the muscles attached to your bones.

If you run a longer distance than you usually do, Tendonitis can affect you and give you hip pain. It can happen if you do not take proper rest in between your exercise sessions too.

Because our muscles need proper rest to heal fully. If it does not get the rest, it can affect you with pain.

Why Does My Hip Hurt After Running
  • Bursitis

Inflamed Bursae can cause Bursitis. Bursae are nothing but cushions filled with fluids. Bursae are located around all the joints of your body. And if it gets inflamed, it can give you pain.

Bursae can be inflamed due to repeated friction or pressure and give you hip pain.

  • Labral Tears

Your hip works as a ball-socket joint. There is a ball at the top of the femur that fits into the socket of the pelvis. And to stabilize the joint, there is a ring of cartilage running around the edges of the socket. This ring of cartilage is called the Labrum.

When tears appear on this labrum, it can give you pain. Labral tears give sharp pains in the front side of the hip. You might feel that your hip is locked up if labral tears occur.

  • Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis happens when the padding, or the cartilage between your bones and joints starts wearing away. It results in direct friction between your bones which gives you pain in your hips.

  • Stress Fractures

These are the fractures that occur in the bones of the hips due to repetitive stress like running. In most cases, the stress fractures occur on the top of your femur.

Easy Ways To Relieve Hip Pain Occurring From Running

Here I shall tell you how can you relieve hip pains from running.

There are several ways to treat hip pain that has occurred from running. Let me tell you how are hip injuries from running treated.

Why Does My Hip Hurt After Running
  • Ice And Rest

Tendonitis and mild muscle strains can be healed if you take proper rest and stop running for at least two weeks. Apply ice to the affected portion of your hip for 15 to 20 minutes every hour. You can try some easy range-of-motion exercises too.

  • Keep Weight Off Your Legs

If your hip is affected with stress fractures, then it can take 6 to 8 weeks to get healed. In this period, apply ice and use crutches to avoid your weight coming on your legs.

  • Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is one of the most common treatments for a hip injury that has occurred from running.

A physiotherapist will not only treat the symptoms but also analyze your running technique of yours to check whether there are any other weaknesses in other body parts which are causing the pain.

  • OTC Pain Killers

OTC or over-the-counter medicines for pain is something that is widely used all over the globe to treat hip pains that have occurred from running.

gets affected, you will feel pain on the back and/or the outside of the hip.

  • Prescribed Medicines

If none of the above methods works for you, then I would like to recommend you to visit an osteopath and start prescribed medications to treat your hip injuries that have occurred for running exercises.

  • Injections

If prescribed medicines fail too to cure your hip pain, then you have to try injections right into your hip.

  • Surgery

The last option left is surgery on your hips. Because some injuries need to be treated in a proper surgical way.

Why Does My Hip Hurt After Running

How Can I Prevent Hip Injuries?

At first, let me tell you that there are no ways that can give you 100% protection against hip pains. These procedures are only techniques that reduce the risk of your hip getting affected.

I am giving you some ways using which you can take care of your hip from being injured.

  • Warm-up

Warm-ups before starting running or any kind of exercise help to increase blood flow in the muscles which can prevent an injury.

  • Stretching

Start practicing leg-stretching after running. It will increase the flexibility of your legs.

  • Strength Training

If you do resistance training twice a week, it will strengthen the muscles that are used for running, and that is why you can decrease the risk of a paining hip.

  • Proper Training Schedule

Make a proper schedule of your running including various distances and speed and resting days.

Beginner Runner Hip Pain

When we start running as a beginner, we tend to run longer and faster as we possess the highest level of energy and excitement when we begin something. This often fires us back and we end up getting hip injuries.

Some common beginner runner hip pain is Muscle Strain and Tendonitis. To treat these pains you need to take proper rest and apply ice on the affected portion of your hip for 15-20 minutes every hour.

And if you feel pain even after applying this method, I would like you to suggest visiting an osteopath.

Why Does My Hip Hurt After Running

Outside Hip Pain – After Running Stretches

Now I shall tell you a process of stretching that you can use after running if you are suffering from outside hip pain.

  • Step forward your left leg with both feet pointed straight at the front.
  • Bend the left leg and push the right buttock forward without arching your back and sticking out your buttock. Keep the right leg straight during this. Keep bending the left leg unless you feel a stretch around the front of the right hip joint of yours.
  • Get back to normal position.
  • Repeat the process with both legs.


1. Is It Normal For Your Hips To Hurt After Running?

Hip pain is not actually normal, but very common in regular runners. Hip pain can be a result of various reasons. It can be torn muscles, joints, or mild fractures in hip structures.

2. Can Running Damage Your Hhips?

It is not that running damages your hip. But an unplanned running with lesser or no intervals of proper rest can cause you hip pain.

To Finish It Up

Here I have discussed the reasons behind hip pain after running exercise thoroughly and have given the methods to prevent or cure these kinds of pains as well.

I hope this article will help you a lot and you will be able to treat your hip pain properly. All the best and keep running. It is one of the best exercises one can do!

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