Why Do Baseball Players Chew Gum? – Secret Revealed!

Are you a fan of baseball? Then I am sure that you have noticed the players sitting at the dugout whenever the camera zooms in on them that they are chewing gum.”Why Do Baseball Players Chew Gum”

It is a very natural thing though. But have you ever wondered why baseball players chew gum?

Well, there is more than one reason behind this! The baseball players chew gum for a reason! Did you know that?

Are you surprised? Yes! This is the topic of this article. I shall give the answer to the question of why do baseball players chew gum in this article.

But before going deeper on this topic, let me tell you what else you are going to know about baseball players in this article.

So, let’s start!

Why Do Baseball Players Chew Gum

Why Do Baseball Players Chew Gum

The players of the game Baseball chew gum for various reasons including –

  • To Remove The Dirty Taste After Sliding

The players of the game, especially the baserunners often slide through the dirty lines, which are called the diamond lines.

They do so in order to reach the base before a player of the opposing team throws the ball to the base.

This makes their mouth taste dirty as the dirt present on the field often goes inside their mouth. So the players chew gum to remove this dirt taste from their mouth.

  • To Prevent Their Mouth From Drying

While playing the game, the players have to remain very active, so they often go through dehydration and their mouth often go dry.

It is really a bad experience to stay with a dry mouth. So the players chew gums to keep their mouths wet.

  • To Relieve Tension

The game often turns into such an exciting moment that the players have to go through several moments of acute tension.

Chewing gums or sunflower seeds help the players to reduce their stress as these products are very good stressbusters.

  • To Prevent Their Habit Of Consuming Tobacco

Some baseball players have a habit of consuming tobacco, so chewing gum becomes the substitute for tobacco also.

Baseball Chewing Gum

Why Do Baseball Players Chew Gum? – Secret Revealed!
Baseball Chewing Gum

If you wonder about what kind of gum do baseball players chew, then let me give you a complete list of the gums which famous baseball players chew during their matches.

But before going into there, do you know how the use of chewing gums was introduced in baseball? It is a very interesting story indeed!

In the year of 1979, a baseball player from the minor league, Rob Nelson, brought the idea of chewing bubble gum. According to him, it would look like the players are chewing tobacco.

He, Rob Nelson, started working with Jim Bouton too in order to make a secured contract with Amuro Products after testing their bubble gum. The bubble gum was the Big League Chew.

Now let us know the brands of bubble gums that are used by baseball players.

  • Big League Chew

It became the household name of baseball leagues. Since 1979, the players are chewing this gum, though the usage of gums has changed.

It started from an intention of doing mimicry of the act of chewing tobacco, but now it is used to prevent dirt taste, to get relief from tension, to prevent the mouth from drying, etc.

  • Dubble Bubble

Apart from the Big League Chew, players love to chew Dubble Bubble too. In fact, some players now prefer Dubble Bubble over many other brands of chewing gum.

Do Baseball Players Spit

Why Do Baseball Players Chew Gum? – Secret Revealed!
Do Baseball Players Spit

Players from the 1800s used to chew tobacco and spit. They used to do it to bring out the saliva so that they can spit on their gloves. This action is used to keep the gloves moist on the dusty grounds.

But chewing tobacco was banned on the baseball grounds from 2011 after all the players agreed not to chew tobacco in public places in order to support the Anti-Tobacco Movement.

Now the tobacco is replaced by chewing gum, sunflower seeds, etc.

Why Do Baseball Players Chew Tobacco

The habit of chewing tobacco on baseball players is two centuries old. Baseball players of the 19th century used to chew tobacco during the game. In these times, the grounds used to be very dusty.

This condition of the grounds is often used to make the gloves of the players out of moisture.

The players used to chew tobacco to bring their saliva out so that they could spit that saliva on their gloves and keep the gloves moist. This is a very old tradition.

But in the year of 2011, all the baseball players agreed to support the Anti-Tobacco Movement and agreed to quit chewing tobacco on the grounds.

Though this was a wonderful move towards the injurious habit of chewing tobacco, it ended a centuries-old tradition.

Why Do Baseball Players Chew Gum – Reddit

Why Do Baseball Players Chew Gum? – Secret Revealed!
Why Do Baseball Players Chew Gum – Reddit

In public forums like Reddit, people often ask the question why do baseball players chew gum. There too people who know why baseball players chew gum have given their answers. They too talked about the reasons like reducing tension, removing dirt taste, etc.

Baseball Gum Bucket

The chewing gum brands like Big League Chew, or the Dubble Bubble, brought a brilliant marketing strategy to promote their product. They have introduced a bucket. The company gave it the name Baseball Gum Bucket.

It contains a bucket full of chewing gums. The bucket contains 240 individually wrapped chewing gums especially made for baseball players. T

The baseball team carries these buckets for their players who chew gums from these buckets.

These Baseball Gum Buckets are available for the public too, in exchange for money. The brands did it because they know people love to imitate the baseball players and love to do what the baseball players do.

People buy these buckets to feel like they are chewing the gums which the famous baseball players use.

Why Do Baseball Players Have Black Under Their Eyes

Why Do Baseball Players Chew Gum? – Secret Revealed!
Why Do Baseball Players Have Black Under Their Eyes

You might have noticed that the baseball players have a black mark under their eyes. But do you know that they do it for a purpose?

Our natural skin absorbs light in a very little amount. It reflects out most of the light coming from the sun or the other artificial sources.

This reflection of light might cause impaired vision or glare. But there is a way to prevent this reflection. And that is those black stripes which the baseball players use under their eyes during their game.

The black stripes prevent the reflection of light as it absorbs all the light. It is scientifically proved that the black color absorbs all the light and reflects none.

So the players use the black stripes so that they can absorb all the light coming to their eyes and they can track the ball while it is in the middle of the air.

Baseball Players Chewing Tobacco List

Chewing tobacco is tobacco that does not produce smoke. These forms of tobacco come in form of Snuff, Loose Leaf, Plug, Twist, etc. also. Here I am giving a complete list of the brands of chewing tobacco and the products they manufacture for baseball players. Do check out.

Brand NameProduct Name
CougarMoist Snuff
GrizzlyMoist Snuff
KodakMoist Snuff
Big DukeChewing Tobacco
Big MountainChewing Tobacco
Blood HoundChewing Tobacco
Bull of the WoodsChewing Tobacco
CupChewing Tobacco
J.D.’s BlendChewing Tobacco
KayakMoist Snuff
HawkenChewing Tobacco
Havana BlossomChewing Tobacco

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Baseball Players Allowed To Chew Gum?

Yes! Baseball players are allowed to chew gums as far as they are not spitting the gum right on the ground. The players can chew gums sitting at the dugouts of the ground.

  • Why Do Daseball Players Chew Sunflower Seeds?

Sunflower seeds are incredible at helping to reduce stress and relax your mind. These seeds work great if you want to calm down. Besides, it tastes great too! The baseball players are allowed to chew something sitting at the dugouts, so they often chew sunflower seeds to reduce their stress.

To Wrap It Up

So this is why baseball players chew gum. I hope this information has cleared all the questions of yours related to chewing gum by the baseball players.

After knowing the reasons, I am sure you will watch baseball matches with a different view and won’t wonder whenever you see a player is chewing gum. So have a great day and do not forget to watch the next match!

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