Why Baseball Pins are Important Motivators

Swags and merchandise are the best way to motivate a player. So as the professional season starts, managers provide their team with shoes, kits, and jerseys. 

One underrated way to motivate players is through pins. Pins are the badges that belong to players who achieve a feat in the tournament. It may include a pin for most home runs, MVP of the season, most catches taken, etc. 

Most coaches think that pins are not crucial to motivate their players. But that’s wrong! 

There are several reasons why pins act as great motivators for all players. And here we list some of them.

Sense of achievement

Everyone loves to be appreciated, and so do players. After putting their heart and soul on the ground, they want the right appreciation. And baseball pins give them just that. With pins, players have something tangible to back their good performance on the ground.

Pins help the player to know his worth in the team. Getting a pin is a sign of a player’s contribution and the respect he has earned within the team. This motivates the player to do better. 

Promote healthy competition

There are many categories to reward with pins. The fact that one player has secured a pin doesn’t mean that others can’t. Since pins deliver a sense of achievement, players want to get them. They look to perform better to get the next one. It promotes healthy competition among players. 

Healthy competition is the key to any team’s success. More healthy competition leads to a better team environment and more practice sessions. The less skilled players also try to ace their game and win pins. 

Boosts confidence

No game in this world is won without confidence. The players must be confident and secure to perform well. But even the best ones can get underconfident at times. 

Pins do an excellent job of boosting a player’s confidence. When they perform well and receive a pin for their stellar performance, their confidence shoots up. Hence, pins can lift even the most underconfident players quickly. 

You can trade these pins

This is the most common practice in the baseball circuit. Many people love to trade pins. You can trade these pins with other teams, their coaches, and support staff.

It spreads the word about your team, and suddenly, everybody will start talking about it. Trading pins with a big team also impacts the reputation of smaller teams. They get noticed and promoted well. This reputation comes in handy when coaches want to recruit star players.   

Spectators identify you

As players get pins, spectators start to identify them. Just like everywhere, a pin is a symbol of their excellence. Having a pin improves their image in front of the spectator. Even a new spectator can identify a player’s achievements if they notice the pin. And then the cheers multiply. 

Sometimes, even important recruiters and managers are among the audience. When a player has pins on his baseball suit, such people can immediately notice him and hire him for their team. This too will be an excellent motivator for the player. 

Comfortable space

Every player wants to be in a comfortable space. Insecurity and underconfidence are enemies of the player’s performance. Baseball pins give players a sense of security and comfort in the team. 

The pin is proof that they are doing well and acting as an asset to the team. This gives them the security that they won’t be dropped soon. Plus, they know that their pins certify the achievements on the basis of which they’ll be put in important positions within the team. While it is the team management’s duty to make a player secure, baseball pins add a more tangible layer.


These are the reasons why baseball pins act as motivators for the players. Look for custom trading pins online and get your players in the groove today. And if you are a player, get one to adorn your jersey soon. Let us know down below why you think you should get baseball pins for your players too. 

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