The Lowest Scoring Game Ever In Nfl

The super-exciting NFL matches surely increase your adrenaline flow! I mean, who can ignore the great scoring moves, the wall-like defence, and the world class runs across the field!

But what about the lowest scoring matches? Let me give you a friendly advice! Low score does not imply, in any way at all, that those matches are boring!  On the contrary, there are some super-exciting low scoring matches in NFL league which can double your adrenaline flow.

The hard-core NFL fans might easily say what is the lowest scoring NFL game. But it does not come under the general knowledge about NFL. And those who don’t know this, they are missing some exciting information about NFL matches.

But do not worry! I am here with all the exciting information about lowest scoring matches of NFL.

What Is The Lowest Scoring Nfl Game

Here in this section, I shall talk about the lowest scoring game in NFL history.

This is going to be surprising to them who do not already know about this. There was a NFL final match where none of the teams won!

Travel back to 1943, let’s focus on 7th November! It was a cold day, the start of the US winter. New York Giants and Detroit Lions were ready to take on each other. But even after die hard tries from both the sides, the score card remained 0:0 after the final minute of the match.

The Lowest Scoring Game Ever In Nfl
The Lowest Scoring Game Ever In Nfl

Lowest Scoring Nfl Game

Now let us talk about the famous lowest scoring NFL game.

For this particular game you do not have to travel back much. On 26th November, 2007, Pittsburgh and Miami faced each other in NFL. But it was the lowest scoring game ever in NFL history. After the final minute, the score card said Pittsburgh score is 3, and Miami could not even open their score card.

In 1993, another game between Washington Reskins and New York Jets ended up with the same scorecard,  where Washington scored a big zero, and New York Jets score was 3.

The match between Pittsburgh Steelers and Jacksonville Jaguars is one of the lowest scoring NFL games with a scorecard 9:0 in the favor of Jacksonville.

But the list of lowest scoring NFL games and the score cards of those matches just does not tell you anything about the excitement of the mentioned matches. The temperament, the thrill, the engagement if audience, and the enthusiasm of the players were at its peak in all these matches.

Those who were present at the ground and those who watched these matches on television, all of them went through a hang over after the final minute of each game.

Lowest Scoring Games This Year

Now let us talk about the lowest scoring NFL game of this year.

In 2021, there were 5 teams who ended up in scoring not even a single point in NFL. Those teams are Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans, Atlanta Falcons, & Seattle Seahawks.

The Lowest Scoring Game Ever In Nfl
Lowest Scoring Games This Year

All these teams were tied because of this lowest scores.

On 14th November, 2021, Pittsburgh Steelers and Detroit Lions played a game where Pittsburgh’s final score was 16, which was exactly the same as Detroit’s. This game was a tie and remained as one of the lowest scoring NFL games of 2021.

NBA Games

If you talk about the lowest scoring NBA game, anyone who loves the football statistics will say about the match between Fort Wayne Pistons and Minneapolis Lakers, where Fort Wayne Pistons defeated the opponent by 19:18 in a super-exciting match.

But the game was penned in the history as the lowest scoring NBA game ever as there were only 37 points scored by both the teams.

Lowest Scoring Nfl Playoff

When anyone talks about the lowest scoring NFL playoff game, no one can forget one if the ugliest playoffs of the history played between the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions, where Cowboys anyhow managed to beat Lions by 5:0. But a true NFL fan will never want to see a match like this again.

Lowest Scoring College Football Game

If you are a fan of and want to talk about college football, or more specifically, lowest scoring college football game, most of the people generally talk about 3 specific matches.

One match happened in 2004 between Penn State and Iwoa, where Iwoa beat Penn State by 6:4.

The second was played between Rutgers and Duke in 1987, where Rutgers got a clean win by 7:0 against Duke.

And the most famous game was played in the year 1981, where after a terrific fight, Rutgers beat Virginia by 3:0.

The Lowest Scoring Game Ever In Nfl
Lowest Scoring College Football Game

Most Common Scores Of NFL

Though it seems like an awkward question, bur when it comes to NFL finals, there is a particular pattern of score card that is considered the most common NFL score.


Yes! That is the score card you will find in most of the NFL finals. In the NFL history, most the final matches ended up with this score card. I don’t know why, nor I know how, but magically it has become the common score card of NFL finals.

Highest Nfl Score

Now it is the time to talk a little off the beat. Now I shall tell about the highest NFL scoring match.

If you ask what is the highest score in NFL history, all the people will say about the match played between Washington Redskins and New York Giants in the year 1966.

The high voltage match ended up with a unbelievable score card of 72:41, where Redskins beat Giants in this tremendous game.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Has There Ever Been A 0:0 In NFL?

Yes! Detroit Lions and New York Giants ended up their match with a 0:0 score card on 7th November, 1943.

  • Has There Ever Been A 100 Point NFL Game?

The score card of the match played between Washington Redskins and New York Giants in 1966 had total 113 points scored by both the teams together, where Redskins beat Giants by 72:41.

  • Has There Ever Been A 2:2 NFL Game?

No. There was never a 2:2 tie in any NFL game.

  • What Was The Lowest Scoring NFL Game In 2022?

The match between San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers ended up with a score card of 13:10, where San Francisco beat Packers.

To Finish It Up

NFL is one of the most loved sports league of USA, and have numerous fans across the country. The popularity of this league is increasing day by day, and many youngsters are now dreaming of being a NFL footballer in future.

That is why this league has this amount of craze among people. People always want to know various things about NFL. In this article, I have tried to quench a little portion of the thirst of curiosity of people regarding NFL. All the best!

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