What is the best way to create a protein shake?

Protein shakes are an integral part of diet for many modern athletes who wish to grow their muscles. Nowadays, it is quite easy to make a protein shake, whether it is a commercial solution or if you are going to mix it all by yourself. Many athletes should make their habit of going to a blog about bodybuilding and reading articles about their favorite sports activities and food supplements. In this article, we are going to talk about how to make a protein shake from protein powder or out of the food you usually already have in your diet.

If you purchase a protein solution from the sports store, then creating a protein shake will be very simple. Follow the directions and proceed to try on your own. Add two to three hundreds milliliters of water or milk in the shaker. Next, take the measuring spoon out of the packaging and scoop the protein powder into a shaker in the required dosage. All done, next, you have to cover the shaker with a lid and start shaking it numerous times to make sure the protein shake is consistent and uniformed. The cocktail is ready and you are free to drink it. Make sure to drink it at least half an hour before the training session in order to evade problems with the belly that might happen during the training session.

You can mix the protein without a measuring spoon or a shaker, but there is a chance that some lumps will remain, unless you do the procedure in the right way. Still, it is better to buy a sports shaker as the cheapest ones available nowadays cost less than ten dollars. It is worth its value because it saves you both time and hassle. Most of the time, the protein solutions are pretty tasty right from the shop, and you may choose the flavor that best meets your taste preferences (e.g. strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate). You can also mix in some juice or milk with your protein shake. There is a rule to know, after you’ve finished your cocktail, wash the shaker immediately in order to stop the production of harmful bacteria.

It is possible that you will have digestive pain and other problems like heartburn or nausea after consuming a protein drink. If this happens, try to limit the quantity you consume. The reason for this might be that your body finds it difficult to absorb this much protein at once. In this case, you better divide the protein into multiple portions.

If you don’t want to spend the money on protein but still want to experiment with commercial solutions, you might make your own protein shakes completely out of natural products. For that, you will only need an electric blender. Combine around two hundred milliliters of milk, half a pack of curd, and around fifty grams of fresh berries like strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, raspberries, depending on your taste and that is it. This would give you around twenty-five grams of protein and around two hundred calories, depending on how much fat is contained in the milk or curd. Here the curd is the primary sources of protein in the diet. The berries may be substituted with bananas, almonds, peanut butter, chocolate, or cinnamon. You can even add a few mint leaves. You can experiment as much as you want with different products like honey or low-calorie jam to make it more appealing. The more enjoyable protein shaker will be, the more you would like to train.

Protein shaker can be done for both weight gain and weight loss reasons. If you want to lose weight, you can add more milk and fewer calories comprising foods. If your aim is to gain weight, you can add more protein containing components as well as other calorie intense foods and make the shake mass more thick and viscous.

We personally would recommend you to buy pre-made commercial sports product as they are a lot easier to store, take a lot less time to produce a finished shaker, and eventually are a lot cheaper at the end. Modern sports supplements are manufactured by world class factories with all the needed requirements when it comes to health care and effectiveness.

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