An Elaborated Guide On What Is Holding In Football

Do you know what is holding in football? It is a term that describes a situation where open-hand blocking is not used properly by a player. Instead, the player needs to grab onto another player. Then, they impede their movement forcibly.

For example, they can drag them or hold them in place. Remember that football holding refers to a penalty always in football. Generally, it is called on the offensive team. In this case, you should know that it may be called on the defence. 

If someone grabs another player’s jersey, it will be called two penalties. Hence, the penalty relies on when an offensive player grabs this and where they commit it. Suppose, two football players are standing face to face, and the player doing his offensive role grabs the jersey, then we can say it is a holding penalty.

On the flip side, it may happen to an offensive player that they try to grab a Jersey around the nameplate and pull the player to the ground. According to the NFL rulebook, we can call this a horse collar penalty.

This one is also based on where the incident took place. Suppose one football player is thinking of grabbing another player when they try to tackle. In such cases, we can not call this a penalty unless they grab another player’s jersey around the collar region. It can be called a horse collar call.

Types Of Holding In Football

What Is Holding In Football 

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Offensive Holding

This type of holding a football in the famous NFL game takes place if an offensive lineman or offensive player holds a defensive player with hands or pulls the player to the ground or jerks the player on the play. 

It can cause the player a penalty. Therefore, the defensive team benefits unless the refs don’t notice this on a play. Usually, holdings happen if a player has fear of the defensive player getting them during the blitz. Then, one offensive player views the player leading the defensive role with a clear path past them. Generally, the hold is the last try that one player makes for securing the quarterback for an extra second to complete a pass. 

Defensive Holding

We can call a holding in football defensive when a defender tries to obstruct the offensive player from moving. You can see defensive pass interference when a player has thrown the ball and a defender attempts to impede the offensive player’s chance to make a play on the ball. 

According to the NFL Rulebook, we can call it a defensive holding penalty when one defensive player tries to tackle another player except for a runner. Remember that the defensive holding penalties don’t make you lose so much based on yardage like pass interference can place the ball at the foul spot.

However, it is still too hard on defence due to the automatic first down. Are you thinking about how to hold a football? Then, dig into the article. 

What is the Penalty for Offensive Holding in the NFL?

What Is Holding In Football 

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As soon as an official can see an offensive holding football penalty, they might give you a 10-yard penalty or half a distance to the goal line when the scrimmage line is twenty yards shorter from the offence’s end zone.

But there is a probability of being bumped up to a 15-yard penalty when the refs try to deem the aggression of the blocker. When the hold takes place inside the specific endzone of the offence, we can call this a safety.

Why Do Some Holds Not Result in Penalties?

Once you see a game in person or on TV, you can view holding, which will not result in a penalty. Remember that every holding doesn’t cause a penalty. Referees who are on the field must see multiple aspects of every play. Therefore, they could miss a hold providing advantages to the offensive team.

Sometimes fans say that their team didn’t get a holding penalty on the game, mainly when the replay shows a blatant hold running on the TV. You should know that it irritates fans, players, and coaches when the play is not going in their favour. 

However, it is a part of the game which can happen anytime in the play. Hold football in some cases may go unobserved, whereas some players risk a slight hold on a play. Try to provide an extra second to a QB on a play so that it can result in a successful pass downfield.

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Q.1 What is holding on defence in football?
Ans. We can call a holding defensive when one defender attempts to grab an offensive player or their jersey. Sometimes they try to wrap their hands around an offensive player before throwing a pass. Five yards is the penalty for defensive holding. 

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