What is Aqua Zumba? A Water Sport

Fitness freak or not, we all love to groove to our favourite music numbers. Zumba unlike a normal weight training session is fun and free where you can jiggle your way into the beat and look really sassy while doing so. It’s all about the healthy sweat and the blissful release of endorphins that we are trying to achieve.

aqua zumba is an updated version of the normal ymca zumba dance, where the training session takes place in water. It might sound weird in the beginning, but aquatic aerobics near me zumba is a widely practised sport and has innumerous benefits for your mental and physical health.

aqua zumba

Zumba Meaning

The definitive aqua zumba meaning of zumba is a subjective perspective. Once you’ve had the first hand experience of the sport, you can then define what it is to you. The basic idea of zumba is to get your heart rate up while catching on to repetitive steps on a preppy song.

Getting your heart rate up results in burning of excess calories which is excellent for weight loss and fat burn. Let’s face it. The lazy lot of us always wish we burn those extra calories to fit into our favourite jeans and boost our confidence levels. A consistently directed zumba routine with maximum mobility steps will burn more calories than a 2 km run.

Water Zumba

Water Zumba or Aqua Zumba is a great form of resistance training which will help you achieve your goal weight while grooving to your favourite music. The benefits of aqua zumba are a magnified version of the benefits derived from a normal zumba dance routine.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits:-

1. This form of resistance training preps the muscles and aids in the process of toning. Now, there is a popular misconception about spot reduction with cardio. This is definitely a myth. When you burn calories, you burn them overall and not from specific areas.

However, with resistance training, you are warming up two opposing muscles against each other so there is more concentration of fat reduction on the isolated part. This is what aqua zumba is popular for.

2. The training procedure and the labour that must be put into nailing an aqua zumba training session is massive. The results derived from it are better. The regular release of ‘endorphins’, which is also popularly called ‘happy hormones’ reduces the blood sugar level and stabilizes hormones in the body. Aqua Zumba is hence, great for high blood pressure clients.

3. Unlike normal zumba, where you are prone to multiple injuries, aqua zumba is comparably a safe haven. This is because the water which surrounds your waist and legs during the routine, acts like a cushion for your knees. This means you are less prone to injury than when you’re participating in a normal zumba dance routine on flat ground.

4. Talking about the temperature of the water used in aqua zumba, let’s take a look at how it benefits our body. The average temperature in an aqua zumba pool is 78 degrees. You will notice that the Aqua Zumba Routines usually consist of high resistance, slow and controlled movements.

This gets your heart rate up, while you are working up a good amount of sweat and burning those unwanted calories.The water acts like a cooling as well as a heating agent, hence providing a definitive balance restoration to our body and our breathing pattern.

5. Aqua Zumba is a safe haven for you to achieve mental peace and is an effective solution towards depression and stress. You must have read that stress and depression induces the hormone ‘cortisol’ which produces fatty enzymes, resulting in the extra weight that you are desperately trying to loose.

Aqua zumba allows you to be in your safe space, irrespective of the age ans work towards achieving your inner peace. Once you have noticed a considerable improvement in your sleep pattern and mental health, you will see a massive change in your body’s endurance and strength.

This is the power of Aqua Zumba.

The best part?

There is no barrier to age.

Finding The Perfect Aqua Zumba Class

It is imperative to note that aqua zumba should not be conducted without assistance. You can always look up Youtube videos to help you understand the process, but to achieve the results you want, it is necessary to visit a professional aqua zumba class.

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The certified trainers have expertise and will guide you through in the right direction to achieve your goals. Search for water aerobics near me, book the class which has the best reviews and start your journey towards achieving the body of your dreams. Make sure you have a swimsuit ready and all you need is a little motivation and your swag!

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