What Is A Football Punt { Full Guide} 

If you are a fan of football games then you may have witnessed a player kicking the football. Here, we are talking about Punting the football. Want to know what is a Football Punt, then just stay with us in this article and get in-depth information about a punt in Football.

A Punt is a kick that a punter has to perform by dropping the ball from both hands before it hits the ground. The aim of the punter is to relieve their team by removing the pressure by moving the ball away from the end zone. 

Football Punt isn’t an easy task, a punter requires to have special skills and the timing to back your opponent against the wall. Let’s dive in and break down effectively. 

When Do You Punt In Football?

The players in the team punt on the fourth down, which is the final one in the down cycle. This punt is mainly used when the offense is not within field goal range. However, the fourth down is the final down where the offensive team will elect to punt to avoid turning the ball over on downs. Successful punts can be the major difference between running and losing by a few points. 

Punting Rules In Football 

Almost every team punts on 4th down, but it is nowhere written to punt on 4th down. The team can do whatever they want. 

Some teams also have printed third down to catch their opponents off guard. 

  • A typical punting consists of two things, a punter, and the other one is a long snapper who stays different from a regular center. 
  • A regular center has the main focus to snap the ball directly into the quarterback. The long stapper has to work at long distances. 
  • The sole job of the team is to protect the punt football and ensure that linemen don’t block the punt.
  • Two athletes will line up to the side of the scrimmage. The gunner has the job to punt as quickly as possible. 

Different Types Of Punt In Football 

what is a football punt

There are different types of punts in Football. Below, we have explained different punts that you should know about. 

1. Punt Return 

Punt Returner is one of the most explosive positions on the field. If a punt has a job to kick away the ball then the punt Returner has to do a job to gain that yardage back. The Punt Return team has a lineman and two more players to block the gunners. 

2. Good Punt 

The main aim of a punt is to kick out the ball as far as possible. As the game is progressing, it is no shock to see players kicking the ball up to 50-60 years in the air. However, if a punt is kicking the ball with a hard of 70 meters, there is a special term for them called a Good Punt. Well, in some cases, distance isn’t the priority of a team. 

3. Blocked Punt

The opposition team’s job is to bring the ball again into the hands of the punt returner. However, that’s not always the case, sometimes, they aim to block the punt. 

Sending more players to the punt is another way of blocking them. The player who block the punt is mainly known as a Blocked Punt who aims to keep the ball in a better position than the punt wants. So, it is their duty to bring some strategies and implement them effectively to get better results. 

4. Fake Punt

A Fake Punt is a trick play, which is mainly used to deceive the defensive team by turning downfield to block the punt return. It is a strategy, which is used to confuse the defensive team and take advantage of it. 

Moreover, it is the funniest part of the football game. Rather than planning for punting, the punt player looks for the pass and runs for the play. It is a simple form of playing a football game.

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