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I’m sure if you are a baseball fan, then you know what a baseball PO is. But there are people who do not know about PO in baseball.

And for them, I am writing this article so that they can understand what PO is in baseball.

The full form of PO is Put-Out. If you follow MLB.com, you will find that there is a definition of PO.

A fielder gets a credit of PO when he is the fielder and physically records an act of making an out.

This is what MLB.com is saying about the PO in baseball. But there are another PO in baseball.

This PO means Pitcher Only. So basically, PO can be interpreted in two different meanings.

So the question what does PO mean in Softball can have two answers.

Let us together dig more information on the PO in baseball.

What Does PO Stand For In Baseball

There are many people out there who do not know the full form of PO. Some people also ask does PO mean Pitcher Only?

They are so obsessed with the term PO that they ask what does PO mean in baseball in FanDuel or what is a PO in baseball in Urban Dictionary.

To tell them, the full form of PO is not only Pitcher Only, but also Put-Out.

A PO or putout is given to a fielder when he completes the act of an out.

But the difference is in the methods. Getting putouts can be different according to the fielder.

Moreover, assist and putout is different in their terms in baseball. 

Who Gets The Putout (PO) Credit

Now let us see who gets the Put-Out in baseball.

  • Force Play

At first, let us talk about Force Play. Force Play is related to infield ground balls. This makes it the most common incident when a PO is credited. In Force Play POs, there can be more than one player.

This gives the Force Play putout a unique characteristic. Force Play happens because of tagging or force-out.

When a ground ball is running and one fielder picks it up and throws back to the first base and the batter gets out, then a PO is credited to the fielder who threw the ball.

  • Tag Play

Tag play is second most common PO scenario in baseball. In Tag play PO, the one who tags out the batter, gets the Tag Play PO. But this PO happens when a fielder tags the batter, not the base.

A batted ball is not essentially necessary for tag-outs. A fielder can tag-out a batter during stealing the base of picking off attempts. 

  • Fly Ball

This POs happens during the fly-outs. When the batter hits a ball in the foul zone and a fielder catches the ball, the batter gets out. In these cases, the Fly Ball PO is credited to the fielder who catches the ball.

  • Strike Out

Strike Out means the last strike or tag-out of the catcher.

This is a bit complicated PO. I am giving you an example of Strike Out PO.

When a fielder tags out a batter, then he can throw the ball towards the first base. And if the first base gets out by that throw, the player who threw the ball towards the first base, will not get the second PO.

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When Does A Player Become A Pitcher Only (PO)

what does po mean in baseball

Here we will talk about the second type of PO, i.e. Pitcher Only.

  • When a coach decides to give a player the pitch-focused position, the player becomes Pitcher Only. This is completely the coach’s decision.
  • There are no such reason for assuming that a Pitcher Only is misfit for all other positions. This is totally a strategic thing of the coach.
  • The position of the Pitcher Only can be changed over time, but it will be decided by the coach.
  • If the coach makes someone a Pitcher Only, then he is considered as the privileged player.
  • If a player is coming from a little-minor league to a major league, he can be given the role of the Pitcher Only by the coach.

If you are a high school baseball player, and if you ask what is a PO in high school baseball, then also the answer remains the same.

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Career PO Records In Baseball

Here I am giving you a chart for the Career PO records in baseball. Check this out.

Serial No. Name of the Player PO
1 Jake Beckley 23767
2 Cap Anson 22572
3 Ed Konetchy 21378
4 Eddie Murray 21265
5 Charlie Grimm 20722
6 Stuffy McInnis 20120
7 Mickey Vernon 19819
8 Jake Daubert 19634
9 Lou Gehrig 19525
10 Joe Kuhel 19386


Is Putout Important In Baseball?

Putout is surely an essential part of the baseball sport since it is a credit. Essentially putout is a credit given to the fielders, but the putout can be different for different fielders.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do strikeouts count as PO in Baseball?

A catcher is given PO for each strikeout except the third strikeouts.

2. Is there a difference between an assist and a PO in baseball?

Yes. An assist is recorded when a fielder throws the ball to another fielder, and when the second fielder throws the ball to out the batter, he gets the putout.

3. What is SO mean in Baseball?

SO stands for Strike-out in baseball.

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