What Does MVR Mean In Baseball

Too many baseball lovers want to know what the MVR stat in baseball is, or what does MVR stand for in baseball. And to quench their curiosity, I am writing this article about MVR in baseball. The baseball MVR definition is – MVR stands for Mound Visits Remaining in a baseball game.

The MVR was first introduced in 2018 in Major League Baseball to reduce the total count of mound visits and to speed up a nine-innings game. The Mound Visits are very critical for each playing team because it gives the teams the chance of setting a strategy to beat the upcoming batter.

How Do Mound Visits Work?

Let us know more about MVR in baseball and how the Mound Visits work and how the MVR affects a baseball match. 

  • When the play stops and the coach or the manager meets the pitcher for deciding on a strategy that is called a Mound Visit. But not only the pitcher, but the entire team also can gather on the field and stop the play to decide on a strategy.
  • In a mound visit, players discuss various things. How should the pitcher pitch to the batter, what changes should he bring in pitching, and many other things the players discuss in the mound visit. 
  • A mound visit must end in 30 seconds or lesser time. But if the mound visit goes longer than 30 seconds, an umpire has to appear and break the mound visit.
  • In 2018, Major League Baseball introduced the MVR or the Mound Visits Remaining concept. This was made to reduce the number of stoppages during a baseball game. By this rule, the teams can get a maximum number of 5 mound visits. But if the game goes to the extra time, both the teams will get one extra mound visit for each of them.

MVR Baseball: What Are Mound Visits Remaining In Baseball?

In 2018, Major League Baseball first introduced the new mound visit rule. According to the rule, the number of total mound visits for each team is now set to a maximum of 5 times. No team can take more mound visits than 5. 

And now there is a column on the scoreboard which is tagged as MVR. It stands for Mound Visits Remaining, which shows how many mound visits of the pitching team is left.

You can see the MVR column beside the R/H/E box. And if you do not know what is R H E in baseball, let me tell you that it represents the Runs/Hits/Errors box, which shows the runs, hits, and errors score. 


Before the Five Mound Visit Policy, the teams had the right to take numerous mound visits in their innings. This was slowing down the pace of the match, and the audience was getting bored and distracted from the game by the numerous mound visits.

That is why Major League Baseball introduced the Five Mound Visits Policy only to pace up the game.There are several purposes of the Five Mound Visit Policy in baseball. Those are :

  • Strategy

A team’s play totally depends on the strategy. That is why the mound visits are so very much important for the teams. During mound visits, they can gather and discuss how should they play or bring change to their play. Each of the teams depends very much on Mound Visits as they can decide on what strategy they should play in mound visits.

  • Time Saving

But if you see it from the audience’s point of view, mound visits disturb their game as they love to watch the players playing, not gathering around the field and discussing in low voices. Apart from that, if there is no limit on the number of mound visits, the match can go longer than the expected time. That is why MLB has introduced the Five Mound Visits Policy.

  • Cleaning Cleats

The pitchers very much depend on good footwork. A pitch becomes perfect with good footwork only. That is why the pitchers need the mound visits to clean the cleats.

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How Many Visits Per Game Untill Now? History Of MVR In Baseball

As of now, there is a limit on how many mound visits a team can take. The teams can take up to 5 mound visits in the whole game. But if the game continues to an extra inning, then each team will get 1 extra mound visit.

Before 2018, there was no limit on mound visits. At that time, people often found the game slower as the players often used to go for a mound visit. This was slowing down the pace of the game as well as the game used to go longer than expectations. That is why MLB introduced the Five Mound Visits Policy in 2018.

Now the coaches can go for the mound visit once per innings and once per pitcher. If there is a substitute pitcher, then the coaching staff can go for the mound twice. A mound visit can long only 30 seconds maximum, and if the meeting goes longer than that, the umpires come to break the meeting.

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Are There Exceptions To Mound Visits?

There are exceptions in the five mound visit policy. In some cases, the stoppage of the game will not be counted as a mound visit. Those situations are –

  • If a fan runs in

It is very common for fans to come off from the gallery on the grounds to physically meet their favorite baseball player. But in these cases, the game has to stop until the security takes the fan out of the ground. In these types of situations, although the game stops, it will not be counted as a mound visit.

  • Infielders approaching the mound

If the infielders approach the mound to clean junks off their cleats, then though the game has to stop, it will not be counted as a mound visit.

  • Free visits

When the batting team switches their batter to bring up a pinch hitter, then the umpire can grant a quick meet between the catcher and the pitcher, and that will not be counted as a mound visit.

Does Pitching Change Count As Mound Visit?

If the coach wants a substitute pitcher, then all he needs to do is to leave the mound, tell the umpire, and come back towards the hill.

That will not be counted as two mound visits, rather it will be counted as one mound visit, though the coach has visited the mound twice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is MVR On The Baseball Scoreboard?
Ans. The column of MVR shows how many Mound Visits are Remaining for the team.

Q2. What Does OPS Mean In Baseball?
Ans. OPS means On-base Plus Slugging in baseball.

Q3. What Is A Mound Visit?
Ans. When the baseball players gather together along with their coach and stop the game to decide on the game strategy, that is called a mound visit.

The Final Words

Here I have given you all the information you were searching for about MVR. I hope my article will help you to understand more about MVR in baseball. All the best!

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