What can you do to encourage a new golfer?

Highly experienced golfers know exactly what makes this sport so rewarding. As a parent, you may want to introduce your children to golf or are looking to show a friend what makes golf so special. However, for beginners the golf course can be intimidating. They may hear comments from other golfers whenever they make a wrong move, which can be very discouraging.

Here are some ways to encourage someone new to the sport to keep at it or improve their ability:

Giving advice on the best equipment/clubs to use.

Sometimes it could be your poor equipment which holds you back from improving, not your actual skill level. Beginners may not be aware of this and assume that they are doing something wrong. As a pro, you are likely able to recognise it when someone is using the wrong equipment and can recommend high quality alternatives, such as the right putters, which most people will be grateful for.

Encourage them to practice their short game.

A lot of beginners just want to go straight to the driver and hit long balls, but working on their putting, chipping and hitting bunker shots is important and will help them improve their game.

Encourage them to take a lesson.

By taking lessons, beginners can avoid developing poor habits that could hurt them in the long run. Professional lessons will help them improve their technique and body position. It can also help avoid injuries resulting from poor posture or techniques. For children lessons can be more fun if they are learning in a group together with their peers.   

Patience is key.

As a beginner learning a new skill you will notice when a more experienced player who is teaching you becomes impatient or even annoyed. This can be especially discouraging for children, but is something that no one enjoys, including adults. By keeping things light-hearted and approaching them in a fun way, will also allow you to enjoy the extra hour or so spent teaching on the golf course more yourself.

Keep it fun.

Healthy competition on some crazy golf can always be good. By including beginners in a few fun games together with other golfers you can create some great memories, which will make it easier for them to stay motivated and develop their skills in the future.

Encourage children’s curiosity.

Children are curious and might ask you questions about the sport. Its important to answer them and continue to spark their curiosity. This will make learning more fun for them and they will be more likely to develop the ambition to stick with it. Showing them how to play will likely make them want to try it themselves. This way they don’t feel pressured and learn at their own pace.

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