Choosing Mountain Bikes: Trek vs Specialized

There is a whole range of different prices and segments available in the case of both the companies of mountain bikes. The main and big difference is seen when the bikes of high-end bikes are considered. The question arises about which company is offering better bikes. The answer is that there is no winner because bikes made by both the companies are not perfect. The confusion that you are in while getting a bike is obvious. Specialized vs Trek is the most popular that is in trend. There are not many differences that are there in the bikes of both companies. However, you must test ride both and other viable options as well before getting one.

Trek vs Specialized MTBs

The differences are very minimal when it comes to getting a bike when a person is on the beginner stage. The differences, even the minor ones, are more significantly witness by the professionals. However, there are no differences that can be seen in the entry-level segment. The differences along with the geometry can be seen very vividly in higher-end variants. Trek vs Specialized mountain bikes is the topic that will always be there and after going through this article, a person may be able to come to a decision.

Before getting one, the person must try both the bikes as it depends solely on personal preference and the body type of the rider. There are no differences seen in the hardtail bike of both companies. The differences are seen when we move towards the full-suspension segment. The most important factor that needs to consider before finalizing the purchase is if it perfectly fits the body or not. If it’s not, the person will definitely not be able to ride it in the mountains as much. 

Trek vs Giant

Both companies will also offer a separate segment that they say as women’s only. It is recommended to not get in this trap as it has no significance and this stunt is more of a marketing strategy. The mountain bikes or any other bikes are designed to fit the body type, not on the basis of gender. If the person is not convinced, he/she can check and get a trail ride. They will not find any single difference and must go for the one that is more comfortable, not the one that is told as more suitable for the gender. 

There is also a debate on Trek vs Giant MTBs but most people prefer Specialized to Giant due to a wide range of available options and multiple options are provided for each segment. 

Trek is also offering the option to fully customize the bike according to the needs and requirements. The customizations can be done on the parts like frame, fork, or any other part that the person isn’t best suited for him/her and thinks that it is needed to be replaced. The option isn’t available for those who are opting for the Specialized mountain bikes. Though, there are various options available in the product list of the latter. You will not need to customize it.

The debate that is regarding Giant vs Trek is very obvious. However, if you are a bit on the heavier side or ride fast, Giant isn’t the one that you are looking for.

Giant vs Specialized

There are not a lot of differences that can be seen in the entry-level price segment. Both companies use almost the same materials and frames. The design of Specialized is a bit more modern and provide a more elegant look. Giant, as well as Specialized, imports, and uses a lot of materials that are imported from China. The only difference that is witnessed is in the geometry of the bike that is responsible for a better fit and feel. In the confusion of Giant vs Specialized, if you are a beginner, you must go for Giant.

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Differences in Rear Suspension

Trek developed the technologies and named them Full-Floater and Active Braking Pivot. 

  • Full-Floater means that technology is focused on providing easy pedaling. What it basically does is it allows the shock mount not to increase any movement which in turn translates to transferring more energy to pedaling and not let the suspension waste it.
  • Active Braking Pivot doesn’t lock the suspension when the person applies the brake. The rear suspension keeps working and the wheels descend less. The same system is also getting widely used by some of the latest cars.

Specialized invented the technology to use in its specialised road bikes and named it Future Shock Rear. 

  • Future Shock Rear is the high-end suspension system that shows its true potential on rough roads. The mounting place of this suspension is above the head tube and it provides more stability and a sense of control to the rider.

Both technologies are great and there is no point in breaking the deal over one another.

Cannondale vs Specialized

The main difference between the two is the frame. As there is absolutely no difference in the build quality, the lower segment bikes are made of aluminum or steel, and the higher ends are made of carbon fiber. These are the aspects that remain the same for each and every bike. Cannondale vs Specialized is no different debate than any other.


Concluding Note…

When it comes to getting a bike on a professional level, there is also a player that enters the market and that is Cannondale. However, Trek is not far behind and the majority of riders still prefer Trek and Specialized over any other option. 

The decision is totally up to the rider that what are the things that he/she is looking to have in a bike. After getting the test ride, an individual will have a better idea and the decision can be easily made. The debate among the various options will be there. If a person is finding it difficult on deciding one, other options like Giant and Cannondale can also be considered.

If the person is a beginner, it is recommended to not go for Specialized road bicycles or MTBs and should give a chance to any other brand that is providing good bikes in lower segments. The design and form factor of these bikes are not as good as these two but are definitely worth trying.

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