Top Sports Highlight Maker tools to Make Highlight Videos

A sports highlight film collects the most memorable moments from an entire game. Numerous major leagues, including the NBA, UFL, UEFA, IPL, and many more, use highlight reels to showcase their most recent matches.

Rather than watching the whole game, a highlight clip focuses on the most thrilling moments of a game. Therefore, if you’re wondering how to create an appealing sports highlight clip, continue reading this post to learn about the best online video editing platform that can help you in creating highlight videos.

Here are some of the best highlight maker tools to create highlight videos.

Top 8 Sports Highlight Video Maker Platforms

1. InVideo

If you’re looking for the finest free online video editor that can help you in crafting quality sport highlight videos, the cloud-based InVideo editor is an absolute must-try.

It is a powerful video creation tool that allows you to produce aesthetically attractive videos that instantly pique the attention of your viewers and increase your social media following.

The program includes almost all of the tools necessary for a professional video editor and offers producers a multitude of options to create appealing highlight videos.

InVideo can assist you with producing sports highlight videos for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other social media platforms.

 2. LightMV

LightMV is a well-known online video creator that is compatible with a variety of web browsers. It is so simple to use that even novices may simply make a sports highlight video.

By using this tool, you may browse through a wide selection of highly customizable templates.

Additionally, it has an effective editing feature that enables you to add text, audio clips, effects, and filters to improve the video’s quality. Additionally, you can download the video in 4K quality and post it straight to Facebook and Twitter.

3. FlexClip

Next on our list we have FlexClip. This is another excellent online video highlight generator for creating sports highlights videos.

Additionally, it has a free media library with a variety of stock images, movies, and music that you can use to create amazing video highlights.

Additionally, this online tool has a variety of effects such as animations, transitions, and dynamic text that will elevate your movie to the next level.

4. DaVinci Resolve

Resolve is not limited to color correction and grading, despite its popularity as a grading platform. It now combines video editing, graphic effects, and audio mixing, transforming it into a fully-featured and powerful video editing program.

Including B-roll footage in a highlight film is a frequently utilized technique. Those unfamiliar with video editing may attempt to cut straight to source material on the timeline in order to get B-roll footage, but this may muddle your sequence.

Dual timelines are a non-destructive editing technique are the features that most pros prefer in Resolve. Each version improves Resolve by introducing a slew of additional controls. That is why Resolve is one of the finest choices for creating sports highlights for everyone.

5. Lightworks

Lightworks is a fully-featured desktop video editing software. This program is compatible with a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

It has advanced editing tools that enable you to chop, trim, and split video recordings to eliminate unnecessary segments.

Apart from that, it enables you to adjust the video’s speed, which you may utilize to accentuate a player’s motions in a highlight film you’re producing.

6. VideoProc

VideoProc is the finest video editor for creating sports highlight videos. It strikes the ideal mix of power and usability. It includes a video cutter, trimmer, splitter, and merger for rearranging your lengthy movie.

Additionally, the toolkit includes color filters, subtitles/watermark adder, speed alternation, as well as a video stabilizer, noise reduction, and lens correction. VideoProc offers one feature that its rival does not: level-3 hardware acceleration.

It greatly accelerates transcoding and exporting of highly compressed formats such as H.264, H.265, VP9, AV1, or other high-resolution formats.

7. iMovie

iMovie is a macOS-exclusive video editor that is completely free for Apple users. It provides a simplified and intuitive interface that enables you to deal with sports video more quickly and efficiently.

Despite its complimentary price point, iMovie offers a plethora of video editing capabilities. It has standard editing functions like cutting, trimming, cropping, and inserting, but also includes many sophisticated capabilities such as green screen, split-screen, fade in/out, and equalization.

Additionally, whether you’re dealing with video formats like Apple ProRes, H.264, HEVC, MOV, MP4, or audio formats such as AAC, AIFF, or still-image formats such as JPEG, PNG, or GIF, iMovie supports them all.

8. VSDC Video Editor

What makes VSDC an excellent option is its additional features, which much outweigh those of the other applications on our list.

You may modify the decoding quality for smooth playing using the built-in converter of the VSDC, or you can burn your highlight reels on DVD and mail them to schools or coaches to be recognized.

In terms of the fundamentals of VSDC, you may improve your sports highlights by splitting, zooming, overlaying, masking, and adding music, text, transitions, shapes, and pictures, among other things.

Each of these characteristics works well on its own but may be combined for maximum impact when necessary.


Thus, these are the eight most effective highlight video creators that you may utilize with simplicity. You can use any of the above-mentioned highlight video creators for crafting brilliant sports highlight clips.

Before settling on a platform of choice for creating sports highlight videos, you should give all the above-mentioned tools a try to get a taste of their feature set.

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