Top 5 Wake Up Exercises for Students

As a student, you probably know how hard it can be to wake up in the morning after a long night of studying and preparing for exams. Once you have turned off your alarm, the next thing to do seems to be unmanageable with some dizziness in your head and inability to act. It sounds like a nightmare. However, there are some ways you can change such a course of things and help yourself to feel good by waking up your muscles and mind.

Remember that you have spent several hours in stillness, and your task is not to make it harsh for your body to wake it up gently with no stress. The first thing in the morning is to make sure that your moves aren’t too hard on your joints. Thus, the following five exercises can become handy if you want an extra boost to your day by making simple energizing moves. Stay focused while doing these exercises to practice self-awareness and awakening. Such an approach will help you understand what is worth doing in your life and which issues have more value. Besides, you will have a chance to experience some insights which can motivate you on great actions and deeds. So let’s start with the morning stretch and then follow the top wake-up exercises to put you in a good mood for the whole day.

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1. Jumping Jacks

You can start making each move for thirty seconds. But if you feel that your body requires more action, you can practice it for up to one minute. So stand straight, your feet are together, and your arms are by the sides. Start the exercise with this posture. Then, jump, putting your feet out and the arms above your head simultaneously. Then, return to the previous position with your arms to the sides and feet together. Doing it quickly several times will enable you to feel the whole dynamic of this activity which helps to elevate the heart rate. Starting your day with such an exercise will boost your energy and aspiration.

2. Tension-Relieving Stretches

Do you want to feel on top of the world after simple bedroom exercises that will empower you with a great deal of motivation and discipline? Here are some stretching activities you can incorporate into your daily practices. After you finish doing Jumping Jacks, you can try more gentle things to ease away pain or aches, if you have any, or just help yourself relax for a while and accumulate energy. With shoulders back and down and hands-on-hips, push your chest up and out. Take some deep, relaxing breaths and continue with a side stretch, crossing your right leg in front of the left one and raising your left arm to reach above your head to reach the right side. Repeat on the opposite side after having a small break with breathing exercises.

3. Forearm Plank

This task is quite hard. However, it will absolutely wake you up. You can use a yoga mat if you need to put something soft under your arms. Put your forearm and knees on the mate. Then, slowly lift your knees off the ground to make your body create one long line, bringing it to full extension. Keep your core tight and hips lifted so you can hold your neck in line with the spine. At this moment, try to feel each muscle and how it works in the core. Concentrate on this feeling as long as possible, and then relax your body by putting it on the ground.

4. Squats

Now you can move to the next part of exercises, combining strength and flexibility to feel energizing power along the body. Such uplifting moves as squats are good for burning calories and helping you to lose weight. The movements strengthen your bones and ligaments around the leg muscles as you exercise. Moreover, practicing this workout every morning will help you boost your mood and feel more alert.

5. Bicycle Crunches

Many students adore this workout for its spine-twisting motion, which is perfect for the body after a long night’s sleep. This workout is very easy to implement, even for those who are not into sports at all. There are plenty of instruction videos on the Internet, so you can find a suitable explanation of how to do an air bicycle maneuver properly. Anyway, it is a great chance to maintain a good body shape and strengthen your core muscles, leading to improved physical endurance.

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