The Things That Make Australia Unique

Many things are unique to Australia and they come in all shapes and sizes from the giant fruit statues dotted all around the country to the little jar of Vegemite on your dining table. Here are but a few things that make Australian culture so unique.

The Great Australian Bight

Often confused with the word ‘bite’ mostly due to its shape, the Great Australian Bight is a giant open bay in the southern section of Australia. If you look at a map of Australia it does indeed look like a big bite has been taken out of the continent.

It is a vast area with a surprising number of things to do along the coast from Adelaide to Kalgoorlie. Although most of the bight is flatland and cliffs, there are still some places that will pique interest for the traveller who is traversing across the Nullarbor Plain. Noted places to visit include the Head of the Bight visitor centre where you can go whale watching and learn about the area.

The Australian Derby

Going to the races is a time-honoured event in Australia. Crowds flock to events such as the Melbourne Cup where the champagne flows and the fashion is on show. Getting important Australian Derby tips is a must if you are in Sydney while attending the Autumn ATC Championships.

The Australian Derby was first run in 1861 as the Randwick Derby Stakes. It is a Group 1 thoroughbred race that is held at the Royal Randwick Racecourse and has seen many champion racehorses win including Phar Lap in 1929, Peter Pan in 1932, Kingston Town in 1980 and Octagonal in 1996. It is one of the more popular races and something that should be experienced at least once.


Vegemite is one of the integral parts of an Australian’s breakfast. Cook some toast, slap some butter or margarine on and layer with a slather of Vegemite to get your daily dose of B vitamins. Vegemite was created in Melbourne in 1922 by Australian company Fred Walker and Co. The name Vegemite was coined by Fred Walker’s daughter Sheilah after a competition was held to name the brand. It is similar to Marmite which is a British yeast extract spread that was developed in 1902. 


There is nothing more Aussie than attending a sporting match. Cricket, football, rugby and tennis are all major sports in Australia. Formula 1 is a world-famous car race that is held at Albert Park Lake in Melbourne in March and attracts people from around the world.

The Australian Open is held in Melbourne in January where the best of the best tennis players vie for the trophy under the harsh Australian summer sun. Horse racing is also huge in Australia, with the Melbourne Cup being one of the most prestigious horse racing events in the world.

The AFL Grand Final takes place in Melbourne in September every year and is the pinnacle of the Australian Rules Football calendar. The atmosphere in Melbourne during this time is electric, with everyone, no matter what team they follow, eager to either attend the game at the MCG or watch it at home while enjoying a barbeque with friends and family.

These are only a few of the things that make Australia such an interesting place to visit. There is an entire culture waiting to be discovered for those who have not yet been able to visit the Land Down Under.

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