The Biggest Sporting Events Loved Across the World

Sports are so deeply embedded in our culture that fans are constantly anticipating the next big event on the horizon. Whether it’s the Olympics or the World cup, both fans and non-fans alike are glad to get in on the action. If you’re not cheering someone on, you’re probably placing bets on the winning team, player, or country.

It’ll be evident at the end of all this that it’s not all about the sports; there’s a togetherness that it spurs, which is priceless. With that in mind, let’s delve into the biggest sporting events loved across the world.

  • The Olympics

Now, this is one event that really gets people talking, even people who aren’t keen on sports enjoy it thoroughly. For about two weeks, every two years, the world gets to watch some of the best athletes out there display their skills. This Ancient Greek pastime, which showcases pure athleticism, has become a highlight in most people’s lives.

Some of history’s most important breakthroughs happened at the Olympics. Take the time Jackie Robinson became the first African-American player to play in the major leagues. Or, the ‘Miracle on ice’ back in 1980. Altogether, the Olympics are much anticipated and loved worldwide.

  • Tour De France

The first three weeks of July are quite exciting in France; cyclists cover a total of 3500 km with 176 participants in total. It’s not just the bystanders that enjoy all the action; the race is broadcast and viewed in a whopping 130 countries. To show you how loved it is, the event is viewed by about 3.5 people on a global scale.

Yes, all this for a cycling competition! It’s wonderfully organized, and the event even has various stages to make it more action-packed.

  • The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is so phenomenal that some people don’t even know what it entails, yet they’ve heard of it. Well, here’s the lowdown; it’s basically three hours of American football fun sprinkled with ads and live entertainment in between.

It may be a sporting event, but a lot of people enjoy the sideshows as well. Every year, on-site, online, and TV viewers gather to take in the actions religiously. Based on this alone, it’s evident that the Super Bowl is a widely loved sports event.

  • The FIFA World Cup

There is no way we were going to leave this one off the list; the World Cup is every sports lover’s dream event. It’s just as popular, if not more, than the Olympics itself. It’s just so exciting; all the anticipation of waiting for their home country to be among the 32 qualified few. Watching your country battle for that cup adds to all the excitement, especially when you and your friends can be making a football bet.

People worldwide tune in and equally gather at the venue to catch some of that action. Since as far back as 1998, a whopping 3 billion people have either tuned in or attended the event.

  • Wimbledon

It’s only apt that Wimbledon lands a spot on this list; the event held in England, United Kingdom, has been part of their culture since 1887. For those wondering what the fuss is all about, well, it’s a tennis tournament like no other. Even more, it’s as upscale as they come, with a strict dress code and even some bourgeoisie finger foods.

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