The Best Tips And Tricks For Playing Cricket

For beginners, one of the essential tips in cricket is to pay attention to the ball. How the ball is pitched can tell you if it will be a winner. You can choose the best shot by tracking how the bowler throws it. If the pitch is too low, you can take a defensive shell. You must quickly identify the various images in cricket and understand them.

Let’s look at some additional tips and tricks for playing cricket.

Steady Ahead

It would be best if you kept your head still as the bowler approached to deliver the ball. You need to relax, balance, and be comfortable in your stance to achieve this. Make sure your feet stay together, and your bat is behind you at all times.

The right call

You should only use three words when you are about to run between the wickets. You should only use three words to call “Yes,” “No,” or “Wait.” The batter on strike should reach if the ball is caught right facing the wicket. The non-striker (the batter on the other side) should call if the ball is hit behind the wicket.

Keep your front shoulder straight

Your front shoulder will determine where you want to hit the ball. This will allow you to steer the ball in the desired direction. An open shoulder, for example, will allow you to hit the ball into the leg. A closed shoulder is better suited for an offside stroke. The front shoulder will control the stroke of your front foot when you are using the stroke.

Footwork is important

To strike the ball efficiently, your feet must be well-developed. You could be caught if you attempt to hit the ball with stationary feet. Before you can hit the ball, you must align your feet with it. Your feet will follow the ball if you’re paying attention to it and anticipating what you might get.

Your ability to move your feet is a crucial factor in spin bowling, and it depends upon the quality of cricket shoesyou wear. Before using your feet, you need to determine the best angle and space in which you could execute a shot. When the ball touches the center of your bat, you will know that your feet are correctly used.

Elbow up

When hitting the ball, your left arm should have a nice, high elbow. This will prevent you from hitting the ball or making small catches on the pitcher and fielders. Offer a dead bat if you are not at the pitch of the ball. Instead of following the shot, let the ball touch the bat.


Throughout this article, you will find several tips that work together to help you. When you’re relaxed at the crease by wearing cricket shoes, you’ll be able to concentrate better and notice a difference in your performance. It will allow you to focus better on the ball, give it the attention it deserves, and play it as it deserves. If you play the ball on its merit, you can boost your confidence and look forward to the next play.

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