The Best Ski Spots in Whistler, BC

Skiing is Whistler’s premier sport and top interest that pulls people into town. Not only do you get the chance to enjoy fresh snowy slopes and hit impossible speeds, but you also get a rush of adrenaline that makes your heart leap into your throat.

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or just highly competitive, every slope in Whistler is better than the last. Consider trying some of these on your next trip!

Why Whistler is the Best Ski Town in Canada

There are just a handful of things this incredible mountain town is known for. Both skiing and real estate for sale in Whistler offer a boost of adrenaline and incredible views. Skiing allows you to have all of this fun without nearly as much financial risk, though! The slopes in Whistler are legendary and were awesome enough for the 2010 Olympic Sports, so getting to ski on them is a privilege that can feel awesome.  

The Musical Bumps

If you’re new to skiing, or the weather isn’t great, and other summits are risky, the Musical Bumps allow you a fun and low-stress ride every time. Although it’s not as exciting as some runs down sheer mountain faces, you get to enjoy around thirty minutes of skiing through several trails before you have to loop back. This is awesome for beginners or those who might be a little rusty at skiing.

Spearhead Glacier

Spearhead Glacier is the most visually stunning summit on this list. Climbing up to it is a lot of work and will wear you out, but once you arrive, you have the chance to enjoy a great speedy run back down. Not only is this a beautiful trail to take, but you also get to practice your leg work, balance, and speed control as you go. Although this won’t leave you at risk like Mount Pattison, it’s an awesome slope to take.

Cowboy Ridge

Part of the Musical Bumps region, Cowboy offers a chance to enjoy lapping many portions without having to go through a huge commute. You’re still far enough from the resorts and hotels to allow the area to feel quiet, but there’s far less running back and forth and more active time skiing and enjoying the gorgeous mountains. 

Mount Pattison

If you like steep skiing, this is the best place to go! It’s important that the weather is perfect, with stable windless air that won’t fight against you. Beyond that, you have to be skilled and practiced enough that you know what you’re doing and have at least five years of skiing under your belt.

By going up the East Col, travel up the Decker Glacier and summit Mount Pattison from the southern direction. It’s a breathtaking view from here, but the main objective is the ride down. Take a deep breath, and get ready for a run that will change your life!

Every Slope is Incredible Here

Whether you’re new to the area and are curious about everything Whistler has to offer, or you’re checking to see if you’ve tried all of the best slopes: these are each awesome ski spots. Consider skiing on all of them so you can mark them off of your list! 

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