Super Bowl LVI: Rams vs. Bengals Early Predictions, Picks & Stats to Know

Scheduled for Sunday 13th February 2022, The worldwide long awaited Super Bowl 56 is set to bring us a game that almost nobody would have expected at the beginning of the 2021 NFL. The matchup will see the LA Rams going against the Cincinnati Bengals at the Sofi Stadium, making the Rams the second team to host the Super Bowl at their home stadium. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the first team to host a super bowl at home, where they beat the Kansas Chiefs at the Raymond-James Stadium during last year’s edition.

Important Stats for Super Bowl 56

Despite being the second team to host the Super Bowl at home, the Rams are the away team for this matchup, while the Bengals will be the home team. That’s because the NFC and AFC alternate the conference that will be at home and away for each Super Bowl.

The Bengals were 125-1 long shots to be in the Super Bowl during the preseason, after winning an NFL-worst in two games in 2019 and only won four games last season. The team has made the fastest turnaround this season, moving from the worst record in league history to reach the Super Bowl.

These two teams are constructed differently, with the Rams featuring veterans like Von Miller and Odell Beckam jr., while the Bengals have recruited talented players like Ja’Marr Chase and Joe Burrow. The Rams remain the bookies’ favorite for this matchup, but the Bengals’ performance this season has proven they deserve their current position. However, the Rams are an experienced team and are familiar with Coach Zac Taylor, making this a fun Super Bowl.

Some Bold Predictions for Super Bowl LVI

  • Kendall Blanton to Score the Game’s First Touchdown

A young and hopeful tight end for the LA Rams, Kendall Blanton went into the 2021 NFL season looking to get a spot in their roster. The 6-foot tight-end was signed by the Rams as an undrafted rookie in 2019, spending the better part of his career in their practice squad. However, Kendall has played 11 games this season and he caught a career-high of five passes in 57 yards after replacing the injured Tyler Higbee during their NFC championship match against the 49ers.

According to reports, Higbee didn’t sustain significant injuries in his knee, but his ability to play the Super Bowl is still unknown. That helps this bold prediction, as Blanton might score the game’s first touchdown if given the chance. The tight end is the Rams’ red-zone weapon that the Bengals won’t be ready for, as Odell Beckam, Cooper Kupp, and the running backs will get all the attention.

  • Odell Bechkam Jr. to Throw a Touchdown

Odell Beckam Jr. has thrown two touchdowns on six passing attempts in his career during the regular season. Beckham is a versatile playmaker who’s capable of wearing the trick-play quarterback shoes and he hit Cam Akers downfield from 40 yards during the first playoff round against the Cardinals. Beckham is expected to throw another touchdown in Super Bowl LVI.

  • Ja’Marr Chase to Catch TD, but Ramsey to Hold him in Check

Chase vs Ramser is one of the matchups that are sure going to be entertaining to watch. The two players are among the best in their individual positions and they’re expected to go head-to-head for the major part of the match on the biggest NFL stage.

Chase recorded nine passes in 116 yards when going against the Las Vegas Raiders during the Super Wild Card Weekend, before catching nine passes in 109 yards playing the Titans. However, he recorded a touchdown and six passes in only 54 yards against the Chiefs last weekend.

The prediction for this match is that Ramsey will hold Chase in check during the game. However, Chase might slip him once at the red zone and catch a touchdown with five catches in 49 yards. Nonetheless, the Bengals still have a chance of winning without Chase running wild.

  • The Bengals win their first Super Bowl

The Bengals are among the 12 teams that are yet to record a Super Bowl title. This number will decrease in Super Bowl LVI and Bengal seems ready to be the winner. The Bengals are the underdog of this matchup, but Burrows believes that his team deserves the highest respect.

Despite defeating the Raiders and upsetting the Titans (No. 1 seed), most fans didn’t realize that Cincinnati was determined to win this year’s Super Bowl until they defeated the Chiefs. Their offense can outscore any team and the defense is currently running hot. In fact, the Bengals’ defense has finished each postseason game with an interception.

Will the Rams Offense Flop again in Super Bowl LVI?

Sean McVay’s 2018 squad averaged 28 points per game in the playoffs and 32.9 during the regular season. That was before reaching the Super Bowl LII, losing 13-3 against Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and the Patriots. That was a major letdown for Sean McVay, who said he’d do differently if he had another chance. 

McVay has another chance with quarterback Matthew Stafford on his side, as he elevates the team’s ceiling at the QB position. However, the Rams will have to show that they can light up the game the way they’re supposed to if they want to win the Super Bowl.  

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