SUMARPO New Ultimate Eco-Friendly Triathlon Wetsuits

Background Story

Welcome to buy high-quality products from SUMARPO. The main reason for SUMARPO to be instinctive is to help triathletes in its finest way.  It was invented in 2008 in the UK (United Kingdom). Oriented from a design studio, the SUMARPO team worked hard to craft professional triathlon gear, especially ‘Triathlon wetsuits. Triathlon races are distinctive in their benefits because they stretch your endurance more than any other. This multi-sport contestconsists of three things, including swimming, cycling as well as running. If you are a newbie in triathlon, the first thing is that you need a suitable triathlon wetsuit.


We live in the golden era of wetsuits. SUMARPO team worked so hardto prove themselves as one of the best brands who provide the most professional services and succeed in gearing this profession.

Experience is key to succeed in your career, just like SUMARPO, a company has become with twelve years of experience, and understands the needs of triathletes enhanced, more outstanding, and more valuable. Here would like to discuss the highlights of SUMARPO wetsuits RACE.

Premium materials

  • The premium Japanese Yamamoto neoprene is adopted in all ranges of SUMARPO wetsuits.
  • Yamamoto neoprene is the best and renowned neoprene all over the world.

Excellent Buoyancy & Speed

  • With Yamamoto neoprene, the buoyancy is 30% higher than that with other neoprene.
  • The different thicknesses on the RACE wetsuit help you adjust and position your body in the water for a more efficient swim, with 1mm in the arm, 3mm in the legs and 5mm in the torso.
  • Low resistance makes you swim more rapidly due to less consumption of energy in water. It is because of the SCS (Super Composite Skin) coating layer over the surface of Yamamoto neoprene.

Thermal insulation

  • Up to 4mm Yamamoto neoprene provides thermal protection, ensuring you stay warm in the cold water.
  • The leg cuff of the SUMARPO RACE wetsuit applied a Ti-α-Seal system, preventing water from entering inside.
  • The unique neck design with folded low collar minimizes the skin chafing, and ensure that no water comes into your wetsuit, which can let you not worry about water temperature when facing your swimming challenges.

Flexibility and Comfort

  • RACE features 520% highly flexible SQ-flex inner liner to minimize shoulder restriction,just like your second skin.

Exclusive Features

  • It has some unique elements, like a long strap with the YKK zipper at the back, making it easy for one to zip up and down without anyone else’s helps.
  • To make it easy for donning, the inverted U-shaped leg cuff design is getting along with a 1.5mm SCS V-shaped piece, which expands your leg cuff’s flexibility and makes sure you can easy on and easy off and reduce your transition times.

Sustainable Development

If you are looking for a new wetsuit in the market, buying something made of eco-friendly materials is more worthwhile. The brands must use some sustainable materials which are suitable for the atmosphere. SUMARPO is one of them.

Apart from the highlights above, SUMARPO is continuously focusing on the brand value of sustainability and environmental protection. For example, many other wetsuit brands are still using non-friendly materials which are detrimental to the environment, but SUMARPO is different.

Firstly, the raw materials of the SUMARPO wetsuit are related to 100% Limestone neoprene, while some of the others are made of petroleum-based neoprene. Secondly, with the latest innovative technology, its glue is water-based and non-benzene, beneficial to our environment. However, other brands utilize benzene adhesive. Thirdly, SUMARPO adopts recycled fabric that is born from nature and can back to nature.


To sum up, “Yamamoto neoprene” is one kind of durable material with excellent buoyancy which can be used for swimming gear. In addition, Yamamoto SCS coating and super smooth lining materials ensure several benefits, including nearly zero restrictions on shoulders, easy to take on and take off… But thankfully, the use of eco-friendly materials allows working with new products, experimenting with new things. There is a massive shift towards eco-friendly wetsuits. We would say that SUMARPO is your first choice when you go to buy wetsuits.

SUMARPO is continuously exploring, researching, and developing eco-friendly wetsuits. It is perfect goodness as well as a victory for athletes in the triathlon competition. It’s a small step towards humanity for the cause of environment free. They make sure that they will work for environmental protection. Will make efforts for the progress of environment and society. 

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