Squash Vs Racquetball-An Informative Debate

Racquetball and Squash Ball are synonymous in the realm of today’s sports. But do you bear any concealed interest in these two sporty events? If yes, then you have arrived at the right destination.

You might get confused while distinguishing them. We have come up with this comprehensive debate which will help you to figure out which one to choose for.

However, both of them need a high level of fitness and excitement to play indoors. But generally, we tend to mix up with these owing to the resemblance in appearance and style.

The major difference is that the racquet used in racquetball is much smaller than the permissible length of 22 inches. However, the squash racquets come with a maximum length of 27 inches.

The major difference is that the racquet used in racquetball is much smaller than the permissible length of 22 inches. However, the squash racquets come with a maximum length of 27 inches.

This guide will give a clear indication about the dissimilarities which you might face while participating in such fun filled events. So it’s better to know it beforehand.

Although the pattern is more or less similar, sometimes we overlook the major distinctions between them. It comes with a plethora of features and so in this informative tutorial, we will let you know about the major difference between squash and racquetball.


Distinctions Based on Several Aspects

Let’s walk you through with the major of distinction between squash sports vs racquetball.

Historical Distinction

  • Racquetball ball discovered by an American in the year 1949
  • Squash is relatively older and was founded in 1830 by English school kids.

Implementation or Usage

  • Racquetball comes with a racquet expandable up to 55.88 cm long equipped with a teardrop stringed area.
  • Squash implements not that much similar but what the English prisoners named it as the previous version of the game Rackets. A squash racket is much longer and comes with a narrow stringed surface.

About the Balls

When we are into an informative debate about racquetball vs squash, obviously the balls come into the picture. Generally, racquetball is larger than the squash ball with almost 42% more in terms of diameter. Also, they are much more bouncing.

Squash is rooted from the earlier days of school when the gully boys have the mischievous idea puncturing a racquetball. A punctured racket ball generally makes it tougher to strike the target. 

Size of the Court

The racquet was invented in America whereas Squash was started by the English. Therefore, they come with unique imperial and metric measurements. Go through the under-mentioned section to know the exact details.

  • Racquetball comes with a dimension of 12.19 m * 6.10 m * 6.10 m (40 ft* 20ft*20 ft).
  • The dimension of squash is 9.75 *6.4*5.64 m( 32 ft* 21 ft* 18.5 ft approximately). This is all about the squash court size.


In the game of squash, there is a provision of only one service per point. Whereas in racquetball, it comes with two which is the same as tennis. Moreover, in Squash there is a rule of no bounce before hitting the ball.

But in racquet, the ball should bounce before hitting it. In the game of squash, the server had to hit the ball in one of the two service boxes. But in racquetball, there is a provision of striking any portion of the wall.

Scoring and the Nature of Shots

The scoring and the Nature of Shots vary to a considerable extent.


Now we will be discussing the specifics of the games.

  •  It comes with a total of 21 points. 
  • In squash sports, the server stands in one of the two boxes. 
  • He or she should toss the ball and then hit the racquet.
  • Therefore, it will bounce on the front wall just above the tin line and just beneath that there lies a server line. 
  • Ball lands in the opponent’s corner. 
  • On the contrary, the opponent hits the ball such that it lands on the server’s quarter. 
  • This tussle continues for a longer duration of time until a player fails to hit.


In Racquet, players he generally had to stand in the service area.

  •  While you are serving, it will strike any portion of the front wall and thereby land on the shorter line.
  • The opponent who stands beside the short line had to wait till the ball bounces back and then hits straight again.
  •  Ideally, players have the authority to hit any wall that covers the ceiling.

Fitness- Which Game Burns More Calorie?

Both these indoor games are very much suitable to keep yourself fit and strong. But there might be a thin line of difference between the change of time of the play. When it comes to a tournament, both help burn calories.

In Squash, you will require more strength and effort to hit the ball whereas Racquetball needs more strength to strike. But the number of rounds played here is more.

Therefore, if you wish to knock down more calories, then play for a longer duration of time. So, if you want to stay fit and healthy, anyone can be taken. We have eased your decision through this resourceful blog. 

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Racquets, as well as squash games are organized by two different bodies. The International Racquet Federation is the governing body that takes in every decision when the racquet tournament is underway. It supervises all the internationally sanctioned events as well as numerous national bodies.

Whereas Squash Federation is the international federation that governs the squash events throughout the globe. 145 member federation comes under its purview. Owing to the resemblance of such sports, one organization superintend both the games in some nations.

A suitable example of this is England where both sports are governed by England Squash.

Racquetball Vs Squash: Which One to Choose?

Now you have gone through this entire content, you have a comprehensive idea of the major differences between a squash and racquetball games. But if you are on the verge of playing both these sports for the first time, then we suggest you read this article to know the differences.

These things have earned huge accolades for the past couple of years and have gained importance in several sporting events worldwide. Stay cautious, you will get a chance to play this new game somewhere in the local club.
Moreover, you can refer to the user guide to get a glance.

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  1. Maryland University recently built a new gym. It has eight new courts. Six are for racquetball. Only two are for squash. The old building had twelve racquetball courts, and only two squash courts. This is a clear indication of which is the bigger sport.

  2. In Virginia, the Fairfax County Park Authority operates six facilities, with four to six racquetball courts in each. Only one facility has squash, with only one court. This is a clear indication of which is the larger sport.

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