Various Sports That Start With S You Need To Check Out!

The sports that start with s are countless and even if you played each game daily, it would take more than 3 months. Soccer, sandboarding, surfing, sailing, etc., are some of the sports that start with s. If you are interested to know more, then keep scrolling!

 Top 10 games that start with ‘s’

1. Sailing

sports that start with s

The top sport in our list of sports that start with s is Sailing. This is a watersports that employs the wind, kites or wingtails to propel the sailboat, kitesurfer, raft, sailboat, or sail ship) in a waterbody. Sailing and also be played on land through land yacht or on ice through iceboat.

2. Sandboarding

sports that start with s

Sandboarding is one of the popular board sports that start with s. This extreme watersport is somewhat similar to snowboarding, but this sport is played by riding on a board, snowboards, skateboard deck, surfboard, or sled down a sand dune. The participant can either stand, sit, or lay down on their belly or back while performing.

3. Swimming

sports that start with s

Swimming is another one of the famous sports that start with s. It is a self-propulsion sport where the athlete swimmer has to perform coordinated movements of body and limbs to achieve hydrodynamic thrust in a forward motion. 

4. Scootering

sports that start with s

Scootering, also known as freestyle scootering or scooter riding is a sport that starts with s. This is also an extreme sport that requires kick scooters to perform freestyle tricks. The athlete or the participant performs such stunts in skateparks, curbs, handrails, or stairs. This sport has gained popularity since the early 2000s and today, it has become a creative sport.

5. Scurry Driving

sports that start with s

Scurry Racing is a sport that starts with s where a pair of ponies are driven in the scurry competition. This is a fast-paced equestrian sport where the horses or ponies pull a cart around the ground of cones. This sport is time driven and the other name for this game is Double Harness Scurry Driving.

6. Segway Polo

sports that start with s

Segway polo is one of the team sports that start with the letter s. It is mostly played by Segways. This sport gained popularity after it was played in 2004 by members of the Bay Area Segway Enthusiasts Group. Today, many teams have joined to play this sport.

7. Shooting sports

sports that start with s

Shooting sports is people’s all-time favorite sports that start with an s  that involves firearms to hit the targets. This can be solo or a group competitive yet creative sport that involves recreational sports activities and proficiency tests like speed, precision, and accuracy in shooting. The athletes use range weapons like small arms (airguns, handguns, rifles, shotguns, crossbows, bows and firearms)

8. Shot put

sports that start with s

Shot put is one of the famous sports words that start with s which is played from schools, colleges, and state levels to international level. This track and field event involves putting which means throwing a heavy ball as far as possible. This game is also played by male nad female athletes in modern Olympics. 

9. Show Jumping

sports that start with s

Show jumping is an English competitive equestrian sport played by teams which includes events like equitation, hunting, and eventing. This sport is played as an English-styled event that has various disciplines where the horse rider has to cross jumpers at various levels.

10. Skateboarding

sports that start with s

Skateboarding is an action sport that includes performing tricks while riding on a skateboard. It is a type of a recreational art form or activity sport famous in the United States.

More Sports Starting with s

1. Sambo – it is a martial art developed by the Russian police force and military.

2. Samoa Rules – it is similar to Rugby and Australian Rules Football.

3. Sandball – it is also known as Beach Handball played on the beach. 

4. Savate – it is the French version of kickboxing where one player uses feet to kick another player.

5. Sawing – the players use a saw to cut the log of woods.

6. Schwingen – it is a Switzerland wrestling sport.

7. Sculling Rowing – a player uses oars in both hands to propel a rowing boat.

8. Seatball – a seatball is a type of volleyball played by disabled and non-disabled athletes.

9. Sepak Takraw – Asianized version of volleyball where the players kick the ball over a net.

10. Shinty – this Scottish game resembles hockey played by a ball and curved sticks. 

11. Shinty-Hurling – this game has competitions between Hurling and Shinty players.

12. Showdown – this game is similar to air hockey, played by visually impaired people.

13. Shuffleboard – this game uses discs and cues in a court to play.

14. Shuttlecock – this game is like badminton but played with feet.

15. Sikaran – Philippines styled kickboxing.

16. Singlestick – a stick fighting martial art.

17. Sipa – Philippines ball kicking game where the player has to kick the ball without touching the ground. 

18. Sitting Volleyball – a volleyball played by disabled athletes.

19. Sixes Lacrosse – a new, small and faced paced lacrosse. 

20. Six-Man Football – American football that has only 6 players.

List of sports that start with S

Skeet Shooting Skeleton
Ski Archery Ski Cross 
Ski Flying Ski Jumping 
Ski Mountaineering Ski Orienteering 
Skirmish Skiboarding 
Skibobbing Skiing
Skijøring Skittles 
Skydiving Skyrunning
Skysurfing Slacklining 
Slalom Skiing Slamball
Sledge Hockey Slopestyle 
Slopestyle Skiing Slopestyle Snowboarding
Slow-Pitch SoftballSnatch 
Snocross (or snowcross) Snooker 
Snowbiking Snowboarding 
Snowboard Cross Snowboating or Snowkayaking
Snow Golf Snowkiting
Snowmobile RacingSnow Polo 
Snow Rugby Snow Skiing 
Snow Volleyball Soccer 
Soft Tennis Softball
Softball Throw Sorro Wrestling 
Speed-Ball Speedball 
Speed Climbing Speedcubing 
Speed Golf Speedminton
Speed Pool Speed Skating (Long Track)
Speed Skating (Short Track) Speed Skiing
Speedway Spongee 
Sport Acrobatics Sport Aerobics 
Sport Climbing Sport Diving 
Sport Fishing Sport Kite 
Sport Stacking Sporting Clays 
Sports Car Racing Sports Table Football 
Sprint (Athletics)Sprint Car Racing
Sprint Football Squash
Squash Tennis Squat 
Ssireum Standup Paddleboarding
Steeplechase Steeplechase 
Stick-Fighting Stické Tennis 
Stock Car Racing Stone Lift or Carry 
StoolballStraight pool 
Street Hockey Streetluge 
Street Skateboarding Strongman 
Sumo Wrestling Super Giant Slalom (Super-G) 
Supercross Supermoto
Surf KayakingSurfboat Rowing
SurfingSurf Lifesaving
Swamp FootballSweep Rowing
Synchronized SwimmingSwimrun
Swish Synchronized Diving

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What Olympic sport starts with s?

Olympic sport that starts with S is the Summer Olympics. 

Q2: What is the most popular sport that starts with S?

Soccer is the most popular sport that starts with S.

Q3: What is the name of sports that start with g?

The name of the sports that start with G is golf, gymnastics, gunnery, and go-carting.

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