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There are various sports that start with P such as Polo, Paragliding, Parasailing, Pole climbing, and the list goes on.

And there are certain games that have  different names but share similarities with each other.  But wait! There is more! Read on to find more games that begin with P.

Current top 10 games that start with ‘p’

Below we have shared a list of sports games that start with P alphabet:

1. Parkour

sports that start with p

Parkour ranks top in our list of sports that start with P. It is a disciplined training game, where the traceurs or the participants have to jump, climb, and run fastest to complete the game in minimum time. There can be 2 or more participants in this game.

2. Paintball

sports that start with p

Paintball is one such sports that start with P that is creative yet strategic. It is a popular game among the young crowd mostly. This is a competitive team shooting sport where opposite team players try to eliminate other team’s players by shooting paint filled gelatin capsules.

3. Parachuting

sports that start with p

Parachuting is another form of a sport that starts with p. The participants jump from a high point from a helicopter or plane onto the surface. There is a lot of control for speed, body movements, and knowledge for gravity involved in this game.

4. Pärk (or Paerk)

sports that start with p

The next one in our top 10 sports that start with the letter p is Pärk, also known as Paerk played by 7 players. This game has a lot of similarities with the popular game called baseball. It is played all over the globe but its origins are from Gotland in the Baltic Sea. 

5. Park Skateboarding

sports that start with p

Park skateboarding is a form of skateboarding which is mainly performed in open parks. There are more than 2 players who showcase their skateboarding skills to win the title.

6.  Paddle Tennis

sports that start with p

Paddle tennis, also known as POP is a racket sport which is played amongst the sports players for a century. It has a smaller court, net is low, no double lanes, and has a lower pressure tennis ball.

7. Paddle Boarding

sports that start with p

Paddle boarding is one of the favorite sports among water sports lovers. In this game, the participants kneel or lie on a paddleboard and are propelled by a swimming motion with the use of their moving arms. Some participants also use surfboards. This game is played in the ocean or any water body.

8. Palant

sports that start with p

Next in our list is Palant, which is a famous Polish game. It is similar to baseball and has a wooden stick, rubber balls, and broom handle. The rules of this game are also similar to other games like German Schlagball, Romanian oină, and Russian lapta.

9. Paddle Ball

sports that start with p

Paddle ball is played in space which is half the size of a tennis court. This sports game is played between two opponents or two teams that have two or more participants with the help of racquets, and a ball that is made up of graphite or wood.

10. Paleta Fronton

sports that start with p

The 10th one is Paleta frontón, which is a Peruvian sport game. This game has some Spanish and English influence. It is played in an open court, but it has similarity with the game called squash.

Pumped Up and Packed with Action: Discover 21 More Sports Starting with P

  • Palla – it is an Italian street game, mostly played in villages.
  • Pankration (Amateur) – it has similarity to the Pankration, which is an Ancient Olympic sport.
  • Para climbing – it is a sports game held for disabled players.
  • Para cycling – it is a cycle or hand cycle race played among the disabled players.
  • Paragliding – the aerial cross country game is performed on air with the help of para gliders.
  • Parallel Bars – the gymnasts perform stunts on vaults and swings which have two bars parallel to each other.
  • Paratriathlon – it includes swimming, bike with handcycles, bicycles, and wheelchair or running race between disabled athletes.
  • Patball – this game is played with head or hands by hitting the ball in the wall.
  • Pato  – it is played on a horseback and has similarities to Polo and Basketball.
  • Pehlwani – It is a south Asian game, mostly played in India among two players on sand.

List of 20 played sports games that starts with P

PushballPocket Billiards
Pool Pole Climbing
Pencak SilatPigeon Racing
Pesäpallo Ping Pong
Pétanque Pitch and Putt
Peteca Pitton 
Pickleball Platform Tennis
Picigin Playboating 
Pelota MixtecaPleasure Driving
Pole VaultPommel Horse

Frequently asked questions- 

Q1- What is a team sport that starts with P?

Ans. A team sport that starts with P is Polo, also known as Horse Polo.

Q2- What is the most popular sport that starts with P?

Ans. Paint Ball is the most popular sport that starts with P.

Q3- What name of Sports Start with O?

Ans. Ocean Rowing is one popular sport that starts with O.

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