21 Sports That Start With ‘N’: Amazing Games You Need To Know

Numerous sports that start with N such as Netball, Naginatajutsu, Naval Pentathlon and more. There are more games like these which start N and we have talked about them below!

The Niftiest Top 10 Games to Kickstart Your ‘N’ Gaming Adventure

1. Naginatajutsu

sports that start with n

Naginatajutsu is one of the popular sports that start with N. This Japanese martial art wields naginata which is a Japanese weapon that resembles a Chinese Guan and an European Glaive.

2. Naval Pentathlon 

sports that start with n

Another one of the famous sports that start with N is Naval Pentathlon. It is a multisport that is played by navy athletes during events like World Military Championships (WMC) and Military World Games (MWG).

In this sport, various sports games are held such as the Amphibious cross-country race, Life-saving swim race, utility swim race, Seamanship race, as well as obstacle race.

3. Netball

sports that start with n

The third one of the most played sports that start with n is Netball which is played by two opponent teams in a rectangular court. This ball sport contains 7 players in each team where they have to shoot the ball through the defender’s goal ring and the opponent team will try to do the same.

4. Newcomb ball

sports that start with n

Next in our list is our favorite sport that starts with n is Newcomb ball which is also known as Newcomb and pronounced as Newcombe ball. This ball game is played by two opponent teams divided by a net either in a court or a gymnasium. This game shares similarities with throwball and volleyball. 

5. Nine-a-side Footy

sports that start with n

Nine-a-side Footy is a sport that starts with n. It is basically a type of football based in Australia rules football, but this one is considered as an informal sport.

This sport is played by Aussie rules clubs in small rugby or soccer grounds with rectangular sized fields. As the name suggests, this game consists of nine players.

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6. Nine-ball

sports that start with n

Nine ball is a kind of cue-sport which is also written as 9-ball. As the research suggests, it is one of the oldest sports that start with the letter n which originated in the United States in the 1920s.

This game is played on a rectangular pool or billiard table that has pockets on each corner. With the help of the cue-stick, the participant has to strike the white cue ball to nine colored balls.

7. Nine-man football

sports that start with n

Nine-man football is an American football game played by 9 players. This sport is played in various tournaments like Wyoming High School Activities Association, South Dakota High School Activities Association, North Dakota High School Activities Association, as well as Minnesota State High School League. 

8. Nine Pin Bowling

sports that start with n

Nine pin bowling, also known as kegeln, kegel, nine-pin, or ninepin bowling is a bowling game played in Europe during yearly championships. Currently there are 130,000 players in this game. Moreover, the gaming lanes are mostly found on 

Austria, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Brazil, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Luxembourg, North Macedonia, the Netherlands, Poland, Estonia, Switzerland, Croatia, Serbia, as well as Slovenia.

9. Ninjutsu

sports that start with n

Ninjutsu also known as ninpō in modern terms is a martial art discipline and tactics of the Ninja. This sports game strategy practices the techniques of espionage, guerrilla warfare, as well as unconventional warfare by the ninja. In the past, this sports was a separate discipline which practices taijutsu along with bōjutsu, sōjutsu, kenjutsu, shurikenjutsu, and more,

10. Nordic Combined

sports that start with n

Nordic combined is a cross country ski jumping and skiing winter sport. It has been held during every Winter Olympics since 1924 and FIS Nordic Combined World Cup since 1983. 

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More Sports Starting with n

1. Nordic Skiing – it is a competing skiing sport that has all the events like Telemark skiing, Nordic combined, Biathlon, Ski Jumping, as well as Cross-Country Skiing.

2. Northern Praying Mantis – it is kind of a Chinese martial art which is known as Shandong Praying Mantis.

3. Novuss – this game originated from Latvia and is also known as coup pool.

4. Nine-ball pool – it is a cue sport that is a variation of standard pocket billiards that has gained popularity in America since the early 20th century.

5. Nunchaku Do – it is a modern martial art sport that uses nunchaku consisting of two sticks connected by a rope or chain.

6. Nia (aerobics) – this fame was founded by Debbie and Carlos Rosas in the early 1980s is a mixture of yoga, martial art, dance, and mind body exercise game.

7. Nippers (surf life-saving) – developed in the 1960s on the Australian coasts, this sport is a junior life-saving game for kids aged between 5 to 14, who use paddle board, swing and other safety and skills to rescue.

8. New Rules Football – this is a modern football game that has simple rules that has reduced injuries and is modified to entertain the viewers.

9. Net games – badminton, pickleball, sepal, takraw and many other games are played on a net.

10. Ne-waza (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) – it is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu game that involves joint locks, submission holds, grappling.

Frequently asked questions

Q1- What is the winter sport that starts with N?

Ans. Winter sport that start with N is Nordic combined

Q2- What is the 2 most popular sports start with n?

Ans. The 2 most popular sports that start with N are Naval Pentathlon and Newcomb Ball.

Q3- What is the name of sports that start with m?

Ans. The name of sports that start with M are Mountain climbing, Marshall arts, mapping, Motorbike racing, marathon runner, Motorcycling Road Racing, motor sport, mini rugby, nud ball, Miniature golf martial, Mixed netball, Motor cross men’s soccer, Men’s swimming.

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