41+ Thrilling Sports That Start With G You Must Try

If you wanna know various sports that start with g, then you have  come to the right place! There are more than 20 games in our list which start with G such as Golf, Gunnery, gliding, gymnastics, and so on. Keep reading to find out more!

 Top 10 Famous Games That Start With ‘G’

1. Gateball

sports that start with g

Gateball is one of the interesting sports that start with g. It is a Japanese mallet team sport based on crochet. Moreover, it is a non-contact, fast-paced, highly strategic team game which is played by males and females belonging from any age group.

This game has gained a huge popularity in Asian countries like China, Taiwan, and South Korea. The presence of this game is growing in other countries too.

2. Gliding

sports that start with g

Gliding is on the famous recreational activities and sports that start with g. It is an extremely  competitive air sport where the participants (pilots) fly unpowered aircraft known as gliders or sailplanes. This sport is plate using naturally occurring currents of the rising air in the above atmosphere for the pilots to remain airborne. 

3. Glima

sports that start with g

Another famous yet one of the interesting sports that start with the letter g is Glima. This is just a title of various games which includes various nordic folk wrestling sports as well as the combat. In this sports game, the athletes have to grip their opponents firmly by their waist and attempt to throw them to the ground by using various tactics instead of force. 

4. Golf

sports that start with g

Golf is one of the fascinating club and ball sports words that start with g. In this sport, the golfers have to use various clubs to hit balls in the holes. They are allowed to use only a few strokes and a player who uses minimum strokes wins the game. This game is played in larger lush grounds like mountains, sand-filled, tall grass, etc., that typically have 18 to 9 holes. 

5. Grass Skiing

sports that start with g

Grass skiing is another sports discipline which is played on the grass. This sport is an established sport of its own which is a training technique for alpine skiing. The skis used by players in this game are short in height with wheels or treads and attached to the skiers’ boots.

6. Greyhound racing

sports that start with g

Greyhound racing is one of the famous canine racing sports that is played only by greyhound breed dogs. It is a competitive and organized sport game where these dogs are racing on a racetrack.

There are mostly two types of greyhound racing sports games, one is coursing and another one is track racing (racing sports that have an oval track). However, the former is banned in some countries. 

7. Guts

sports that start with g

Guts is another sports game that starts with G. It is a flying disc team sport played by two opponent teams and each team consists of five players. 

8. Gymnastics

sports that start with g

Gymnastics is a widely popular sport where gymnasts showcase their flexibility and strength to compete against their opponents. The players also use various skills like endurance, coordination, agility, flexibility, strength, as well as balance.

9. Gorodki

sports that start with g

Gorodki is an ancient Russian sport which is similar to bowling. The players have to knock the skittles or pins called Gorodki by throwing their bats at it.

10. Geocaching

sports that start with g

Geocaching is a treasure hunting sport that is played with the help of using GPS to locate geocaches, which are hidden in various forms of terrains.

Fantastic Sports Starting With G

1. Gaelic Football – it is a famous type of football in Ireland.

2. Gaelic Handball – it is a water-based game similar to squash, played in Ireland.

3. Giant Slalom – it is a competitive alpine snowboarding and alpine skiing sports.

4. Gilli-Danda – it is an Indian version of Cricket and baseball played in rural areas. 

5. Goalball – it is a blind paralympics sport.

6. Golf Croquet – it is a type of golf played with the help of crochet.

7. Greco-Roman Wrestling – it is a type of  wrestling sport.

8. Gridiron Football – this sport is played in America.

9. Gymkhana – various participants showcase their talents of their riders and the horses.

10. Go-karting – this sport is played on various terrains by players in a closed-wheel car.

List of 10 sports that start with G

Go-karting Grand Prix motorcycle racing 
GAA hurling GAA camogie Ground fighting 
Gliding cross-country Gliding precision 
Gliding aerobatics Grass track 
Gongoozler racing Goalball 
Gouren (Breton wrestling)Gaming
Gun shootingGridiron
GrapplingGridiron football

Frequently asked questions- 

Q1. What Olympic sport starts with G?
Ans. The Olympic sport that starts with G is gymnastics.

Q2. What outdoor game starts with G?
Ans. The outdoor sport that starts with G is golf.

3. What is the name of sports that start with f?
Ans. The names of the sports that begin with F are Football, fencing, freestyle skiing, and foot hockey.

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