51 Top Sports That Start With F: Your Ultimate Playbook

There are various international and national sports that start with F letter such as Football, Fencing, Fishing, field archer, freestyle skiing, etc. However there are more sports that begin with F and they are shared below!

Fantastic 10: The Ultimate Games That Kick Off with ‘F’

1. Football

sports that start with f

Football is one of the most played team sports that start with f. This game involves kicking a round ball with the foot to score the goal on the opposite end. The opposite team tries to stop you from scoring goals. Apart from that, various football tournaments have different rules.

2. Fencing

sports that start with f

Fencing is one of a popular combat sports that start with f that involves fighting with swords. This game has three disciplines such as the foil, the épée and the sabre (also known as saber. All these disciplines have their own kind of blade and have their own rules. 

3. Figure Skating

sports that start with f

Figure skating is a sport that starts with f that includes groups, pairs, and even individuals as participants. This was one of the first winter sports to be added in the Olympics in 1908 in London. The participants perform various activities like single skating, pair skating, four skating, Theater on Ice, Dance skating, and much more.

4. Freediving

sports that start with f

Another type of a sport that starts with f is freediving, also known as skin diving, breath-hold diving, or free-diving. As the name suggests this is a type of an underwater sport where the athletes wear breathing apparatus like scuba gear and have to hold their breath till they can. 

5. Fricket

sports that start with f

There is a game called Fricket derived from Cricket and Freezbi which is purely based on amusement. This is a non-contact sport where the players use a flying disc, some plastic cups, and 4’ wickets. This entertaining sport goes by many names like Cups, Suzy Sticks or Disc Cricket. 

6. Field archery

sports that start with f

Field archery is an outdoor sport that is played in rough terrain and woodland. The athletes have to shoot still targets, moving targets with the help of a bow and arrow. This is one of the oldest field sports that has been played since ages. This competitive game tens to improve fitness, stillness, and various techniques for bowhunting.

7. Field handball

sports that start with f

Field handball is another sport that starts with F, which is also known as grass handball or handball. This game has similar rules to soccer which is played outdoors.

8. Field hockey

sports that start with f

Field hockey is an international game that consists of two opponent teams and each team has eleven players (one goalkeeper, and ten outfield players). You can also simply call it hockey, which has a huge pitch where the players have to hit the ball with a hockey stick and make a goal. The team who scores the maximum points wins the game.

9. Field Lacrosse

sports that start with f

Field lacrosse is an outdoor sport game played by a team of ten male players. This sport originated from Native America, and the modern field lacrosse follows rules laid by Canadian William George Beers in 1867.

10. Field Target

sports that start with f

Field target is a field shooting game, mostly played outdoors like in jungle, desert, and many more terrains. The targets are usually placed between 9 to 50 m and the participant uses air guns like PCP and Piston to shoot. This sports game is played worldwide and the rules remain unchanged where the shooter needs to fire 40 to 60 rounds. 

More Sports That Start with F

1. Fast Pitch Softball – this competitive game is a form of softball.

2. Fast5 –  formerly known as Fastnet, this game is similar to netball.

3. Fell Running – running races held on uphill or off-road.

4. Fierljeppen – this game is similar to canal jumping.

5. Finnish Skittles – the players try to know down the opponent;s skittles.

6. Finswimming – the athletes race against time to win in swimming competitions.

7. Fishing – also known as sport fishing, this game is played near river bodies.

8. Fistball – this game is similar to volleyball.

9. Fisticuffs – this game is also known as bare-knuckle boxing.

10. Five-a-Side Football – this football is played by five players in a smaller pitch.

11. Five-pin bowling – this game is a smaller bowling variant of Canadian pin bowling. 

12. Five-Pin Billiards – this is a famous Carom billiards sport in Argentina and Italy.

13. Fives – this English sports game is derived from jeu de paume.

14. Flag Football – this game shares similarities with American football, but plates have to remove flags instead of scoring with a ball.

15. Flight Archery – the participant has to shoot as far as possible.

16. Floor (Gymnastics) – a dance and tumbling routine done by gymnasts.

17. Floor Hockey – this game is played on a dry floor like a basketball court or gymnasium.

18. Floorball – this Nordic sport is played only indoors.

19. Footbag – this is a freestyle and footbag net game.

20. Footbag Net – the gamers have to kick a footbag higher than other players to win.

Fabulous Sports That Take the Starting Line with ‘F

Football 7-a-sideFootball Tennis
FootvolleyFormula Racing
Four SquareFour-Ball
Freestyle BMXFreestyle Flying Disc
Freestyle FootbagFreestyle Football
Freestyle MotocrossFreestyle Skateboarding
Freestyle SkiingFreestyle Slalom Skating
Freestyle SnowboardingFreestyle Swimming
Freestyle WrestlingFrescoball
Frisian HandballFrontenis
Fullbore target rifleFußball (also spelled Fussball)

Frequently asked questions:

Q1- What is a winter sport that starts with F?

Ans. The winter sport that starts with F is figure skating.

Q2- What are the 7 easiest sports start with F?

Ans. The 7 seven simple sports that start with F are freestyle football, football tennis, footgolf, fuzzball, floor hockey, flag football, and five-pin bowling.

Q3- What are the name of sports that start with n?

Ans. The name of the sports that start with N are Nordic Combined, Nordic Walking, Nine-pin Bowling, Naginatajutsu, Nunchaku-do, etc.

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