21 Most-Known Types Sports That Start With E

Various sports that start with e are played around the world that many of us aren’t aware of such as Ecua-volley, English football, Ekiden and more. Read on to find more about these games!

10 Famous games that start with ‘e’

1. Ecuavoley

sports that start with e

Ecuavoley, also spelled as Ecua-volley, is a one of the famous sports that start with e. Invented and played in Ecuador, it is a variant of volleyball. It also goes by many names such as ecuabol, ecuavoly, or simply boly. Today, it is also played in Europe, the United States, and Colombia.

2. Eight ball 

sports that start with e

The second one of the famous games in our list of sports that start with e is Eight-ball, also spelled 8-ball, eightball, or Eight Ball.

Some people also call this game as spots and strips, solids and stripes. Or highs and lows. It is a disciplined sport of a pool game which is played on a billiard table. This game contains sixteen billiard balls (fifteen object balls and a cue ball), cue stick, and six pockets.

3. Eight-man football

sports that start with e

Eight-man football is another sport that starts with an e. It is a form of gridiron football which can be played by high school students. This game is completely different from the traditional Football that has 11 players. Moreover, the Eight-man ball is played in a 40 yards ground. 

4. Ekiden

sports that start with e

Ekiden is a famous Japanese sport that starts with e. This long-distance running sport game has multi-stage road relay races where participants try to compete against each other. The meaning of the word Ekiden is stagecoach courier system or the age-old post-horse. 

5. Elephant Polo

sports that start with e

Elephant polo is an interesting sports that start with the letter e which is another variant of polo. This sport is mostly played in Rajasthan (India), Nepal and Thailand. The equipment of this sports game contains cane (similar to bamboo) sticks, polo ball, as well as polo mallet head in the end.

It is played on a three quarters pitch where two people steet and ride each elephant and the player tells the mahout which direction to go to get the ball.

6. Endurance racing

sports that start with e

Endurance racing is one such a sport that starts with e that tests the endurance of the players and durability of the equipment.

This motorsport racing game is a one day event that covers a large amount of distance. Moreover, these races can be covered by a set distance in quick laps or cover longer distances.

7. Endurance riding

sports that start with e

Endurance riding is a form of an equestrian sport that mostly has long-distance races. Various athletes take part in FEI, which is a form of an international competition. These endurance rides can be of various long distances which cover up to 160 km in a day.

8. Endurance running 

sports that start with e

Endurance running, also known as long-distance running, is a type of continuous running over distances where an athlete runs for 3 km. The mental strength and the stamina of the players is truly tested in this sports game.

9. English football

sports that start with e

English Football is mostly played in England which was established in 1863. The rules of this game are similar to the original Football. 

10. English Billiards 

sports that start with e

English Billiards was invented in the United Kingdom that shares similarities with pool and carom billiards.

More Sports Starting with E

1. Equestrian – it is a competitive sport tha tests athletes’ horse riding skills.

2. Equestrian Vaulting – a disciplined sport that involves dance and gymnastics on horseback. 

3. e-Sports (gaming) – e-sports is a type of a computer game played between competitive gamers.

4. Egg and spoon running game – the participants run and try to beat each other by holding a spoon and egg in their mouth or hand.

5. Eton Fives – it is a Handball game that originated from the English sport Fives. 

6. European (Team) Handball – it is another form of a Handball sport played in Europe. 

7. Eventing – the riders take part a single day competition, which has three types of races like show jumping, cross country, and dressage.

8. Expedition racing or Adventure racing – this endurance racing game two or more games in one single day event.

9. Enduro– it is a motorcycle sport where the riders have to cross the checkpoints on a wooden terrain and hurdles before or on the time

10. Enducross– it is a type of a motocross game.

Frequently asked questions

Q1- What horse sports start with E?

Ans. The famous horse sport that starts with E is Equestrian Vaulting.

Q2- What is the fencing sport that starts with E?

Ans. The fencing sport that start with E is called Épée.

Q3- What is the name of sports that start with C?

Ans. The name of the sport that starts with C is cricket, competition climbing, cherry pit spitting, etc.

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