Check Out These 51 Famous Sports That Start With C

There are so many sports that start with c played in the whole world like Cricket, cycle racing, canoeing and so on. Check out our article to find more games like these which start with letter C.

List of 10 games that start with ‘c’

1. Cricket

sports that start with c

Cricket is one of the most played international sports that start with c. There are basically two opposing teams of eleven players. This bat and all game is played in a 20 metres ground with a wicket on each end that has three stumps. 

2. Canoeing

sports that start with c

Canoeing, also known as kayaking, is one of the most played global water sports that start with c. The participant sits on a lightweight water canoe and two or more paddlers propel with the help of paddles.

3. Callisthenics

sports that start with c

Next in our sports that start with c games is Callisthenics which is a type of a training that contains various movements that exercise large muscle groups also called gross motor movements such as pushing, grasping, standing, etc, which are performed in an rhythm.

4. Crossminton

sports that start with c

Another sport that starts with c is Crossminton which is formerly known as Speed Badminton. The only difference between this game and Badminton is that it is played without any net and has no prescribed playground.

This game is a combination of tennis, squash and badminton and can be played on a field, gym, beach, street, or tennis court.

5. Cycle racing

sports that start with c

Cycle racing, bike racing or bicycling racing is a sport that starts with c. It is a race that is performed on a bicycle or any other type of cycle. These race cycles run on human power and come in various forms such as quadricycles, tricycles, unicycles, etc. 

6. Camel Racing

sports that start with c

The next sports that start with the letter c  is camel racing which is the most popular sport in Australia, Mongolia, the Horn of Africa, North Africa, as well as West Asia.

In this game, professional trainers train their camels to compete against each other and win the racing game. The camels are controlled by remote controlled robotic whips.

7. Canadian Football

sports that start with c

Though Canadian Football is the most played sport in Canada, it is gaining popularity in the world. There are probably 2 opponent teams which consist of 12 players playing in the 110 yards field. This game has an oval-shaped ball, which separates this game from the International Football game.

8. Candlepin Bowling

sports that start with c

The next in the list of the sports that start with C isCandlepin bowling which is played mostly in the New England region Canadian Maritime provinces of the United States. The players play with the help of a handheld-sized ball and tall and narrow pins that are similar to candles.

9. Canoe Marathon

sports that start with c

Canoe marathon is a  type of a paddling sport where the participants paddle a canoe with the help of bladed paddles to the finish line. The distance of the game can vary from a 3.4 km canoe marathon race to a 10 km marathon race. Some of the marathon competitions include obstacles, stages or various levels.

10. Canopy Piloting 

sports that start with c

Canopy piloting is also called swooping which is based on various principles. This is an aerial sport that includes skydiving parachutes. The athletes need to have advanced skydiving experience before participating in this game.

20 More Sports Starting with c

1. Caber Toss – a traditional Scottish sport played by tossing a large tapered pole.

2. Calva –  a traditional Spanish sport where a player has to knock down a piece of wood by throwing a metal piece. 

3. Cammag – it is a game similar to hurling or shinty from a movie called Isle of Man.

4. Camogie – Irish hurling game played by females.

5. Campdrafting – a horseback game where the rider tries to remove a cattle from herd and make it run into a pen.

6. Caneball – a Burmese game also known as Chinlone.

7. Canicross – Cross Country race accompanied by their pet dogs.

8. Canne de Combat – a French martial art played with the like of a cane 

9. Canoe Polo – it is a form of Polo sport played while canoeing. 

10. Capoeira – a Brazilian martial art that consists of music, movements, acrobatics,and dance.

11. Canopy Piloting – skydiving above a small body of water.

12. Capture the Flag – collect the other teams maximum flags.

13. Car Ice Racing – car race performed on a frozen water body.

14. Carriage Driving – sleigh, cart, or wagon is fastened around ponies or horses with a harness. 

15. Carom Billiards – a table game played by caroming cue balls.

16. Casting – casting the fishing rope far away from other players.

17. Catchball – a simple version of volleball.

18. Cestoball – similar to netball and played among Argentinian female athletes.

19. Chase Tag – the participant has only 20 seconds to tag an evader as they race around the hurdles.

20. Cheerleading – a team of cheerleaders perform well choreographed stunts and dance moves to win.

List of 20 sports that start with C

Paddle ballPaddle Tennis
Paleta FrontónPall mall
Pan PongPankration 
Paragliding Parallel Bars
Paralympic GamesParamotoring

Frequently asked questions- 

Q1- What is a team sport that starts with c?

Ans. A team sport that starts with C is Cricket

Q2- What is the most popular sport that starts with C?

Ans. The most popular sport that starts with C is Cycle racing.

Q3- What are the Name of sports that start with p?

Ans. The name of the sports that start with P are Pan Pong, Pankration, Parachuting, Para-Climbing Para-Cycling, Paragliding Parallel Bars, etc.

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