25 Sports That Start With A: Sports Played All Over The Globe!

The list of sports that start with an A is ever-increasing. But have you ever thought, which are the most played sports that begin with an A?

Well, there are many such as arm wrestling, acrobatics, aerials, abseiling, and much more. Continue reading our blog to find out more about sports that start with an A.

Top 10 games that start with ‘A’

We have curated a list of top 10 most-played sports that start with an A. Let’s begin!

1. Alpine Skiing

sports that start with a

Alpine Skiing, also known as downhill skiing, is a sport that starts with A. It is played in snow where a person slides down from snow covered slopes. They wear skis which come with fixed-heel bindings.

2. Aquathlon

sports that start with a

Aquathlon is considered as a multipurpose race that has a continuous run and various swim elements. The participants have to complete the swimming. Next, they have to run and cover some distance.

The competitors need to compete with each other to become the complet win overall course. The time is recorded too to keep a track of the participant’s records. 

3. Arm Wrestling

sports that start with a

Arm Wrestling is another game in our list of sports that start with an A. In this game, there are two opponents who stand facing each other with their elbows bent on the table.

They firmly grip each other’s hands and try to force the other opponent’s hand down or to pin the other’s hand down on the table.

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4. Auto Wrestling

sports that start with a

Another one in our list of sport start with A alphabet is Auto wrestling. In this game, more than 2 players compete against each other to win the title within a certain time. They also have to cross obstacles and other hurdles to win.

5. Aggressive inline skating

sports that start with a

Aggressive inline skating is one of many forms of inline skating in the skating sports canon. In this game, the inline skates are modified to accommodate jumps and grinds at skate parks or street obstacles. 

6. Abseiling 

sports that start with a

Abseiling is yet another form of a sport that starts with A. It is also called rappelling which is a controlled descent of a slope from one rock to another.

But in abseiling, the person going down can control their movements.

7. Acrobatic Gymnastics

sports that start with a

We couldn’t miss adding Acrobatic Gymnastics in sports that start with an A. It is a competitive discipline game where two partners of gymnasts perform various kinds of acrobatics, tumbling, dance, and other moves on a piece of music.

8. Acroski 

sports that start with a

If you love winter sports then you will definitely love Acroski which is a ski ballet specifically performed that consists of well-choreographed moves.

9. Adventure Racing

sports that start with a

Adventure racing is performed in various kinds of terrain. This game is mostly enjoyed in the wild like cross-country racing, padding, or bike or car racing.

10. Aerials 

sports that start with a

The last one in our list is Aerials where athletes perform in-air tricks on the stage. It is considered a freestyle aerial sport.

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More Sports Starting with A

If you wish to know more sports that start with an A, then have a look below:

  1. Aerobatics – It includes aircraft aerial activities with various formations.
  2. Aesthetic Group Gymnastics – A group comes together to perform group gymnastics.
  3. Aeromodelling – Participants compete with each other by racing and controlling their remote-controlled planes. 
  4. Aikido – It is a kind of a martial art played by two opponent players.
  5. Air Hockey – It is played on a table by two opponents on each end.
  6. Air Racing – The participants race in the air, which is near to the ground 
  7. Airsoft – The opponents take down other opponents by shooting non-metallic pellets or paint.
  8. All-Terrain Boarding – It is a type of mountain boarding performed on every terrain.
  9. Alpinism – It is a mountain climbing sport.
  10. Angling – It is a sport fishing game played among various participants.
  11. Aquabike – The participants use aquabike, a sort of a water cycle to race.
  12. Archery – The participants have to shoot the specific targets (moving or still objects) from a distance.
  13. Arnis – It is a weaponized martial art, popular in the Philippines.
  14. Artistic Billiards – The participants have to play carrom and score maximum within 76 shots.
  15. Artistic cycling – The competitors perform various acts, tricks, and moves to win the game.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Ques1- What sport teams start with a?

The sports teams that start with the A alphabet are Argentina, Addicks, Ain’ts, Amazon’ Mets, and much more.

Ques2- What is an A in soccer?

A in soccer means Away game that one team is playing away from their home ground or field. The A abbreviation on a soccer league table indicates stats related to the games a particular team is playing away from their home field or ground.

Ques3- What football teams start with the letter A?

The football teams that start with the letter A are Arsenal, Argentina, Arles, Ascoli, Apollon Smyrnis, and many more.

Ques4- What sports that start with m?

The sports that start with M are Martial Arts, Motocross, Mountain Biking, Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Mountaineering, Mini Golf, Modern Pentathlon, and many more.

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