22 Popular Sports Start With O You Should Checkout Now

Orienteering, Outrigger canoeing, Over-the-line, and Oztag are some of the sports start with O letter. The origins of certain sports are ancient and some have just come into existence in the modern era. Let’s have a look at all of them!

A curated guide for 10 famous games that start with ‘o’

Have a peek at the top most played sports that begin with O around the globe:

1. Obstacle course racing (OCR)

Sports Start with O

Obstacle course racing (OCR) is one of the sports start with O, where all the participants have to pass various physical challenges like races, track crossing, road or cross country racing, jumping through obstacles, crawling under barbed wire, water or mud crawling, carrying heavy object, crossing monkey bars, and climbing over walls.

2. Ocean rowing

Sports Start with O

Ocean rowing is one of the water sports start with O. The participants have to row a boat that holds up to 14 rowers and compete with other teams of rowers. The rowboats for the competitions are made for singles, doubles and four rovers.

3. Off-road racing

Sports Start with O

Off road caring is another sports with O alphabet, which contains specifically modified vehicles including various buggies, quad bikes, motorbikes, trucks, SUVs, and cars. These motorsport competitions are held in off-road grounds like mud, dirt, snow, etc.

4. Oil wrestling

Sports Start with O

Oil wrestling is a Turkish sport that begins with O. In this game, the players, also called as pehlivan (wrestler) or baspehlivan (master wrestlers), have to grease their bodies. The competition becomes more tough because it is difficult to grab the oiled covered body of the opponent.

5. Oină

Sports Start with O

Oina is a Romanian traditional sport which was originally known as Hoina. It is derived from the Cuman word oyn which means game. This game is quite similar to baseball.

6. Okinawan Kobudō

Sports Start with O

Okinawan Kobudō is a Japanese sport which means the old martial way of Okinawa, where Kobudo means the weapons used in the martial art. In this game, the participants use various weapons like, kon, sai, tonfa, kama, nunchaku, tekko, tinbe-rochin, surujin, tambo, hanbo, and eku to compete with their opponents. 

7. One day International (ODI)

Sports Start with O

One Day International (ODI), also known as Limited Overs Internationals (LOI), is a form of cricket match that consists of limited overs. Here two teams have a fixed number of overs and the game can last more than eight hours. This international game is held once every 4 years.

8. Olympic Games

Sports Start with O

In the Olympic Games, thousands of international players participate in various sports competitions like Summer and Winter Olympics. This game is considered one of the top in sports which contains up to 200 teams. Olympics is generally held once in 4 years and it was started in 1994.

9. Open Water Swimming

Sports Start with O

Open water swimming is a swimming sport which is conducted in open lakes, rivers, or ocean. This game consists of various mimi games like 10 km open water swim. 5kn open water swim, and so on.

10. Orienteering

Sports Start with O

Orienteering is a sport where groups of games are clubbed together that need skills with the help of a compass and a topographical map in an unfamiliar environment. The players have to find the control points, do foot orienteering, prepare maps, identify new spots, and so on.

12 More Amazing Sports Starting with O 

Here is the list of more games that you might want to know about:

  1. Outdoor handball – it is a kind of a field handball game.
  2. Outrigger canoeing – outriggers are fastened to each side of the main hull to help in the canoe race.
  3. Over the line – this game has 3 players in each team which has a similar game structure as softball and baseball. 
  4. Oztag – it is a sort of a tag rugby game.
  5. One Pocket – it is a type of Pocket Billiard where the player has to pocket the object balls in one single pocket.
  6. Outlaw kart racing – smaller cars are used on dirt tracks for kart racing.
  7. Octopush – it is an interesting underwater hockey game played by 2 or more players.
  8. One wall handball – this intense game is a combination of racquetball, handball, and squash.
  9. Outdoor bowling – also called lawn bowling, is the same as indoor bowling but little tougher than the latter.
  10. Off-piste skiing – it is a dangerous off-trail sport which takes skiing to a next level.
  11. Outdoor archery – this game uses focus, talent and accuracy to hit the bulls eye.
  12. Ocean diving – it is an underwater diving game where the participants have to complete a group of activities in a given time.

Frequently asked questions- 

Ques1- What is the outdoor game that starts with O?

The most played outdoor game that starts with O is obstacle course racing.

Ques2- What is name of sports that start with a

The name of the sports that start with A are archery, axe throwing, artistic swimming, and alpine swimming.

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