Sports Betting Rule of Thumb You Should Be Aware Of

There is no denying the truth that sports betting extends a lot of perks to individuals who are ready to leap into the world of wagering. Engaging in sports betting is simple. While you don’t need a lot of knowledge to play and enjoy them, there are things you still need to know.

Understanding the fundamental rules can make your every betting experience even more rewarding. There are general basic rules of sports betting that will help you to enjoy it while increasing your chances of winning. 

Building Your Own Strategy

Building your strategy is the first task you have to complete, all while specifying your risk appetite. Most of the time, bettors, especially newbies, select minimum risk when making a bet.

If a punter does not estimate risk in the early phase, they’ll eventually fall victim to uncertainty. Moreover, if you put more than one match in a cumulative bet, this will lead to the multiplication of probabilities. You’ll need to compute risk and match it to your risk appetite.

Researching is also part of building a strategy. To become successful, you have to educate yourself and learn as much as you can by consuming sports resources. For example, football is hardly an unpredictable sport but some teams, including the players, already have an established reputation that makes them far stronger than opposing teams and players.

Read blogs and platforms about the sport you are betting on. Moreover, information from forums should be carefully considered. You can even do surveys based on sports experts and previous plays. However, when researching, always remember to examine if the source is reliable or not.

Getting on the Mathematical Side

When betting, you can view the game from a mathematical perspective. Don’t go for a team or a player because they’re presumed to win. Rather, wager on them if the stats indicate that they’re most likely going to win. 

Look into injured and suspended players, previous results against their opposition, and what’s at stake for the team. These are just some of the things you need to remember to increase your chances of winning. 

Know the Common Sportsbook Rules

These rules are easy to remember but could affect your betting experience if overlooked.

Maximum Available Amount to Win

For most sportsbooks, a limit is in place when it comes to the maximum available amount to win in particular sports. Wagers, including teasers and parlays, apply an equivalent winning amount of  $100,000.

Identity Verifications Before Money Withdrawal

Sportsbooks, to protect their patrons from fraudulent scams, have established a policy that account owners should first verify their identity before withdrawing funds. This is to ensure that the money will be received by the right person.

No Cancelling of Wagers

When a bet is already confirmed, you can’t undo it. Once it is already struck, you can no longer withdraw it. At the same time, you can’t also change the terms of the bet. 

One Account per Person

Top online sportsbooks have formulated plenties to assist them in identifying potential double accounts. Basically, they’ll track IP addresses, but there are other techniques and tools used to recognize duplicate accounts. 

If a duplicate account is detected, it will be deactivated. If the sportsbook has suspicions that an account is a duplicate account, they can limit or close the account for good.

Prices and Odds are Subject to Change

The person placing all the inputs in sportsbooks also commits mistakes.  When the scheduled time, posted lines, and max wager are tagged as “no action” wagers, a mistake is possibly committed.

Bookies can change the odds, however. Though miswritten odds is very unusual, it really does happen sometimes. Odds that are obviously placed incorrectly will have all the bets voided.

Aside from this, changes in the game schedule could also be a factor. For instance, the FanDuel NBA bets will be withdrawn if the event doesn’t start within 24 hours from the supposed start time. Of course, all of the stakes will be refunded.

Get to Know Your Bookmaker 

Most of the time, wagerers became wagerers for profit. In order to fulfill this purpose, you should first understand how bookmakers make money out of your bets.

In sports betting, you are not playing against your fellow wagerers. Your main opposition is the bookmaker. Bookmakers earn profit by outlining reasonable odds for all possible outcomes. To reap profits, they’ll take an appropriate portion of money on all of the results.

A large customer base makes a bookmaker profitable. Hence, they would offer promotions, the most desirable odds, and excellent customer service. Hence, compare several bookies and see if they are reliable and offer good deals before signing up for betting.   


In sports betting, there are two typical players— players who wager for fun and the professionals. But regardless of how you want your betting experience to be, you can’t skip the general rules and principles of wagering. Knowing these rules will significantly improve your betting strategies.

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