Premier League is back in action, fans were waiting for this moment

The Premier League is back with Liverpool’s win over legendary Leeds. Leeds United have returned to the Premier League with dignity after 16 years and opened with a brilliantly chaotic, dramatic match against Liverpool.

After this game, it became clear that Marcelo Bielsa’s team will make up for lost time very soon, and English teams will face serious competition from them. The premier league authorities decided to give a try to YouTube.

From this season, every club playing in the Premier League can upload the match-day review (goals, highlights, etc.) on their YouTube channel. You can start your Youtube career too.

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Leeds 4-3 defeat in this fabulous football match, distinguished by their comebacks after every goal until Mohamed Salah completed a hat-trick and gained three points for the current EPL champions.

It was unfortunate that 54,000 spectators were unable to enjoy such a different opening of the English Premier League from the stadium. As you know, the match was played on a mostly empty Anfield.

It is noteworthy that both teams’ defense was in terrible shape, but it was such a spectacular entertainment that it further increased the tension. Liverpool just did what they had to do – they won.

Even though Leeds are left empty-handed because their reward is measured in points, they will still get great satisfaction when the pain subsides.

It was to be expected that Bielsa and his players would decorate the Premier League. Any Leeds fan would be pessimistic about Liverpool’s goal in the third minute, but Leeds’s comebacks left them excited.

Leeds did not step back. They put up a decent resistance to Liverpool and came out with high-intensity pressing and missed very little to gain points.

Jack Harrison’s right-footed shot over Allison was perfect after a quick step by goalkeeper Illan Meslier to make it 1-1. Also featured was the excellent first-touch technique finish from Mateusz Clichy when he equalized for the third time.

Premier League is back in action, fans were waiting for this moment
Premier League is back in action, fans were waiting for this moment

Leeds play with restless energy. It is yet unknown how long they will keep the strength for this brutal style, but it’ll be a great pleasure as long as it lasts.

Premier League hints: Everton is focusing on the midfield

Ancelotti wanted to add a midfielder in the summer. Everton was also in favor of the transfer. But coming in at just over £ 60m, it is unlikely to happen.

Everton’s 1-0 victory over Tottenham, Abdullahi Dukure was a solid midfielder, while Allan became the man-of-the-match in his EPL debut.

That was an excellent base. Accordingly, Andre Gomes and James Rodriguez managed to shine up the pitch without defensive worries.

Noteworthy that this was Everton’s first victory against a top-six side in the last 40 games. Toffees looked well-drilled. So, that was a great first step even though Tottenham Hotspur were in poor shape.

Now, the next goal is not to become a top-six side. Although ball possession in the game was almost equal (51% – Tottenham, 49% – Everton), Spurs players managed to win only 37% of the duels.

Jose Mourinho was unsatisfied with the game of his troops. He criticized the’ ‘lazy’ performance of the Spurs and said that they just waved the white flag without any pressing. According to the Portuguese manager, the lack of sharpness of Tottenham players can be somehow explained, but lack of fight is alarming and hard to excuse.

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