Master The Game With These Unbreakable Pickleball Rules

You can play a volley or let the ball bounce first. A point can be scored only from the serving side. Yes, you will get the point if the defending side player can’t manage to return the ball or throw it in the Out zone. 

Pickleball is becoming one of the favorite activities of many people who are looking for some competition or looking for a new hobby. If you are also looking to play this game, then here are the rules that you should know about. 

5 Surprising Pickleball Rules

Playing Pickleball will be very competitive when you know all the nuances and how to play effectively. 

1. The ball should stay inbounds
pickleball rules

While playing Pickleball, it is necessary to stay inbound. It means that the ball should be inside the lines or court when in play. Just like Ping Pong, if the ball goes out of bounds, you will lose the service and will get a disadvantage. However, the best thing is that this game requires the ball to bounce and return. So, if you serve wrong, you will have a chance that your opponent hits the ball at the net. 

2. One Bounce per side
pickleball rules

Pickleball is different from other games and it requires the ball to bounce per side. So, if the ball bounced twice or more, it will return to the opponent team and you will lose a point. When the opponent returns the ball to you, let the ball bounce first and then return. Just make sure that the ball is not bouncing more than once. 

3. Serve should be done at the baseline
pickleball rules

There are some regulations that you need to follow while serving in Pickleball. The serving must be done at the baseline. The serve must be done underhand and with the ball to be held below the waistline and then it would be served diagonally to the opposition. If you are breaking the rules, then it will be counted as a fault and the serve will be passed to your teammate or the opponent if you are playing singles. 

4. Serve shouldn't be in no volley zone
pickleball rules

The nowhere zone is inside the line box from the net. This no-volley zone is on both sides of the court. You may hear from the players, ‘stay away from the no volley zone’. The serve should be done beyond the no-volley zone, if it touches that zone, you will have to lose the point and have to proceed further. 

5. The game ends at either 11 or 15 points

Just like other games, Pickleball also finishes at 11 points but it also requires the winning team to win with a margin of at least 2 points.  So, if your team is at 11 and the opponent is at 10, you can’t win here because you need to manage the margin. Some games went to 15 by default but there should be a margin of at least 2 points.

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