Outer Worlds Companions: Your Essential Guide For Perfect Crew

If you like the Outer Worlds Companionship as much as I do, you’ll understand that it’s about more than simply speeding across space. That may be enjoyable for some, but here at Prima, we’ve fallen in love with the game’s many pals.Have you ever wondered how many companions there are in The Outer Worlds? 

This article has collected all the resourceful information that you will need to win the Outer Worlds Companionship. But before I start, I want to brief you on some essential things about the game.The Outer Worlds have one of the game’s most robust companion systems. Although there are only six, players may invite two along on their trip across the galaxy.

I’ll walk you through the process of unlocking each of the six friends in this tutorial, including Parvati, Vicar Max, Felix, Ellie, Nyoka, and SAM.The Outer Worlds is no exception: this reimagining of the New Vegas model has a wide array of companions that you may discover and add to your party, each with its unique powers and endearing personality.

I have gone through each companions outer worlds in the outer worlds, how many companions, how to discover and unlock them is present in this article.

In The Outer Worlds, How Many Companions Are Present?

Six companions are available in The Outer Worlds, and each may be discovered during the game’s first few hours. Before delving too far into late-game objectives and places, it’s a good idea to gather your allies and familiarize yourself with them. They bring not just formidable powers to battle but also a variety of side tasks. Side quests, as we all know, are an excellent source of XP and pieces!

Is It Possible To Have More Than Six Outer World Companions?

Therefore, you’re probably wondering how many companions are available in The outer worlds romance. There are six friends in all that you may locate and enlist for your crew: Parvati, Vicar Max, Felix, Ellie, Nyoka, and SAM.

How To Find The Companions?

You’ll meet your first buddy early on in The Outer Worlds.

Companions follow you around, aid in combat, and give special stat bonuses. They also add a lot of extra dialogue and create a less lonely experience through The Outer Worlds. To unlock all six outer worlds followers, follow the steps below

Outer Worlds Companions

  • Outer worlds Parvati is an engineer from Edgewater, and you can’t miss picking her up during the Stranger in a Strange Land quest. 
  • Parvati will join the party when you speak with Reed in the Saltuna Cannery.
  • When you complete all quests and reach the conclusion of Terra-2, she will invite you to join as a permanent member. 
  • When Parvati is at your party, she increases your Engineering and Persuasion stats.

Outer worlds Parvati perks

  • Support Engineer Bonus (+10 engineering ability)
  • Mod Finder (+10% probability of locating modifications in the field)
  • Synchronicity (plus 25% tactical time dilation meter)

Vicar Max

Outer Worlds Companions

  • Right after Parvati joins your party, she’ll suggest you speak to Vicar Max. 
  • Proceed to the church in Edgewater — it is clean and located on the town’s east side. 
  • Complete the quest he gives you, The Illustrated Manual, and Vicar Max will offer to join your crew. 
  • When Vicar Max joins your party, he adds a bonus to your Hacking and Intimidates stats.

Vicar Max perks

  • Support Hacking Bonus (+10 Hacking skill)
  • Sermon (+20% Increase in the Duration of the Dialog Combat Effect)
  • Mad Max (+20% Damage from Science Weapons)


Outer Worlds Companions

When you land on Groundbreaker, make a beeline for the main hall on the left. Continue straight and enter the red and white medical clinic. At the counter, you’ll encounter a lady called Ellie outer worlds. Talk to her, and she’ll offer you a task called Worst Contract.

  • You might be able to convince Udom to give you Jessie as an indentured servant. It is a free choice, but it presents some moral dilemmas – Jessie will not be pleased with the results.For around 3,000 bits, you may settle Jessie’s debts.
  • Whichever path you choose, return to Ellie in the clinic. By assisting Jessie, you have absolved Ellie of her obligation. However, Ellie now feels obligated to you and will volunteer to join the team. Ellie benefits your Engineering, Lie, and Medical talents while she is in your party.

Ellie outer worlds perks

  • Medical Support Bonus (+10 Medical Skill)
  • +20 percent Heal amount supplied by the medical inhaler First Responder
  • CPR (Recover 25% of one’s health after being fatally wounded| 5m cooldown)


Outer Worlds Companions

  • When you first arrive on Groundbreaker, you’ll find Felix conversing with a cop in the shipyard — they’re located directly to your right at the end of the first walkway.
  • Approach the table and join the conversation.
  • Defend Felix against the cop and continue your work on Groundbreaker.
  • Speak with Udom to obtain the keys to your ship during the Passage to Anywhere quest. 
  • Felix is waiting outside the Unreliable when you return, eager to join your crew. 
  • Speak with him and invite him in. 
  • When Felix is present at your party, he enhances your Sneak, Persuade, and Lockpicking abilities.

Felix perks

  • Persuade Bonus (+10 Persuade Skill)
  • Scumbags! (+20% Damage to Retreating Enemies)
  • +20% Damage to Corporate Military


Outer Worlds Companions

  • When you’re ready to depart Terra-2, Go to the top level of your ship’s crew quarters.
  • Just before you reach the top of the stairs, you’ll see a robot next to Parvati’s chamber. 
  • SAM is who I am. Conduct an investigation and contact the ADA.
  • You must accomplish the Cleaning Machine job and locate SAM’s lost component in Terra-2’s Roseway sector. 
  • It is located in a storage facility not far from the landing zone. 
  • Pursue the objective marker, eliminate the adversaries inside the storage facility, then unlock the door using a keycard from one of the corpses.
  • You are not permitted to donate any equipment to SAM. 
  • He makes use of his standard acid spray. 
  • When SAM is present at your party, he adds a bonus to your Intimidate and Hacking abilities.

Sam perks

  • Sweep Clean (-25 percent Harmful status effect duration)
  • Additional Assistance (+10 intimidate)
  • Unscrupulous Samaritan (+20% damage to auto mechanical)
  • Purifier (-20 percent Negative reputation per kill)


Outer Worlds Companions

  • Nyoka’s outer worlds are your final companion, and you will not be able to collect her until you reach the planet Monarch. 
  • You’ll see Nyoka during the primary campaign mission for Radio Free Monarch.
  •  When you first meet her, she will assign you the Passion Pills side mission. 
  • Once you’ve completed it, Nyoka will join your team. 
  • Take note that you must finish Passion Pills and retrieve Nyoka to continue the primary mission, so you cannot afford to miss her. 
  • Nyoka provides a bonus to your Lie, Sneak, and Medical skills while at your party.

Nyoka perks

  • Bonus Support Lie (+10 talent in deception)
  • Huntsman (-20 percent radius of footsteps sounds)
  • +20% damage to creatures Exterminator

Are there Options For The Outer World’s Companions’ Romance?

Regrettably, the outer worlds companions romance option is not there. While you may recruit Companions to join your crew on The Unreliable, there is no way to develop a genuine connection with them. Although you may flirt relatively freely with them, the discussion seldom progresses to anything more substantial.

While you cannot romance any NPCs in The Outer Worlds, you may do all companions outer worlds-specific tasks to learn more about your crew. When an outer world’s followers character has been onboard Unreliable for a short period, often about an hour, you’ll find them loitering outside the exit doors as you approach a planet to depart.

If you wish to develop a stronger bond with your crew, we suggest doing these Companion tasks. Regrettably, this is the extent of his interactions with other characters in The Outer Worlds.

What To Do When You Locate The Outer World’s Cassandra?

When you locate the outer world, Cassandra, you may speak with her and learn that she was the leader of the attack on the hidden lab. She makes no apologies for murdering people there, but she also does not represent a direct danger to you. Additionally, you can be very sure that Cassandra’s release will result in more bloodshed and death.

However, there is a viable alternative. If you have a high enough persuasion skill, you can convince Cassandra to end hostilities with the guards. Please return to the hidden lab’s entrance and urge the guards to halt their confrontation with the intruders. Inform the guards’ chief that you believe he has more to give than dying in some nameless laboratory.

The security guards will agree to let you go and provide you with the key to all the lab’s doors, allowing you to release Cassandra. If you opt to assassinate Cassandra, you will get some XP for defeating an opponent, as well as access to Anton’s research.

What Happens If Cassandra’s Outer Planets Are Destroyed?

If you kill her, you will get 400 XP, the Outlaws will be killed, and the mission will update. Auntie Cleo’s Research Data may be looted from her body and is required for The Distress Signal quest.

Is There Is Any Of The Outer Worlds 3rd Person Present?

Regrettably not. In contrast to Fallout: New Vegas, there is a lack of the outer world 3rd person perspective. You cannot run about, hiding behind your character and observing the activity. You are limited to playing in the first person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where Is Acid More Corrosive In Other Worlds?

Ans. At Roseway Gardens, in the abandoned storage facility south of the landing pad, the gradient is steeper. To go there, you’ll need to complete several different tasks, including Passage to Anywhere. Once you’ve obtained the Navkey, you may land in Roseway. You can go to the outer worlds acid steeper.

Q2. How Can you increase the acidity of Acid in other worlds?

Ans. The Acid Steeper item is located in the storage facility south of the landing pad in Roseway Gardens. Players must discover the storage facility’s passcode to obtain entry to the region containing the outer worlds acid steeper.

Walkthrough – Worst Contact Outer Worlds

Ellie may be found at the Groundbreaker’s Medical Bay, on the 5th floor’s second main door to the left of the entry plaza. It is also the area where the Solution Vital quest begins. Ellie will request that you check up on Jessie while she is quarantined.

Q3. Are You Able To Visit Every Planet In The Distant Worlds?

Ans. As of right now, none of the four frozen planets shown on your Halcyon map in The Outer Worlds may be explored. The short answer is that you cannot investigate locked planets in The Outer Worlds.


As you travel around The Outer Worlds, you’ll be able to recruit a variety of pals to join the crew of The Unreliable. Companions may be ordered to assist in combat through commands and the customization of their behavioral traits.

You may unlock various pals across the Halcyon systems, ranging from Parvati, the engineer, to SAM, the cleaning robot. Each companion has its own story, which you may discover via distinct companion quests, each of which has an impact on the game’s finale.

I hope you have understood the features of the outer world’s followers.

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