Nike Sponsorship , How to avail?

Well, before diving into the sponsorship details, it’s important to have some information about Nike. The company is listed on the NY Stock Exchange and the net worth of the shares was expected to be around $44 billion in 2014. There are many institutions in the list who own the shares of Nike. Vanguard Group has the highest share.

The reason behind the ultimate success of the brand is, obviously, its marketing strategy. Also, Nike focuses a lot on the research aspect where the company is continuously trying to know about the demands of customers. 

Nike Sponsorship , How to avail?

The company also sponsors a lot of athletes of the NFL and NBA. Getting sponsored by Nike is something most of the athletes crave for and it’s a huge milestone on the path of success. The brand tagline Just Do It came into existence around 1985 and paired with the swoosh logo is just the best combination for the customers to remember the brand.

Nike has a list of successful players like Michael Jordan, Wayne Rooney, etc. Nike is unquestionably the most known brand around the globe. The Nike swoosh label emblem, which can be seen on their best Nike sneakers and other items, is essential.

Nike has also produced some of the most unforgettable marketing ads, including the iconic “Just Do It” and the more recent “Believe in anything, even if it means sacrificing anything,” with emotion-tugging take-away messages and clear yet powerful slogans.

The Nike endorsement of athletes is a type of brand communication in which they serve as the brand’s spokesperson and verifies the brand’s argument and reputation by lending their personality, influence, social standing, or industry experience to the company.

A celebrity endorsing has historically been thought to distinguish in a sector with an intense concentration of local, regional, and foreign products. Many aspiring Asian brands, though, have hopped on the celebrity endorsement bandwagon in recent years. Although endorsements have taken on a quasi-industry status, few collaborations have become as popular as athlete sponsored by Nike.

Essential features of Nike celebrity endorsements

Even though it could seem to the untrained eye that Nike’s popularity is purely attributable to Tiger Woods’ affiliation with the group, nothing could be further from the facts. Nike, as a company, has developed a solid brand name and personality through the years.

Nike endorsements deal with celebrity is one of the primary outlets for communicating the products to a particular group of consumers. As a result, Nike’s partnership with Tiger Woods was only one aspect of a larger promotional strategy that the company has been using continuously.

Contrary to common opinion, most Asian brands that have employed celebrity endorsements have done so as a primary form of brand creation. Any business that wishes to partner with a star should worry about three points.

  • The popularity of the celebrity
  • The reputation of the star
  • There is a transition of power between the star and the brand.

Sponsorship for individual athletes

 About every year for the next 30 years or so, we saw the most significant sporting endorsements we’ve ever seen. Athletes’ main stream of revenue has changed from marketing agreements to endorsement deals. A well-known sporting company sponsors any professional athlete worth his cost. 

 The following are the most significant Nike athletes list in modern sports.

  • With Cristiano Ronaldo, Nike has a lifetime endorsement deal, set to exceed USD 1 Billion.
  • Nike endorses Tiger Woods for USD 1 Billion.
  • Lebron James endorsement deal with Nike is USD 1 Billion, a lifetime deal.
  • Odell Beckham Jr. deal with Nike had ever offered in 2017. with the valued at $29 million.

 How to get endorsements from Nike?

According to the brand’s official page, the only way to be endorsed by Nike is if the company calls you directly. Nike asserts that they are proactively searching for athletes to represent the company. Requests for Nike support that are not solicited are not approved. Nike is highly defensive of its name. As a consequence, they’ve agreed to stop going after any single athlete.

They only target athletes and programs that uphold a strong social and moral justice level. They look at marketable players and programs from a financial perspective as well. who does nike sponsor sponsorship, make yourself appealing from a marketing perspective.

To get Nike to take a closer look at the business, build a brand through social media, regional and national networking, and voluntary services. Nike is now devoted to extending their already well-known foreign brand. Since various countries have different cultures, creating a brand that meets such guidelines might attract Nike’s eye.

 Jordan sponsored athletes

One of the most significant endorsements an NBA player may earn is a big shoe contract, and Jordan Brand is one of the most well-known brands in the league. About the fact that Jordan Brand is part of the Nike clothing sponsorship organization, the Jumpman emblem also has its meaning, and every person on the court is aware of what the logo on the sneakers represents.

 The most popular Jordan-sponsored athletes around the globe are Luka Dončić ,Jayson Tatum, Chris Paul, Zion Williamson

Getting Nike Sponsorship

The website of the company clearly states that the only way you can get sponsorship is when the company will contact you directly. nike athlete sponsorship is continuously hunting for young athletes who have the potential to be a great star. There is no Nike sponsorship request portal that you can go and place a request.

Not only providing the sponsorship, but Nike also accepts donations in case a brand is willing to. The donation must be in form of a product and no monetary donations are accepted by Nike. 

As the brand is highly popular and there are many aspects which has to be considered before waiting to get any Nike sponsorships. The company doesn’t target all the schools and colleges for sponsorship hunting, their focus remains on those who have a sense of what social responsibility is.

Nike also has to look for profit-making and to ensure that, it looks out for the athletes who are attractive to help in its marketing strategy. Nike also keeps working towards getting more and more recognition in different countries and providing Nike sponsorships to the athletes there. 

Some Tips to Note Down…

If you are there waiting to get sponsored, here are some things that you should consider and increase your chances of getting a call from Nike.

Understand the Motive

You must know the motive or purpose behind the sponsorship scheme of the company. The goal is, of course, selling more products. Nike chooses the athletes who are doing extremely good in their game and also the people who are exceptionally attractive and have a huge follower base.

However, you must know that if you don’t have the passion for the game, chances of getting Nike to choose you are pretty low. Build your own image and keep improving yourself. Show that you can be a responsible person and the company will contact if you have genuine potential. Nike endorsements are not that easy to get.

Nike Sponsorship , How to avail?

Build an Audience

As it’s known to us now that sponsorship is just a tool to promote and increase sales, it is most important that you have an audience who looks up to you as an idol person. The audience can be built by many tools such as social media, media coverage, etc.

Players like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods don’t have to do anything except winning their games and only the media coverage helped them in building an audience of millions of fans. However, for a majority, a social media platform is a great tool to build an audience.

Some can also opt for writing a blog where they can share their thoughts about anything and an audience can be easily built. You must know that the audience isn’t built overnight and you must have a lot of patience for that.

Figure out the Sponsorship Type

There are many types of sponsorship nike that you can get. Actually, it depends on the follower base that you have. There are no set criteria on how to get nike athlete sponsorship application and it totally depends on athletes. 

Nike Sponsorship , How to avail?

Determining the worth of your audience will be measured by Nike and you must be realistic before asking anything. For example, if your social media handle or the blog is getting 200-300 visits per day, you can’t ask for huge reimbursements. 

Contact the locals

Before expecting the giant like Nike to provide sponsorship, try contacting the locals to be on-board first. They can also help you in building an audience and provide you with funds to sustain and get equipment for the game. The locals will also be able to understand you and your requirements better.

Nike sponsored athletes didn’t get the sponsorship overnight, they kept playing the game on the sponsorships from the locals and small brands only. After reaching a point where you know you have achieved something, try to contact the person in the PR team of the brand. You can also ask someone to contact who is already sponsored by the giant.

Reach Out

When you get to know about the person whom you can contact, you should prepare a short and to-the-point proposal. Try to summarize the whole proposal within 100 words.


The content should be straightforward like a line about yourself, then the figures regarding the audience that you have built and finally, what you seek from the company. 

Some Nike Sponsored Athletes

There are many players who are sponsored by Nike. Ronaldo, Didier Drogba, Neymar, Wesley Sneijder, Carl Lewis, Michael Jordan are some of the names that you may be familiar with are sponsored by Nike.


Along with sponsoring, the company also endorses a whole lot of athletes. These athletes have their own brand endorsed by Nike, such as Jordan, Kobe, Kevin Durant, Maria Sharapova, etc. These Nike endorsed athletes get paid in millions per year and come from multiple games.

Speaking of sponsorships, there are a lot of paintball gun sponsorship with nike offered by the paintball community as well. Paintballing is losing its popularity and fame by the day, so I thought I should highlight how interesting this sport is.


Q1. How do you get sponsored by nike ?
Ans. Build a strong athletic brand, gain a large following, and actively engage with Nike through social media or networking opportunities.

Q2. How to get nike to sponsor you ?
Ans. Create a standout profile, engage with Nike on social media, and network with individuals who have connections to the brand.

Q3. What does nike sponsor charge to give sponsorship ?
Ans. Nike does not typically charge individuals or organizations for sponsorships. Instead, sponsorships are offered to those who meet certain criteria and align with Nike’s brand values.

Q4. How to be sponsored by nike ?
Ans. To be sponsored by Nike, you must have a strong athletic brand, a large following, and actively engage with Nike through networking and social media.

Q5. Can I take nike sponsorship email ?
Ans. Nike does not publicly share an email address for sponsorship inquiries. However, you can visit their website to learn more about their sponsorship programs and contact Nike representatives through their online contact form.

Q6. How to do nike donation request ?
Ans. To make a Nike donation request, visit their website and review their donation request guidelines. Then, submit an online donation request form with your proposal and organization details.

Q7. How to become a nike ambassador ?
Ans. If You Want To Know how to become a nike brand ambassador please follow the given Staps:

  • Build a strong personal brand on social media and in your community.
  • Create high-quality content that showcases your passion for Nike products.
  • Engage with Nike’s social media accounts and participate in Nike events.
  • Reach out to Nike directly and express your interest in becoming an ambassador.
  • Be persistent and patient, as it may take time and effort to become a nike ambassador.

Q8. How can i be sponsored by nike ?

  • Develop a strong personal brand.
  • Create high-quality content.
  • Engage with Nike.
  • Reach out to Nike directly.
  • Be persistent and patient.

Q9. How to get sponsored by a company ?

  • Establish a niche or area of expertise.
  • Create quality content.
  • Grow a social media following.
  • Reach out to companies in your industry.
  • Be persistent and professional.

Q10. How to get sponsored skateboarding ?
Ans. Sure, here are the steps on how to get sponsored for skateboarding:

  • Develop and refine your skateboarding skills.
  • Build a strong social media presence and following.
  • Attend and participate in skateboarding events.
  • Create and share high-quality skateboarding content.
  • Network with other skateboarders and industry professionals.
  • Research potential skateboarding sponsors.
  • Reach out to potential sponsors with a sponsorship proposal and highlight your skills and social media following.
  • Be persistent and continue to improve your skills and content.

Q11. How to become a nike brand ambassador ?
Ans. To increase chances of being sponsored by Nike: excel in sport/field, build strong social media presence, reach out to Nike, get noticed by scouts, and network with existing sponsored athletes.

Q12. How to Write nike sponsorship application ?
Ans. When writing a Nike sponsorship application, introduce yourself, highlight achievements and goals, outline benefits to Nike, provide social media handles, close with gratitude and call to action.

Wrapping up…

You must focus on being good in your game and be assured that Nike will contact one day. There are many athletes who got sponsorship in their mid-career. Having a sponsor like Nike will help you in getting huge exposure and the company will also make profits as their sales will be bumped up. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

“Build an audience and play the game as your passion.”

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