Dream Job Alert: NFL Waterboy Requirements Unveiled

To make a football game successful, the role of a water boy is indispensable. They are always at the service of the players quenching their thirst and taking care of their athletic training. The job of an NFL waterboy may sound minuscule, but they are the behind the scene heroes of the league. No wonder the NFL Waterboys’ job requirements are unique compared to other jobs.

An NFL waterboy job doesn’t require a lot of conventional educational qualifications. A high school graduation certification is enough to apply for this job. 

Hydration, Hustle, And Hard Cash: NFL Waterboy Salaries

nfl waterboy requirements

The real NFL waterboy role requirements lie in their practical skills. Waterboys need to be a jack of all trades in team management. They need to have good management skills to manage the players and other members of the team.

They also need to have training capabilities to provide athletic training to the players so they can be spontaneous in their game. Along with these, the role demands the waterboys to know the basics of first aid so that they can treat an injured player in the initial stage.

In this blog, I will tell you everything about NFL waterboy jobs.

NFL acknowledges the hard work and the act of service that the Waterboys are offering. So an NFL waterboy is paid well. Here are some points in which you can understand their payment structure:

  • A lot of NFL players have come on social media and revealed the amount an NFL waterboy may get. A former NFL player, Thieneman has said on a TikTok post that the average salary of a water boy is around 53,000 USD annually. The compensation may vary according to the football team’s status and the waterboy’s previous experiences. But many of them earn a lot more than us for sure.
  • As we already discussed the average salary of an NFL waterboy from a reputed football team, let’s see their highest and lowest salaries. The minimum wage of a waterboy is in the range of 15 USD per hour. This can go up to a salary as high as 60,000 US Dollars annually.
  • A waterboy for football enjoys free travel. They travel with the team for whom they have been recruited in the entire league and on top of that they get to meet some huge stars. An NFL water boy also gets free tickets to each game their team is playing. They also get free merchandise. 
  • Waterboys receive a lot of perks for their service. They get to use the high-quality gym and training equipment to practice for their athletic training jobs. They are given scholarships to continue and complete their higher education. On top of that, they get to attend meetings and seminars where they can network with the experts of the NFL industry to further their careers.
  • They get an opportunity to get promoted to a permanent athletic trainer for the team if they can show their true potential.

Qualifications Needed For NFL Waterboy Jobs

nfl waterboy requirements

In case someone is genuinely interested in furthering their career as an athletic trainer in the NFL, becoming a water boy can be a great stepping stone. If you are curious, about how to become an NFL waterboy, here are some of the qualifications considered by the NFL teams:

  • You need to be a minimum of 18 years old to apply for an NFL waterboy job. It’s mandatory to complete a high school education before joining an NFL team as a waterboy.
  • The athletic abilities of the candidate will be assessed very carefully. As a budding coach of the NFL teams, the waterboy needs to be fit and agile. A certification or degree in athletic training adds an edge to the application.
  • A vocational degree in therapy and first aid can push your application to the top. This is because you will be expected to give basic physiotherapy and first aid to the players with minor injuries.
  • An NFL waterboy needs to have excellent communication skills. Remember this position is filled keeping in mind that the person will serve as an athletic trainer in the future. So, communication and management skills are two very important qualities assessed by the recruitment team.
  • Having a cool rapport with the concerned people helps in this job. Networking is everything in today’s day and age. So, if you have connections with the people from the management body willing to refer you, it’s already a step forward.

Responsibilities Of An NFL Waterboy

NFL Waterboys don’t just offer hydration to the football players. They have a lot of other responsibilities that make an NFL waterboy job irreplaceable. Here are some of the duties that come under the job role of a waterboy:

  • The most obvious responsibility of an NFL waterboy is to offer water to the players. Be it during a practice session or at the actual match, hydration is crucial in physically exhausting games like football. The waterboys make sure that the parched players get water whenever they want.
  • Waterboys also help to set up the equipment for a practice session and assist players with their luggage.
  • An NFL waterboy assists in the athletic training of the players. While there is always an actual coach present, as an aspiring athletic trainer they also get their hands dirty.
  • The Waterboys play a huge role when a player gets injured. They arrange for first aid and make sure the player follows all the restrictions. Many waterboys are vocationally trained to treat injuries of the players.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Do NFL Waterboys travel with the team?Ans.
Yes, NFL Waterboys get to travel with the teams they work for. They get a free ticket for every match their team plays in and the best part is, they are spending time with some of the most celebrated football players.

Q2.Do the Waterboys get a Super Bowl ring?
Ans. If the football team they are working for wins the Super Bowl, the Waterboys get a Super Bowl ring like every other staff member of the team.

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