NFL Dropkick Rule Explained [ Updated 2023 ]

You may take baseball as a time pass, but football has hidden emotion and is considered a recognized sport in every part of the world. You must be thinking of what I am trying to say. Let’s first know this.

Are you curious to know about the NFL?

 I know many questions are arising in your mind regarding the NFL and its rules, especially NFL dropkick.

 Do not take so much stress, and let’s begin with the NFL.

 It is the country’s most popular sport and rises every year. Like no other case, the NFL dominates Sunday TV. The majority of fans are eager to see every game, not just the match featuring their favorite side, a few sports. Over the years, the rules have changed, either for better or even for worse. Yet football never lost the magic of the sporting king in the nation.

 We all still feel the same craze as our grandparents felt at their time. All this shows the magic that football has done on us. I am also sure that you also must have to cancel your works sometimes to feel the magic of football.

NFL dropkick

 The daily NFL season begins the week after Labor Day in the United States on the first Monday in September. The first game will be played on a Thursday night and typically home to the champions who defend Super Bowl. The rest of the games are on Sundays, except one on Monday night. 

 Every week of the season, except for the Thanksgiving weekend, with three fixtures on Thursday, one on Sunday, and the remainder, follows this trend. The regular season lasts 17 weeks, and each team plays 16 games between weeks 4 and 12 with a pre-determined fixed week.

 You know that any of the greatest football players worldwide have come out from the NFL.

Dropkick field goal

The dropkick definition says that it is a sort of strike in different football codes. It indicates that a player throws the ball and kicks it off the ground as it bounces drop kick field goal Most notably, dropkicks are used in rugby union and rugby league to restart play and scoring points.

Even football goalkeepers sometimes come back to action with dropkicks. This kick was once famous in rugby and gridiron rugby but is hardly used in all sports today.

Dropkick extra point

The drop kick nfl are worth 3 points, unless it is during an extra point try, so it is worth 1 point. “Therefore, a player who kicks the ball or shortly after touched on the ground.

An NFL kicker can take either a drop kick or the placekick to kick the ball from behind the scrimmage or score an extra drop kick nfl points after the opponent’s target touchdown. The drop kick was the last play in the NFL for Flutie, 43, and the first NFL dropkick since the 1941 championship.

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Define punt

A punt is a football kick that drops the ball and kicks before it hits the ground. The most common football strategy is to punt the ball down to the team against each other, usually in the end, to give the receiver team a place in the field more favourable to the kicking team when a change of possession. Can you punt a field goal?

 It’s impossible to punt a field goal. It is tragic for some people, though they agree with the law for others. In reality, you must present yourself to be a field goal for the other team, to be honest. You can make a counterfeit point, but for a field goal, you can’t punt the ball.

 NFL field goal rules

 A field goal (FG) in pro football is a way of scoring. The ball’s team must pick up, drive the ball across the target, i.e., the upright and over the crossbar, to hit a drop kick field goal. Any rules apply to the kicking game strictly. Some decide what happens when the defence team stops or touches a kick. 

Some rules concerning field goals and additional points are as follows:
  • Both teams will advance a blocked field objective recovered behind the scrimmage line.
  • Only the defense can advance a blocked field goal that crosses the scrimmage line. But it’s a free ball whether the ball is muffled or fumbled.
  • The ball is automatically dead on a blocked PAT in an NFL game. Either side can not advance it. 
  • Only the snapper will secure the legs of the guards. The rightward positions his left foot in the snapper’s right foot after both players take a stance to cross or lock their legs. On the other side of the middle is the left guard.
  • During or after a kick, the holder or the kicker can not be rough. The penalty is 5 yards, while the default penalty is the first one.
  • If it rolls dead on the ground, touches the receiving side, enters the end area, or hits the target goal, the ball returns to the scrimmage line on the missing ground, and the defense squad took over.

 NFL free kick rule

 After safety mark in football, the ball play on a free-kick, as in all football, kickoffs are exclusively controlled by rules, like most of the other. One side tries to block the other in the kickoff, and the kicking side wants to keep the returned player from touching his 20-yard line. 

Both sides must uphold these below rules for NFL free kick:
  • At least 10 yards far, the kick of the ball must be in the receiving squad. 
  • The kicking team may recover the ball after 10 yards of the kick or an opposite ball touch.
  • A kicking team member will get the ball back in the end area to earn a touchdown.
  • The kicking team members must allow the catching team a chance to catch equally. 
  • When he signals a fair catch, the players can’t contact him until he touches the ball and can not get within 3 feet of him.
  • If the kick leaves before touching the end zone, the receiver side gets the ball on their 35-yard line. 

 New extra point rules

They were owing to the new regulations that the NFL drop kick points will evaluate this season, 33 yards from the target positions taken drop kick extra points (with the length of 15 yards). This added distance has only left 13 attempts for kickers in the game.

NFL dropkick

NFL fair catch rule

A fair catch rules NFL is a characteristic of football, and in many other football rules, in which a player who tries to catch a ball kicking the opposition side, either at the kickoff or punt, has the rights to catch the ball without intervention by any member of the kicking team.

NFL kicking statistics

C. Boswell16115293193.5512828100.0
G. Zuerlein16114243372.7584242100.0
B. Maher1396203066.7633636100.0
W. Lutz16144323688.958484998.0
R. Gould13110233174.247414297.6
M. Crosby16106222491.754404197.6
M. Prater16113263183.956353697.2
Z. Gonzalez16127313586.654343597.2
J. Sanders1698233076.754293097.1

Flutie drop kick

Today, Doug Flutie, the backup quarterback of the New England Patriots, was the most significant drop kick in the NFL since 1941 against the Miami dolphins on 1 January 2006.

The Doug Flutie dropkick had been calculated by Flutie to be 80 percent probability, who was called upon to send Flutie, 43 at the time, the probability to kick the historical tale in its final match in the NFL.

Ravens drop kick

The Ravens will no longer be allowed to use their new kick despite making Justin Tucker play with a new kind of kickoff earlier this year. Justin Tucker took a kick off with the Ravens on 33-28th, the Kansas City’s chiefs, and a 2-minute warning only second Sunday. He did not want tea. The ball was in his hands. The laws of the NFL forbid kick off the ball; Tucker had to boot it out. NFL laws ban the ball.

Seahawks drop kick

The 50-yard-line kickoff against the Chicago Bears by Seattle Seahawks’ punter Michael Dickson drop kicked off on 17 September 2018. The drop kick in nfl landed in the 5-yard line and was recovered less than an automatically recovered touchback to make it a good tactic. At the end of a game that was ineffective, Dickson made a go-on kick try.

Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll noted that Dickson is considering the replacement kicker in the team. If a Placekicker Sebastian Janikowski is injured, the team will set field goals and try an additional score. 

NFL dropkick

 Justin tucker NFL drop kick

 After the maneuver took place at a kicking-off late in the game against the Kansas City Chiefs, Justin Tucker of the Baltimore Ravens is discuss in 2019. The goal was to compel the leaders to catch the ball to not go out the clock. The league offices argued that the maneuver was unconstitutional some weeks after the kick. 

 The only games that can lead precisely to two points are safety or a two-point conversion. A field goal is worth 3 points and a 6-point touchdown plus an added point field objective kick or two to a two-point convert.


Q1. How to kick a football ?
Ans. Plant your non-kicking foot beside the ball, look at your target, swing your kicking leg and make contact with the middle of the ball with your laces. Follow through towards your target.

Q2. How many points is a drop kick worth in the nfl ?
Ans. A successful drop kick in the NFL is worth 4 points if it goes through the uprights or 2 points if it goes over the crossbar and between the uprights.

Q3. How many points is a drop kick in football ?
Ans. A drop kick in football can vary in points depending on the type of football being played. In American football, a successful drop kick can be worth 2 or 4 points.

Q4. What is a drop kick ?
Ans. A drop kick is a method of kicking a ball in which the ball is dropped and then kicked immediately as it bounces off the ground. It is commonly used in various football codes.

Q5. When was the last drop kick in the nfl ?
The last successful drop kick in the NFL occurred on January 1, 2006, during a game between the New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins, executed by Patriots quarterback doug flutie drop kick.

Q6. What is nfl drop kick rule ?
Ans. The NFL drop kick rule states that a player may drop kick the ball during any play, including kickoffs and field goal attempts, but it is a rare and unconventional play in modern NFL games.

Q7. longest field goal in nfl history ?
Ans. The longest field goal in NFL history was kicked by Matt Prater of the Denver Broncos on December 8, 2013. The field goal was 64 yards (58.5 meters) long.

Q8. Is a drop kick legal in the nfl ?
Ans. Yes, a drop kick is a legal play in the NFL. However, it is a rare and unconventional play that is rarely used in modern NFL games.

Q9. What Does Mean football drop kick ?
A football drop kick is a type of kicking technique in which the player drops the ball and kicks it as it bounces off the ground. It is commonly used in various football codes.

Q10. What is giants illegal kick ?
Ans. The “Giants illegal kick” refers to a controversial play that occurred during a game between the New York Giants and the San Francisco 49ers in 1978, in which the Giants were penalized for an illegal drop kick.

Q11. Can you drop kick a field goal ?
Ans. Yes, a drop kick can be used to attempt a field goal in football, including in the NFL. However, this type of kick is rare and not commonly used in modern football.

Q12. What is a nfl drop kick rule point value ?
Ans. According to NFL rules, a successful drop kick is worth 4 points if the ball goes through the uprights and 2 points if the ball goes over the crossbar and between the uprights.


 When a football kicks and kicks him on the field directly after his landing, he has ended a dropkick. In professional football’s early history, the more circular ball offered predictable dropkicks and was used to score goals and extra points. 

I hope you have got your solution from the above writing. The refurbishment in football made a comeback dangerously unpredictable and relegated the dropkick into the night. Nevertheless, the NFL’s official rules remain a legitimate kick that can use for ground targets, bonus points that fair-catch kicks.

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