Average NBA Referee Salary- How Much Do Referees Make In The NBA?

Hi there! Being a referee of a game is not an easy task. When it comes to the referees of the NBA they often think they are the center of attention during the game, but in reality the teams logo in the center of the court is what catches everyone’s eye. Read about these 30 NBA logo stories that have just as much to say about the game of basketball as the referees do.

Wondering why so? Actually, they are the ones who have to make difficult decisions from failing to spot fouls. That is why it is an undeniable fact that you can’t play a game without having a referee.

As they have to go through a tough job, have you ever thought about what their salary is? How much do they get paid? Well, of course, these things have popped up in your mind and that is why you are here.

NBA Referee Salary

I am sharing in this article the average NBA referee salary today. NBA official salaries can be the different per season.

Now look at the article very carefully and find out the answers to all your queries.

Let’s quickly glance at the below table and see what you will read in this article.

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How To Become An NBA Referee- Know Everything

If you really want to know the NBA referee salary per game, then you have to know at first how to become an NBA referee. Only then you can understand why they are getting so much and what responsibilities they have to fulfill during the game.

In NBA, there is a professional referee for every game. These referees have to work with other groups in order to make sure of a fair game between two Basketball teams. You can take the example of Marc Davis, ref. Marc Davis in NBA worked as a referee in 132 playoff games, which include 12 final games.

How Can You Become An NBA Referee?

You will find all the guidelines for becoming an NBA referee candidate. The scouting team of the NBA reviews the profile of each and every candidate.

So you see, you have to work really hard to become a prestigious NBA referee.

1. You have to get a high school diploma.

It is the minimum requirement for NBA referees. It is good for you to involve in the basketball team of the school. It will increase your opportunity.

2. You have to have the experience of working as a referee for the youth basketball team.

It will enhance your experience and you will the basics of being a referee. You will learn to manage the team too.

NBA Referee Salary

3. You need to go to the referee tryouts for the NBA league.

NBA G league organizes tryouts for qualified persons, and they choose candidates according to their experience and expertises. You have to research well about the league and must attend the tryout.

4. You can show your work ethic and skills.

Once you prove yourself as a qualified one by showing your skills and work ethic, it will be easier for you to become an NBA referee.

5. You need to register through NCAA.

Do contact the National College Athletic Association and register yourself. You may need to submit your resume, video clips to show your skills, application letter, etc. you may also have to face an in-person interview.

How Much Does The NBA Ref Get Paid?

Now that you are thinking to become a referee in NBA, obviously, one particular question comes to your mind as a consequence: how much does an NBA ref make? Well, I am honestly telling you that it depends on so many circumstances.

Their salary depends upon their grade and skills. There will increase only when they gather more experience.

Obviously, for that, they have to take charge of so many games. In the present day, the authorities of the NBA have divided the match referees into 3 groups. They are Entry Level, WNBA, and the Seniors.

The referees of the Entry Level are getting up to $250,000 per year. That means they get $600 for one game. The WNBA referees get $180,000 per year that means their salary for one game is $425. When they become the Seniors, they will get up to $3500 for one game, that is $500,000 per year.

There can be other special situations where the average salary of the NBA referees can be changed. Generally, they get an increment in their salary as the years pass.

For Example, I can mention the name of the Tony Brothers. Tony Bothers’ salary in the NBA as a professional referee is 550 US Dollars per year.

Also, you must know two other referees, Scott Foster and Sean Corbin. When it comes to the highest-paid NBA referee, you can name them.

How Many Games Do NBA Refs Work Per Season?

As they are getting such a high salary, they have to work as an NBA referee in 82 regular games per season.

Highest Paid NBA Referee: In 2020

Here are the names of the 10 highest-paid NBA referees.

  1. Dick Bavetta ( Salary- $60,000)
  2. Violet palmer (Salary- $80,000)
  3. Zack Zarba (Salary- $100,000)
  4. Tim Donaghy (Salary- $110,000)
  5. Steve Javie (Salary- $112,000)
  6. Haywoode Wilvon Workman (Salary- $115,000)
  7. Danny Crawford (Salary- $!20,00)
  8. Ron Garretson (Salary- $127,000)
  9. Ken Mauer (Salary- $145,000)
  10. Joseph Crawford (Salary- $166,000)

Why Is NBA officiating So Bad?

Yeah! I know! NBA is officiating so badly in recent days. The players and the owner of the teams are complaining about this for a long time. But it is also true that handling an aggressive basketball team is not a matter of a joke.

Referees are human. And we know that every human is imperfect. And there is no such proper way that can handle the NBA officials.


1. Who is the highest-paid NBA referee?

Well, you can remember mostly three names as the highest-paid NBA referees. Scott Foster, Sean Corbin, and Tony Brothers. They used to be the professional referees who are highest paid among the referees.

2. Who is the highest-paid referee?

You can’t just name one. There are two referees who are the highest paid. They are James Capers, Rodney Mott, Sean Corbin, Scott Foster, Tony Brothers and so many more. They were the highest-paid professionals in the NBA.


3. How much does an NBA referee make?

No matter how much an NBA referee is paid, they get much less than the players. They get usually from $180,000 and $550,000 per year. Though it is not a little amount of salary.

4. Do NBA refs pay for travel?

Well, traveling is a big part of an NBA referee’s life. That is why the authorities of the NBA provide the travel allowance to the NBA referees apart from their salaries.

But, generally, in most cases, they are to be responsible for their own travel arrangements.

The Final Words

Aiming for a referee of the National Basketball Association? That is a great idea. You have the opportunities with you. The salary of the referees is pretty good too.

I hope, after reading this article, you have come to know many things about the referees of the NBA and about their salaries per year.

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