NBA Bets: Which Teams To Put Your Money On

With the NBA season just starting, the bettors among us need to hone in our research, ready for a big payout.

This season will throw all the teams through the hoops, and the current sure-fire win might be knocked out of the NBA in no time. With so much uncertainty, who should you bet on! We are going to show you who to look out for and what their current trajectory is.

Ways To Bet

You don’t have to “go big or go home” in betting. If anything you should place your bets in the way that feels most fun. If you would rather bet against the total score, go for the under/overs. If you and your pals are fighting against each other, bet on the money lines.

A popular way for friends to compete across the whole of the NBA is to participate in NBA daily fantasy sports. In the games, you create your own teams and, based on the real-life player’s abilities, gain points and money through your fantasy team.

Which Teams To Put Your Money On

But now for the good stuff. Who are the best teams, and which of the lines up create the best odds? We are still in the early stages of the season, so we cannot be too hasty with our suggestions, but our information below can help you make a solid bet.

Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks are currently the 13th favorite to win, which isn’t super high. No one knows how they will do, as they have just come from the finals in the conference games, but they historically don’t do well in the NBA. With confusion around their progress, there will be good value bets around their name.

Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn’s current betting figures are at -115 to win. This means they are the main favorites to win the NBA. But, they have had some soul-crushing defeats in the regular season, which could hint at a problem within their teams. Bet on the games and not the championships, as it’s too early to tell where the Nets will land.

Charlotte Hornets

LaMelo Ball has just come off his rookie season, and last year he did very well with his assists. Now he knows what to expect from the opposition, LaMelo Ball could be a safe bet for a vital team member in your fantasy games.

Cleveland Cavaliers

You may judge us too harshly for this prediction, but 5 of the Cavaliers’ starters are 23 or younger, which means they will not have the knowledge, forethought, or practice to do well in the season. It would be best to avoid this team until the kids prove they can hack the game.

Indiana Pacers

The current favorite for the Rookie of the Year Award is Chris Duarte. For him to stay in the first position, he needs to keep in the spotlight. If the Pacers keep Duarte on screen for at least half of a game, then the voters should see his skills.

Miami Heat

Tyler Herro has been close to the Man of the Year Award for years, and this season could be his chance. Goran Dragic and Kendrick Nunn are no longer in his way, so Herro will be playing his hardest this season so that no new faces will crop up and take his spot. This means that the Heat and the Herro should do great things this season.

Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks are the second favorite to win the East. They are only slightly behind Brooklyn, which means they should play extremely well in most of their games.

New York Knicks

The Knicks may have improved their depth, but their current listings have dropped since last year. You should wait for the Knicks to prove themselves before placing a bet.

Philadelphia 76ers

Philadelphia was once a stable bet, but now they have become a risk. With Ben Simmons bringing uncertainty to the court, you should avoid this team.

Toronto Raptors

The Raptors OG Anunoby is currently set up to win the Most Improved Player Award. Not many have heard about Anunoby before, which is why the odds around him are so good.

Washington Wizards

This year, there is little competition around the best scoring title. At the moment, the only real candidate is Bradley Beal. This means that, as long as there are no shock surprises, Beal will be a safe bet.

Dallas Mavericks

The favorite to win the Most Valuable Player Award is Luka Doncic. If he wins, this will be the second win in a row, which could be the start of a long reign of MVPs.

Los Angeles Lakers

Many predict that the Los Angeles Lakers will win the championship as their second favorite. Because Kyrie Irving will only be playing for a limited amount of time, this leaves the Nets weak and the Lakers with an opening.

New Orleans Pelicans

The southwest division isn’t looking very strong, and as the Pelicans are one of the only stable teams around, they are predicted to win their division. Along with Brandon Ingram and Zion Williamson joining their talented team, the others will have to do a lot to catch up to New Orleans.

Phoenix Suns

Devin Booker was close to averaging 30 points per game last season. This season we expect him to reach that sought-after figure.

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