Minecraft Aqua Affinity – Everything You Need To Know

Do you play video games like Minecraft? Then I’m sure you have heard about Aqua Affinity. Here I would explain to you what is Aqua Affinity in Minecraft, and tell you everything you should know about it.

In the game Minecraft, you have to create and break different kinds of blocks apart in three-dimensional worlds. And in this game, Aqua Affinity helps you to increase underwater mining speed.

Mining underwater in Minecraft sometimes becomes a frustrating task. But Aqua Affinity helps you to save a lot of time in collecting Prismarine from underwater temples.

What Does Aqua Affinity Do – Function of It

Now the question is, What Does Aqua Affinity Do in Minecraft? Well, Aqua Affinity helps you to increase underwater mining speed. Generally, it takes five times longer for the item to be broken than usual in underwater mining.

You must have Aqua Affinity if your plan is to do a lot of digging under the water. Aqua Affinity is very easy to acquire on a helmet. You have to breathe more time under the

water, and for that, you need a conduit.

What Does Aqua Affinity Do – Function of It
What Does Aqua Affinity Do – Function of It

A conduit may provide you indefinite underwater breathing as long as you’re within its range, but it requires a hard recipe to complete and you need to defeat the elder guardians to collect the Prismarine, which is not an easy job.

You might have to stay underwater for a long time while playing Minecraft. That’s why you need Aqua Affinity as Aqua Affinity helps you to gather the materials faster for the conduit that provides you underwater breathing.

Aqua Affinity Meaning – What Does It Mean in Minecraft?

 Well, Aqua Affinity is nothing but an enchantment you can use in the game Minecraft to breathe underwater without penalties. By this, it helps you increase the underwater mining rate.

Aqua Affinity Enchantment – What is This?

Enchantments in Minecraft help you in increasing the abilities of the items like armor, tools, weapons, and books; or imbue them with extra abilities.

Aqua Affinity is a kind of enchantment that goes on your helmet. It will work on any kind of helmet-like leather, chainmail, iron, turtle shell, gold, and diamond.

It will cost you no penalties if you use this in enchanting your armor. There are a lot of other benefits of it too. But remember, you could easily forget it as it is an armor-specific enchantment.

See Underwater – Minecraft

 There are ways you can try to see and explore underwater better.

  • Use waterproof lights

 You should use waterproof lights instead of torches, as torch will not work under water. You can use jack-o-lanterns, or glowstone blocks. These work fine under water.

  • Use Respiration enchantment

This is also an enchantment like Aqua Affinity that helps you breathing underwater as well as to see well. This is also an enchantment you can use on your helmet like Aqua Affinity by using an enchanting table, anvil, or game command. But it won’t help you to get a great underwater view.

See Underwater – Minecraft
See Underwater – Minecraft
  • Use Potion or Conduit Buffs

The best way to acquire perfect underwater vision is to use potions or conduit buffs. These will allow you to see underwater perfectly.

Aqua Affinity vs Respiration – Which One is Better?

 Both are enchantments you can use in the game Minecraft. Both slot into helmets. But there are differences between these two.

  1. Respiration has a maximum power level of 3, where Aqua Affinity has only 1.
  2. Respiration helps in decreasing drowning damage, but Aqua Affinity does not.
  3. Respiration can be used on other armor by using commands, where Aqua Affinity can only be used on helmets.
  4. Respiration helps you increasing underwater breathing time, where Aqua Affinity helps you increasing underwater mining speed.

Above I explained the main differences between Respiration and Aqua Affinity. But let me tell you that both are great enchantments for underwater mining.

If you have a plan to go underwater, you should have both of these enchantments on your helmet as they will help you a lot in your job.

Respiration Enchantment – Minecraft

Respiration is an enchantment that you can use in the game Minecraft to increase your breathing time in underwater mining. It is an armor-specific enchantment and can be used on helmets, but you can use it on other armor pieces by using commands.

The default time of underwater breathing in Minecraft is 15 seconds. However, Respiration can extend it by 15+ seconds per enchantment level. It also helps in decreasing drowning damage depending on the level of enchantment you have.

You can obtain a maximum of 3 levels without using commands. That means you can get a total time of 60 seconds under the water before drowning starts. And if you are wearing a turtle shell, you will get additional 10 seconds.

Minecraft Helmet Enchantments – What are the Helmet Enchantments in Minecraft?

You can use different kinds of helmets like Iron, Gold, Diamond, Chainmail, Turtle Shell, etc. But you should keep in mind that in the case of using enchantments, Chainmail has a higher enchant ability than that of Iron, or Diamond.

 There are a lot of helmet enchantments you can use in the game Minecraft. Those are –

  • Fire Protection

It has a maximum level of 4, and reduces all kind of fire damage.

  • Projectile Protection

It also has a maximum level of 4, and reduces damages from llama spit, thrown tridents, arrows, blaze fireballs and shulker bullets.

  • Blast Protection

This enchantment too has 4 levels, and reduces damages from explosions.

  • Unbreaking

It has a maximum level of 3, and helps increasing durability.

What are the Helmet Enchantments in Minecraft
What are the Helmet Enchantments in Minecraft
  • Respiration

It has a maximum level of 3, and helps you extending the time of breathing underwater.

  • Aqua Affinity

It has only one level, and helps to fasten the time of mining underwater.

  • Thorns

It has a maximum level of 3, and helps the wearer in increasing the chance of inflicting damage on anyone who attacks them.

  • Mending

It has only 1 level, and helps in restoring durability of an armor.

  • Curse of binding

It also has 1 level, and helps to remove cursed items from its armor slot.

  • Curse of vanishing

It too has only 1 level, and causes the item to vanish on death.

Minecraft – The Best Mining Game

Minecraft is the game you will get for free for your PC. You can allow your kids to play this game without worrying about a single thing, because this game is totally a non-violent one, and educational too.

It will help your kids to improve their creativity and out-of-the-box thinking and teach them fundamentals of programming skills, problem-solving, teamwork, and project management.

So what are you waiting for? Go and play Minecraft to explore a new world of gaming!

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