Marketing Through Sport: How To Increase Business Visibility 

Sport is universally loved. Whether it is boxing or basketball, soccer, or sumo, people connect with sport in a way that no other medium can match. This is why it is a fantastic avenue to promote your business. 

When you combine the right marketing method with the right sport, it can help to seriously enhance your company’s visibility. While it’s unlikely you’d be able to afford the $7 million for a Super Bowl TV commercial spot, there are much more affordable – and still effective – tactics to use. 

Here are some examples to keep in mind. 


Sponsorship is perhaps the most obvious option for marketing through sports. Whether it is on a banner within an arena or front and center on a soccer kit, sponsorship is fantastic for bringing the spotlight onto your brand. This is particularly the case if there’s a chance for your branding to be seen on television or streaming. 

Product branding 

Product branding is one of the most effective and inexpensive routes you can take to promote your brand through sports. From uniforms to equipment, it is possible to get your logo onto a range of products. These can then be sold to others or used by a club. Done right, and your brand won’t just be seen by those using the products – it will also be shared across social media. 

One example is a custom pickleball paddle with your branding. With the rising popularity of the sport, getting bespoke paddles from Anthem Branding can be a savvy tactic. These can be supplied to your local pickleball club, offered as free merch, or even used for your company’s own team – the choice is yours. Either way, it is a great – and unique – method to bring positive attention to your company. 


Every business would welcome an endorsement – sports star or not. Endorsements are not just positive promotion for your products or services, but they also act as a seal of approval. It is someone saying, yes, what you have to offer is worth buying, and they’re happy to tell the world about it. 

If you receive an endorsement from a well-known individual or team, this can open doors to an entirely new audience. Additionally, it assists with building trust between your company and both prospective and current customers. This type of win-win situation is rare with any other marketing tactic. 

Social media posting 

Direct involvement with an athlete, team, or association is a great way to get your brand out there. However, what if you are operating on a tight budget? What if there are no viable options available locally to promote your business through sports? This is where social media posting provides a direct route to use sports for improving your company’s audience. 

Many brands post about major sporting events as they happen. A running commentary during a big match or tournament, where others are posting and searching about the same thing, can give your company instant visibility. This is particularly the case if you have premade graphics or run a competition relating to the event.

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