What Is Linebacker Football Mean { Full Guide}

Linebacker in Football is one of the most important positions in American Football. The main reason is that they have to work on both the defense and the pass. 

A Linebacker needs to show their athleticism and agility to play. However, this is one of the most important and versatile positions in Football. Want to know more about Linebacker Football and what’s their role, then stay with us in this article and have a better understanding. 

What Is A Linebacker In Football?

A Linebacker is one of the most important positions in Football, they have the responsibility to stop the offense’s attack and pass the ball. They have to show responsibility and intelligence with discipline to make things more impactful. Moreover, they are also called leaders of the game.

Linebackers are the players who are long enough and should be also athletic so that they can cover the pass by stretching their body out. To win a game in Football, Linebackers are the most important players who have to show their intelligence stupendously. 

What Does A Linebacker Do In Football?

linebacker football

A Linebacker has a tough job to defend the offensive player and come to the zone of pass plays. Let us understand in-depth, what a Linebacker does in Football. 

1. Communicates Defensive Play Call

The defensive coordinator signals the play to the linebacker and then the linebacker tells the other players the play call. 

A defensive coordinator may also signal Over 2, which means that the defensive line will play over the front, while the linebacker and defensive backs will play cover 2. That’s why the linebacker has to line up in the middle of the formation and can echo to the entire defense what the call is. 

Linebackers are often in professional leagues such as the NFL. They have a green dot on their helmet and also a speaker so that they can listen to play calls. 

2. Stops the Run

The main role of a linebacker is to stop the run. There, if the offense is running the ball effectively, it will turn the game on their side and they can win it.

So, a linebacker has to defend them by filling the gaps. The defense has to tackle by chasing them and stopping their speedy players. The shortest distance for them is to run into the straight line to score where the defensive back and linebacker will chase them to stop taking advantage of it. So, they need to be very attentive to defend offensive linemen. 

3. Defends against the pass

The position of a linebacker requires some special skills because they need to do both things, stopping the run and the pass at the same time.

A defensive linebacker has to face the challenge of offensive lineman speed and fight for hand-passing. Here, the defensive backs also have to be very quick to cover the range of wide receivers. 

The linebackers have to cover a zone of the field. That’s why it is one of the toughest positions in football and also very rewarding because they need to show their special physical requirements to challenge the opposition and beat them by showcasing immense character. 

List Of Top Famous Linebackers Do In Football

linebacker football

Together with all such things, we should know about the famous Linebacker in Football. 

  • Rick Lewis
  • Bobby Wagner
  • Brian Urlacher
  • Junior Seau
  • Dick Butkus
  • Lawrence Taylor

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