Essential Guide to Legal and Illegal Hits in Volleyball

If you think of Volleyball, players run around in confined spaces to bump, place on, or punch a ball with their arms and hands. If you indulge in Volleyball, then these questions must have disturbed you also. 

Can You Kick In Volleyball

Because there’s been a tendency to change many laws and even many amendments to statutes, most volleyball players don’t know whether it’s legal or not. Let me solve your query. As more profound as you go into these articles, you will get all your answer. So, it will be conducive for you if you grab this piece of writing until the end.

What Is Illegal Hit In Volleyball

The world Volleyball Association and the NCAA, USA Volleyball, and the National Organization of High School Associations legitimize the illegal volleyball hits Rules.

legal illegal hits in volleyball

However, Volleyball’s fundamental rules are popular as regards lawful and unlawful strikes. Unique cases have yet contributed to developing new guidelines to determine what is and what not an appropriate strike is.

The Essential Illegal Hits In Volleyball Are:

  • You can’t catch or hold the ball. 
  • It is considered to use open hands below the ball to ensure that it was split second in scoop shots. 
  • You can’t block the ball. 
  • Double hits highlight a specific circumstance. Only first touch with a party is legal for double hits, like digging out a service, but unlawfully for collisions.
  • A back-row player cannot target the front zone when the ball is over the court’s top. 
  • Players should not strike opponents from either the front or the backfield when the ball is in and over the court’s front area. 
  • As a defensive expert, the libero player can not strike either from the front or back, while the ball stays above the Air. 
  • When the Libero player crosses the front field overhand, the players can not attack the ball when it is at the court’s bottom.

Volleyball Positions Names

Volleyball is highly technical and needs extreme cognitive skills. You will pick which of those six positions you play according to your experience and which element of the game you like the most. 

legal illegal hits in volleyball

A Volleyball court has six roles, and every position plays a unique role in the team’s success. 

Below is the breakdown of the positions of Volleyball.

1. Setter

The setters are the key competitors of the volleyball team’s offences. For the Setter, connexions are highly necessary and will be no alarming spikes or ball rotation without the setter balls.

2. Outside Hitter

This position is of hitter on the left side and the lead attacker in an offensive approach.

3. Opposite Hitter

The hitter to the right made be a perfect balance between offence and defence. 

4. Middle Blocker

The middle hitter is the tallest volleyball player. Their crucial role is to protect the team against the victories of the opponent’s side.

5. Libero

Just play the back of the row, and they are the perfect player to get the opposite team hit.

6. Defensive Specialist

The defensive specialists have the power to replace any player on a court deviates from other volleyball positions.

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Volleyball With Feet

In the years, the rules for volleyball touch under the waist have changed. The ball is considered out of action until it struck a body part under the knee. It is entirely appropriate to make a shot at resuming the rally if a volleyball player decides their only chance to retrieve or touch the ball with his or her foot.

legal illegal hits in volleyball

The foot fault in illegal hit in volleyball occurs when a player position foot over or on the back lines while serving and where a player positions a foot on the center lines on his opponents’ side. The server is on the baseline or is running or walking while performing. It is considered an illegal move.

Volleyball Sets Numbers

You need to understand that the Setter is outside the middle right and competitive from 5-1 to 6 to 2. Keep in mind that several volleyball clubs use multiple colors to letters. There are also five different forms of a back-row set in several systems. This guide is mainly accessible for most teams.

The set is typically the second touch the player has for the ball. The primary objective of putting the ball in the Air is that it can be followed through the opponent’s court by an attack. The Setter co-ordinates a team’s illegal attack in volleyball moves and is the individual who finally chooses who is going to strike the ball.

Volleyball Net Height

Generally, volleyball net height for men has 2.38 meters in feet 7, 9 ‚ÖĚ inches, and average regulatory net volleyball height. The men’s groups who fall in their older slots (55-70 +) are required to limit their networks to a specific size.

Setting Volleyballs

A great setting is nothing but a major strike, which defense has to go through to set up. There are four steps for setting Volleyball below.

legal illegal hits in volleyball

  • Decide where to throw the ball by choosing the correct attacker.
  • Allow contact with the ball, approximately, on your hairline, just above the middle of your forehead.
  • Push it up when the ball touches your fingertips, straighten your arms and legs while you drive the ball to the stage.
  • In the end, your arms will stretch completely, and you must straighten your wrists with your hands after the ball release.

Sprawl Ball

Sprawl ball is a term used to describe a form of digging into Volleyball, where the player puts his hand on the ground and falls to touch the ball, rather than to dive. It is a common emergency technique when the ball lands in front of it. 

What Are Five Strikes In A Row Called?

The five strikes in a row are the word that is considered to the number that describes a string of strikes, so fivestrikes are 5-bagger, and ten is 10-bagger. 

Smashing Ball Game

The smashing ball game is a challenging volleyball game that concentrates on Volleyball’s most attractive technique: smashing. Every rally finishes with a shoot. 

What Does Two Fingers Mean In Volleyball?

The two-finger in Volleyball shows double hit. Two fingers up to show the ball came into contact with more than one time by a player. 

Volleyball Hand Signals

The sequence of volleyball hand signals is not too difficult to understand. Ideally, there are 26 volleyball hand signals.

SetPointFour Hits  
Change of Court SidesDouble Hit  
End of GameBall Lands In  
Unnecessary DelayOut of Bounds/ Antenna Violation  
Time-OutBegin Serve  
Officials Time-OutAuthorization To Enter Court  
Illegal SubstitutionPoint Awarded  
SubstitutionReplay/ Let  
 Ball TouchedOver-the-Net  
Illegal Blocking or ScreeningNet Foul or Net Serve  
Illegal Attack of Serve/ Back Row AttackLegal Back Row Attack  
Delay of ServiceLine Violation  
Illegal HitIllegal Alignment/ Improper Server  

Crossing Arms Reference

Crossing arms may be the most famous gesture in the expression in our body in our era. Crossing the chest of components is a classic defensive move. If you are embarrassed, you would typically cross your arms to assume defensive mode.

Outward Player

Outward is generally among two players, but Three Person Volleyball (TPV) can be an exciting way to commonly played volleyball games that requires an even number of players.

legal illegal hits in volleyball

The main reason for playing outward three-player is that the total number of players available to play is three, so we developed it. Triple ace volleyball is the junior girls volleyball club that is serving the entire Chicagoland metropolitan area.


When it comes to Volleyball, we may think of the hands and muscles, but the feet play an essential role. If it’s digging an unreachable ball, sitting in the right spot before serving or on the centre’s right-hand side, feet play on many rallies. Now that you know all your team’s volleyball aspects, the next step is to choose the proper regulatory Volleyball!

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