Is It Possible To Get A Constant Flow Of Followers In Spotify?

Spotify is a Swedish music streaming which provides its services to users and over the last 14 years since its launch has become extremely popular among music lovers as well as music enthusiasts. It has become a necessary go-to platform for all music artists in the last few years too. Spotify provides a platform for music artists to gain popularity, increase the number of followers and build their careers in the music industry. So it is quite understandable that the artists would want to increase their number of followers to increase their popularity. Hence, through this article, we will try to guide the budding artists to provide them with tips that would help them in increasing the number of followers constantly on Spotify. 

Can one get new followers constantly in Spotify?

Yes, it is indeed possible to get a constant flow of followers on Spotify. But for achieving so some criteria must necessarily be met. One must always keep their playlist updated to cater to public requirements. Moreover, the content must be unique and original that the Spotify users cannot access from anywhere else. 

This would showcase one’s originality as well as creativity and also ensure a steady flow of followers for the curators. The curator must also go on creating new content on regular basis to attract a new stream of followers for one’s playlists. One can consider the option to buy Spotify plays from particular reliable sites.

Tips to get a constant flow of followers on Spotify 

  1. Collaborating with other artists- Collaborating with other artists and helping them to spread their playlist would also help the curator in gaining followers from the other artist he is helping to gain followers through promotions. 
  2. Sharing Spotify links- Sharing Spotify links in relevant places would increase one’s number of followers and ensure this or one may try reliable sites from which they can buy plays on Spotify.
  3. Getting attached with popular music blogs-One can try getting attached with popular music blogs which can promote their playlist among music lovers. This would ensure a steady flow of new followers for the music curator.
  4. Trying to understand follower’s requirements- One must always create content based on understanding the needs and choices of one’s followers. 
  5. Submitting playlists to Spotify playlist curators- Independent playlist curators can help one promote their playlists to a large number of followers. For that one needs to submit their unique playlists to the independent curators for consideration. It can be possible that one’s content may not get selected in the first few attempts. But one must not lose hope and go on trying. But with hard work, dedication and persistence one would surely succeed in getting featured in the top-performing Spotify playlist. 
  6. Sharing Spotify codes- One can make codes of their playlist and share them with their followers and also on social media. The followers can share the codes with their friends and others to increasing the number of followers in the process. These QR codes can be scanned using a Spotify scanner and the follower can get access to the playlist through this QR code.


It can be well understood that Spotify is a great app for music streaming which the artists can use to increase their popularity among people. We have discussed through this article the tricks that one can use to reach out to a huge number of followers easily and also to ensure a steady flow of followers for their Spotify playlist. Following the prescribed tips would help a budding artist to advance in his music career and make a name for himself. 

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