How To Set Up Pool Balls For Different Pool Games?

Learning how to rack pool is one of the most basic things in a game of pool. It is basically the way the balls are arranged before starting the game. While there are quite a few variations of pool rack setup used for playing the game, the triangle shape is the most popular billiards ball set up used. Though there is not much that the pool rack setup can do to a game but pool rack setup still is considered the most basic differentiators of different games played in Billiards.

So basically the pool balls order differ in the case of differing number of balls being played with, in a game of billiards. To solve the misery and confusion on how to rack pool used in different games, here we get you an article on how to rack a pool table. Learn pool ball racking and use it to flaunt your expert skills in the next game of pool in your club.

how to set up pool balls

How To Rack A Pool Table For Eight Ball

Take the triangle rack and place it on the pool table in such a way that the top corner ball which is officially the first ball in the pool rack setup sits on the foot spot. The foot spot is a white mark, located in the middle of the foot string that is used to give direction to the pool rack order. The foot string, on the other hand, separates the rack area from the rest of the pool table. 

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Drop-in all 15 balls inside the triangle rack to continue with the pool ball racking. Now take out the ball number 8 in particular and place in the middle of the rack. The middle ball is the second ball in the third row of the pool ball rack.

Now pick a solid color ball and a striped ball and place it in the two corners of the last row of the rack. And you are done, remove the triangle rack.

How To Rack Pool For Nine Ball

Set the triangle rack in such a way that the first ball sits on the foot spot. Now put the ball number 1 on the foot spot. 9 balls is a game played with 9 balls only out of the 15 balls, hence the name. So take the rest of the 8 balls and put them in the rack.

The pool rack order for the game slightly differs from other games of pool. Although we use the triangle rack, the shape of the pool balls order will be diamond comprising of 5 rows. While the row number 1 and 5 will have only 1 ball each. The row number 2 and 4 will be made of two balls. The ball in row number 1 needs to be the ball numbered 1 in the pool. The middle also the third row will have three balls of which the second ball must be ball number 9. There are no rules on the rest of the balls which can be set in any random order.

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Billiards Ball Set Up For Straight Pool

Put the 15 balls in the triangle rack in random order with the first ball on the foot spot. Now play till 14 balls are pocketed. Check whether the cue ball or any ball is still in the rack area. If not then rack the pool balls again without the leftover ball, in the same way, it was done before leaving the top spot empty. You should include the 15th ball if it remains in the rack area.

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The game is continued till one of the players reach the previously decided point.

how to rack a pool table

How To Rack Pool For Ten Ball

10 balls is a game played with 10 balls (numbering 1-10) only which is why the name. Use the triangle rack to keep the pool balls racked. Place the balls in the rack randomly at first. Following the normal racking rules, the first ball should be placed on the foot spot and in this case, that ball should be the ball numbered 1. The order for 10 balls must consist of four rows. Amongst which the second ball of third-row should have ball number 10.

Final Tips On Pool Rack Order

One of the most important things to maintain while racking pool balls order is that they need to be together in a position where each ball is touching the other with no space in between. This doesn’t become much of a problem when all 15 balls are being played with. But certainly, the situation change when playing games like Nine balls or Ten Balls. In that case, the triangle rack is left with a lot of space which leaves the ball to move around adding space in between. Make sure to stack them tightly in the rack maintaining the right pool rack setup for the game you are playing before removing the triangle pool ball rack.

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