How to Select the Best Longboard Wheels for Your Decks?

In the world of skateboarding while choosing the wheels for your longboard you will have to go thoroughly. As there are different scenarios on which you will ride your longboard. Some of these aspects can be rough roads or handrails or grinding ledges. So in this scenario, it is recommended to have a soft wheel. Having a soft wheel under your longboard can help you in getting a perfect grip to road, go faster and gives you more control over seaming controlled slides. So in order to choose the best longboard wheels we will give you some guidance.

The diameter of the Longboard Wheel

The most important and crucial thing while choosing the right wheel for your longboard is what would be the diameter of your longboard wheel? The wheels come in a wide range of diameter varies from 64mm to 80mm. And the most common size is 70mm. 

When it comes to the acceleration the large diameter wheels accelerate slower as compared to the small-diameter wheels. But the large diameter wheels will have the higher top speed, and they can easily roll over the debris and cracks as compared to small diameter wheels who have slow top speed. One thing that you should keep in consideration is that whether the wheel you are choosing can fit your longboard without causing the wheel bite.

The shape of the Longboard Wheel

The shape of the longboard wheel matters a lot. Sharp and thick square edges of the longboard wheel make it more grippy. If you are into downhill skating, then you should go with the square lip wheels as they help you to hold on your grip at fast corners. They can also be used to slide. 

For carving and cruising, square lip wheels are the best choice. Because offering you to corner tighter and carve deeper without having a single thought of losing traction.

While for freeriding and stand up sliding rounded edge wheels are more suitable. They offer smoother transactions while performing slides and also cause to break the traction more easily. Because of their lightweight, they are also an ideal choice for the cruiser setup because they help you to power slide more easily when it is required.

The hardness of Longboard Wheel

The hardness of a longboard wheel is measured by the rating of Durometer at the Shore A scale. A large number of longboard wheels have a durometer that ranges from 75-88 a, which makes them very soft in the comparison of the typical skateboard wheels’ ranges from 95-101 a.

Generally, the wheels which have higher durometer got the less grip but they roll faster. While the wheels with smaller durometer got the more grip and roll slower. When it comes to choosing the ideal durometer wheel then you should go between 78 a to 80 a because these wheels have a sliding ability, roll speed with a happy medium of grip.

Cores of Longboard Wheels

Centerset wheels have the advantage of a larger grip. Because the core is placed in the center of the wheel. It allows you to create a large inner lip. While the Sideset wheels offer less amount of grip as they are directly placed with the inner lip of the wheel which causes a small amount of inner lip. Offset wheels have core placed somewhere between the sides and centerset. Blending the qualities these types of wheels give the rider the best experience.

The best longboard wheel possesses all of these qualities. So you should find out your setup type and go for the right longboard wheel that fulfills the requirements of your longboard wheel setup. 

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