How To Paint A Football Helmet

Many people have old tarnished Paint A Football Helmet but don’t want to sell them for many reasons. If you are one of them and thinking about what to do with the used helmet, then this context is for you. 

The maximum number of football helmets come with normal adornment, and over time, they become discolored and spotted. In that case, you can make it more decorative with paint. 

Painting can be done by all yourself, and you can make it customizable according to your choice and showcase it. To stand out from the crowd, you can also get custom lacrosse helmet decals for your helmet. But you have to perceive the correct way to paint your helmet. In this context, we have given the entire procedure to color your football helmet with ease.

Tools That You Need To Paint Your Helmet

Tools That You Need To Paint Your Helmet
Tools That You Need To Paint Your Helmet

Before painting your once Most Protective Football Helmet, you should accumulate some essential tools to make your task easy and comfortable. We have provided a list of necessary apparatus below, which will come in handy for you. 

  1. Paint
  2. Tape
  3. Airbrush 
  4. Sandpaper 
  5. Clear Coat 
  6. Tack Cloth

How to Paint a Football Helmet

When you have assembled all the necessary tools that we mentioned, now move to the main object. Here, we have shown the step-by-step guideline that will be easy for you to follow. 

  • Clean The Helmet First
  • Rubbing The Helmet
  • Cover The Inside
  • Include a Guide Coat 
  • Place The Helmet In A Certain Place 
  • Painting 
  • Polishing 
  1. Clean The Helmet First

This is the initial thing that must be done before starting paint. Remove all the stickers that it holds, and then wipe the gum that comes with previous stickers. Now take a sponge and soapy water that will help to pluck out all the debris, dirt, and other particles that suck on your helmet. 

Once those tasks are accomplished, let the helmet air dry, or clean it with a soft cloth before allowing it to air dry. Now move to the next steps. 

  1. Rubbing The Helmet

Rubbing a helmet for painting is one of the most crucial tasks that should be done carefully. While sanding the helmet, we recommend using fine grain sandpaper that will prevent damages. 

Keep in mind that you are not rubbing to remove the previous paint; you are doing it to smoothen the surface and make it free from the other imperfection. 

Some people try to remove the previous colorant with a hard material that can smash the helmet’s surface. So, try not to use hard material instead of sandpaper while rubbing. 

To smooth the small alloy on the helmet, a sanding block can also be used, and make sure to roughen the entire surface, so that the paint can stick firmly.

  1. Cover The Inside

Why should you cover the inside of the helmet? Well, to stop excess dripping paint on the helmet, you should cover it up. 

To wrap the helmet, you can use a newspaper inside it. In addition, masking tape can be used to cover up the surface that you don’t want to paint.

  1. Include a Guide Coat  

Using a guide coat to your sandpapered football helmet will tell you whether it is entirely smooth or not. This occurs because after executing a dark coat, the helmet’s areas that still need more smoothing will stay dark. The black coating will depart or reduce in smooth places. However, if your helmet requires more rubbing, smoothen it again and cleanse the surface to extract more dust. 

  1. Place Or Hang The Helmet Up 

It is another critical thing that should be done so that you can observe the coating thickness. You can place your helmet or hang it to a stand. If you don’t possess any stand, put it on a tree, wire hanger, or candlestick holder, whatever you have in your house. 

Ensure that the helmet’s bottom is strung up from the ground and none of the sides is touched with anything. Now you are all set to painting. 

  1. Painting 

Now we are almost in the final stage. In this step, you are going to paint your helmet. During the painting, make sure that you are doing it in a place with optimum ventilation. It is all-important, particularly if you don’t intend to do the painting outside. 

While painting, make a fence around the helmet to stay away from spraying paint on the wall. When painting, have the spray in hand about 8 to 12 inches away from the helmet and while executing the paint, accomplish it in a small controlled burst. 

First, exert a light layer all over the helmet and let it dry. The first coating will take 20 to 30 minutes to dry, relying on the product. After that, apply the second layer of paint. 

Once the second coat is also completed, then check the helmet when dried up. If you think you should apply a third coating, you can; it depends on your helmet condition. 

  1. Polishing 

This step is not for all as it is not very significant. But if you intend to turn your old helmet into a classy look, this step is for you. 

We highly prefer having car polish that you can purchase from the nearest auto body shop for polishing. Take some polish on a cloth, rub it over the helmet, and then let it dry in the air. 

How To Extricate Football Helmet’s Scratches

How To Extricate Football Helmet’s Scratches
How To Extricate Football Helmet’s Scratches

If you play soccer regularly wearing a helmet, indeed, your helmet will have scratches. Now a question may come to your mind: What are the reasons behind it? Basically, a vast reserve of dirties and scruffs are the main reason for scratching. 

But scratch can be removed from your football helmet with ease. Take a bucket and prepare a cleansing solution with water and dishwashing liquid. Now, get a soft cloth and dip it in the bucket and then squeeze the extra water from the cloth. After that, wipe the surface of the helmet properly with it. Take a scrub brush and rub the scratch until they all are extracted.  

Final Thought

A football helmet is one of the essential kits for soccer players to avoid head injury while playing. 

After regular use, they become discolored and unable to provide the proper safety. At that time, you can either sell them or can restore them with paint to showcase. 

In the above, we have described how to paint a football helmet with 7 simple steps. If you would like to do it on your own, you can track down the steps mentioned above

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